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Hi Folks-

Jim Fox (BlueNosers352nd) has offered up his Photoshop skills to do banners for any group build coordinators that may want them. Contact Jim via PM or e-mail, and let him know what you'll need in terms of specs, including:

* What size do you want your banner to be (i.e. 500 x 150) Remember, 750 x 150 is the max size, and sometimes, a smaller banner is a better one.

* What colors do you want in your banner

* What theme you want your banner to have (i.e. Axis, Allied, WWII, F-4, etc.)

* Do you want a border

* What main text do you want in your banner (i.e. your group build name)

* What subtext do you want in your banner (if any)

* Are there any particular fonts that you would like used for your banner

* Do you have any pictures that you would like incorporated

* Do you want your banner light or dark in color

I want to thank Jim for offering to do this, and I think that you'll be very pleased with his work. Here are a few examples of what he can do:




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