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Color Question-Godzilla!

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I recently acquiered a resin kit of the Big G, the Hesei (post-1986) version, and I'm wondering what color he (she? it?) actually is. I have skimmed several films from the era (Godzila 1985, Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah, etc) and to my somewhat fading and a touch color-blind eye ;) , Godzilla seems to change color from film to film and sometimes from scene to scene, from a medium green to a very deep charcol grey, sometimes appearing to be an almost blue-grey color. I know that this can attributed to film stock, the quality of the print, and the color level on my TV, among other things. :thumbsup:

The Official Godzilla Compendium states flatly that he is dark grey. Japan's Favorite Mon-Star, by Steve Ryfle (a great book, well worth searching for) doesn't really give any color information at all (and all pictures are in black and white anyway). I have the same problem with the various websites, a lack of color consistency.

Help! B)


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think your research has it right. He (definitely a he) is green or gray depending on version, movie, lighting etc.

I am still trying to get the PL 16" kit and will probably do mine green as that is the color I remember most.


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I would say... a dark gray with some dark green/gray drybrushing to add some color, followed by a black-wash, then lighter green/gray drybrushing to bring out the highlights...

That's what I picture in my mind without refering to any reference pics anyways!


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