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VF-Decals Poll

Which squadron should we do a history sheet for next?  

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  1. 1. Which squadron should we do a history sheet for next?

    • VF-111
    • VF-32
    • VF-101
    • VF-14
    • VF-41
    • VF-84/103 part 2

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A new VF-84/103

jeez,are there any JR schemes left to do???

give the other units a chance :(

but i doubt it'll happen with all the JR wannabe's on ARC

There are plenty of other birds to be done (line jets, non-black tail birds)... some are even highly sought-after (unless of course, you feel the need to hate on the given squadron :bandhead2: )

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Got my sheet in the mail friday.. Just outstanding! Now, I have to decide which bird to build first.. ugh...

I put my vote in, but like many have said, I pick up whatever you do. Could you do the history sheets but not in the full page mode? WOuld it be eaiser on you and the printer?

Just curious.


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Uh-oh. Brian what do you do now that VF-111 and VF-41 are tied?! Do both I say! Now that the Tomcat is all but retired you could probably do sheets for all F-14 squadrons and sell out of all of them!!


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I never expected VF-41 and 111 to be in race this close! I still can't get over that.

To answer the question about the sheet size. In the long run, it's more economical for us to do a full page history sheet when covering that many a/c in 2 different scales. Also it makes the sheets woth that much more if they're full pages. :cheers:

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Come on guys you know you want a BlackAces sheet..

My favourite choices would be:

1979 Cruise grey/white scheme much smaller markings compared to their first Cruise on the Nimitz(see Aeromaster sheet)

1986/7 late Nimitz jet in TPS

1993 "Bombcat-No Escort Required" nose art

1997 USS JFK Cruise

1998 low viz markings

1999 "Tomcat Fast FAC" nose art Kosovo

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I'd go for the VF-111 sheet, but I wanna see the TPS schemed bird on it :thumbsup:

That one's probably NOT going to happen. There's no info on the BuNo or the crew names for that jet, and i'd be taking a huge chance on the accuracy of the markings if I did.

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