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Halcyon Aliens Power Loader

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As I recall it is plastic with the hydraulic lines being done in flexible tubing. I've seen many built up and it seems to be a good kit. The earliest Halcyon kits (APC and Dropship) were their own molds and they did have some minor quirks. But the Powerloader I believe was one of the first Japanese molded kits they offered and those are pretty good.

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I agree the Alcyon kits were pretty good. I only remember that I didn't buy the power loader because of the Ripley's figure that didn't represent the actress well. Anyway it will certainly make heads turn if you put it in a diorama with the alien queen in the same scale...

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I'd like to get that Halycon Powerloader kit.

I bought the 1/1 scale Halcyon Facehugger many years ago after a live show called Alien War, just about the scariest thing I've ever done in my life!!! They had the actual suit used in the movie and you were basically led through a maze of dark corridors by Marines with various encounters with the Alien, with smoke and stobes all around and loud gunfire ... it made for total suspension of disbelief, extremely scary stuff.

As I remember the show was eventually banned or something, too many people panicked and got hurt, they actually had a heart warning notice at the start of the show ... would love to do it again though.

Anyway, will be repainting my Facehugger again soon.

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I built this kit more years ago than I care to remember when it first came out. First model I ever airbrushed.

Its plastic with some PE and vinyl tubing. Each major part (arms legs etc) are in 2 L/R parts and I recall dealing with the seams was a real pain. The other weak areas for me were.

1; Decals were missing. Had to hand paint the markings.

2: I couldn't get the vinyl tubing to stick to the pins. If I were to do it again (and seeing how it is re-released I probably will) I would remove the pins, drill holes and CA brass pins into the tubing and then into the kit.

3: It takes some fiddling to the get the kit figure to convincingly grip the controls. I ended cutting off the joysticks, glueing them into the figures hands, and then cutting styrene tube to fill the gap. Not accurate but much better looking.

4: The painting details were 'pristine'. Clearly the ones in the movie were well worn. Many hours spent with a VCR pouring over the scenes to get the weathering right. Thank heavens for DVD.

5: Some detail lacking in places (hydraulics to the feet, cables to the welding torch). Easy to add if you have the references.

6: Took a while to get the legs into a convincing positions. Likewise with the arms. Nothing major, but a little carving here and there to allow them to move a little more into the right place.

7: The break down of the parts make it hard to re-position the figure into another pose. (for example, each 'hand' is two L/R parts. You can't move the pincers together without some surgery)



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