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German Eurofighter Colors

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Hi everyone,

I will be building Revells Eurofighter and I want to make German version. As usualy Revell gives their own colors and you have to mix them.

Can anyone tell me what colors are used? I will be using Xtracrylics.

Thank you

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Oh yes, the old problem with R.O.G. kits...

In last time R.O.G. started to give you FS-Color numbers for the main Colors, as i have seen in the F-14 Kit, so i hope there is a light at the end of tunnel...

The eurofighter of the luftwaffe ist, of course, NOT painted in BS standard colors.

It´s the Luftwaffe, not the RAF... :D

Interestingly, the Luftwaffe have changed ther Colors from the German RAL color system (a german color-System like FS, BS) to FS colors.

For more information look here:


I think the Eurofighter in Luftwaffe service must be, logical, painted in the same "new color scheme" that are used at the German Mig 29 / Tornados from 1990 upwards.

And, if you want to build German Luftwaffe subjects with RAL Colours, the only Paint brand who has the correct RAL colurs ist R.O.G., sadly. X-tra Colur ist the one exception.

I am mixing my RAL colors self from Gunze-Tamiya Acrylics, using a RAL color fan.

But R.O.G will change his color-range completly from enamels to acrylics at the end of the year. Good news for me. ;)

Maybe the R.O.G. acrylics will then be avialable overseas? We will see...

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If i could trust my eyes.. B)

and the pictures posted by Tornado-Nut.. (thanks!)

It seems that the Eurofighter is painted in the Color the Phantom and Tornado are painted in the "Middle" of the Fuselage, except the Nose, Rudder, and Wingtips.

Its a kind of Blue-Gray, you agree?

According to JPS Colors FS 35237 Blue-Gray is the right one...

And if ROG finaly would be able to give us FS-BS-RAL Numbers in the instructions, we dont have to guess the right colors here.. :thumbsup::wave:

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