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Xtracolor and dust...

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Decided to try out some of the Xtracolor enamels (they have good color matches). After searching around ARC their seems to be an "issue" of the paint taking a long time to dry. This isn't the problem however.

For those of you who've had experience with or use Xtracolor (or any slow drying gloss I guess) do you cover your models up while they dry to stop dust etc. settling on them? Does dust etc. actually present a problem?



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Try thinning them with cellulose/laquer thinner, they dry much quicker. (Don't flood the surface of the plastic with too much of this mixture though, cellulose/laquer thinner attacks it if used too heavily).


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When airbrushing with extra color I put the model in a clean "smart box", tose plastic containers that have a clip-on lid, that way dust i keept out when it is drying, i take a little bit longer to dry, but is worth the nice clean paintjob



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