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I'll start off with my Buffalo. It was brush-painted with polly scale acrylics and MM enamels. The two-colored underside was different, and I liked it because of that. During the build, part of the landing gear spindle on the port (black) side broke off and was lost. I replaced it with one scratchbuilt with styrene rod stock. I liked working with the multi-colored parts. They are a change from that endless sea of light grey kits. Here's the port side:

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A few pics of my completed Hawker Fury which is built totally OOTB. I had big ideas of detailing with rigging and cockpit detail until found out just how small this thing is! 1/72 being a very un-natural scale for me and my skills don't scale down that well ;) .


A picture of the infamous matchbox stand with the model (a requirement for the GB surely)


My attempt at prop wood effect falling very short of the mark but OK at distance.




The finish is Alclad II polished ali over a Tamiya gloss black primer, decals were in very good shape and withstood punishment with no complaints. I did no weathering or washes as this replicates one of my builds from '79 and is in keeping with the spirit of the GB.

A great GB guys and certainly sparked a few memories for me, thanks go to Thommo and Mike for the leg work.

Lastly another shout of thanks for Mikeew donating this kit for me to build in the GB, remember I owe you one at Telford Mike. :lol:

Good modelling yall.


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Thanks for your kind words guys.

Iwan as I stated earlier this 1/72 malarky takes a little getting used to and I bow down to anybody who can detail at this scale. I did start rigging using human hair but kept losing the stuff so I gave up. Its no contest winner thats for sure but just a little fun before I get back to superdetailing the Ju-87 for the BoB GB.

Time is unfortunately something I lack (as we all do) and I have quite a few projects to finish :-

Ju-87 and Bf-109 for the BoB GB

Phantom FG-2 for the F-4 GB

Design a website for the 2006 D-Day GB

Design a website for the Korean War GB

Design a website for the Heavies GB

Also thinking of running a Seaplane/Floatplane GB in 06 (mods take note)

So this build was a bite size and enjoyable model before I get stuck into the various other projects ongoing. :o



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Dooley's done!

This was a fun build, but as anyone who's read the progress thread will know, not without it's moments! That said most of them were down to my own clumsiness, so thanks Matchbox for an enjoyable model.

Thanks also to Dave for clearing up the colour scheme for me and especially to Griffin for some great help sorting out that spinner.

The only modification I made was to reinforce the joint between the main u/c legs and the wings. Matchbox has a simple and very small butt-joint in this area and I wasn't at all convinced it would take the weight.

Things I'm not sure about:

- The prop is maybe a little small.

- The 'stance' is maybe a little nose high. I thought this was due to the u/c legs being too long, but having studied some of my Duxford photos, my girlfriend has suggested it's actually the tail wheel that's too short. I think she may have a point there.

Despite all that I thoroughly enjoyed my trip down 'memory lane'.

Thanks for looking, on with the pics


PS next entry may well be a P-47 in the USAAF support scheme featured in last month's SAM.

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Hello fellow Matchboxians!

I have finished my PK-2 Spitfire Mk.IX

It was a joy to build, easy save for the filler needed at the wing root joint. Its totally OOB I even put the pilot in! :D

Painted using Xtracolour and Humbrol enamels in my *NEW* Iwata airbrush, its the first time I've used this airbrush and it was a practice run for freehand camo painting, it turned out nice IMHO.

I hope you all like it and that it brings back some memories for you all!




I even built the stand!




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G'day Gents, Buffy the fire spotter is done! A couple of firsts here lads: My first ever group build and my first ever 1/72 build of anything. :D I managed to break both gear legs during construction, so this inturn led me to make a stand :lol: Chickened out on the canopy masking, its not my strong suit even in the larger scales I normally work in. I dip my hat to you guys who build these little babies all of the time, they are tiny. Ok enough babble, many thanks to Thommo for coughing up the kit and all you guys for letting me play. Hope you like it. Cheers. Jim.

Put ya sunnies on!





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