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Revell 1:48 Learjet

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First apologies if this should be in the "airliners" section, but my reasoning was that this is a business or military communications aircraft rather than an airliner, so here I am.

Anyway, I've just bought a Revell 1/48 Learjet as a change from my usual fare, and just started cutting plastic. Seems OK, parts seem to fit bar a slightly warped wing. Decals for two civilian (US and Canada) aircraft and two USAF C-21As. Only major problem is that if you're making the C-21As there should be an extra window to the rear of the four windows already there on the port side. On the starboard side there should be a corresponding one, but the frontmost window needs filling. That's a relatively simple cut-and-Clearfix/fill job.

Anyone got further than I have and got any views? Also what is this kit's provenance? Original Revell or someone else's?

Whilst I'm probably going to build the USAFE C-21A, there is one that tempts me more the more I think about it. Would this Finnish example be a radar reconnaissance version? http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=9296...&next_id=925633

Any more info on that appreciated too.


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Thanks guys. Started to work on the extra windows and build up the interior last night. It certainly fits well. This one's the USAFE example on the kit decal sheet:


If I like the kit enough by the end I may even buy another one and do the Finnish example as well.

Thanks again.

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Hello there!!

I´m planning to do the Finnish lear, but first I bought the U-36A (you can still find ti at some on-line stores), the Japanise learjet who has the radar that you will need to built the Finnish lear BUT, you have to make some extra work on it. the tail cone it´s different, a buch of antenas, and of course that small window for a camera (i think) just besides the entry door. those are the details I have found, of course am not planning to do the interiors since you can´t see them at all (plus it´s less work :) ) BTW Just one question:

I Want to buy a couple of decals at flightdecs.ca and I need to know where I can find some Finnish logo`s to make possible this project, do you know who make them and if it´s possible to find them there at flightdecs?


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