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Polish VIPER - F-16C Block 52 Advanced

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Охренеть! Oh, pardon! Awesome, stunning! :cheers::thumbsup:

Look, Marcin, your tinkering with the cooper sheets is driving me crazy!

You're real Levsha! Can you shoe a flea? ;)

Very outstanding build! Superb!

Looking forward for more pics!




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I can tell you honestly a lot of modelers really hate you now!

If You mean my slow work, I agree :crying2:

Last few months I spend on wedding preparations. 10 days left till now

But from time to time...

This is how the AGM-154 looks like at this moment. I hope to finish it before the end of the year and start making the resin copies.



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Wow dude, I don't know how I missed this online build but it is AWESOME.

What I want to know is what is going on with modelers from overseas? What peace pipe are you guys smoking? Cause every single one of you guys are way out there with modeling skills. And I mean by "way out there......is that........you guys rock".

Dude, I would love to see your work become available in 1/32. Hands down you got my business coming your way... ;)


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What the F... ! have i been reading and seeing sofar?? :thumbsup: Unbelievable ****, sorry for the expression!!! Awesome work, you make every modeller wanna throw all models they ever made away and start a chess-hobby. Or knitting. Hou must have landed your UFO in Poland near a modelshop thinking " lets show these people how we build OOB at Glarcon-7" OOB ! Yeah, a magic box! Awesome, please show us more. How is painting coming!?!

Greetings from Holland, (sorry had to re-register)

P.s. My goal in modelling will be to reach your "out of this world" modelling level



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Hi Guys

This is another long break in project as You see, so no link to the finished work. You'll have to wait a while :thumbsup:

BTW, I was thinking that moderator already deleted this topic, haha

Many reasons behind this but the most interesting for You, I think and I hope, is fact that I focused my energy end time to start my own modelling brand.

The JSOW will be first set as I mentioned almost Year ago and it's ready to cast. The next one will be Viper speed brakes (dedicated to Tamiya kits) which will base on my ealier work showed in this thread (resin + PE).

What alse You can expect? Well, there will be more for F-14 freeks of course. What would You say for AIM-54 with trolley or turkey wing configuration which I'm thinking about (hard to do and probably very exspensive, but who knows)?

I need some more time to introduce it completly.

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