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another damn 109

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Cool,nice choice of markings...not that often you see Rumanian aircraft of any era modelled. :lol:

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Oh man, what a good choice of markings! Looks awesome! I love the rudder. :huh:

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Thanks alot fellas.

Wie gehts Chris :cheers: The exhaust shields are the kit parts after

some scraping and filing. I also shortened the overhang on the port

side as I thot it covered too much of the exhaust per many photos

I looked at.

Hey Dave, the spinner was quite a project in it's self. First I glued

the backplate on with temporary glue (Microscale Liquitape) then

chucked it in my old dremel and reshaped it to look more pointy

like it should. I drilled out the cannon and replaced it with a piece

of aluminum tubing for the blast tube. I painted the spinner black

enamel so I could remove any booboos I made with the white acrylic

later. I needed veerrry thin strips of tape to conform to the compound

curve so I laid down 2 real thin strips, one for each side of the stripe

then brush painted Aim toothpaste (gel) between them and shot the white.

It worked pretty well and I only had a coupla places that needed fixing.

Then shot it with several coats of MM clear flat and gloss mixed for a

semi gloss sheen and to level things out. Not really difficult, just tedious.






...thanks again all.

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GREAT looking 109, there can never be too many Bf 109s!

Thanks for posting.


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