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I'm in the home stretch on my Fine Molds Slave 1. I did it in the Boba scheme, so I didn't use any of the existing decals. I also closed the side gun doors and kitbashed a cockpit that was more similar to the cockpit shown in Star Wars chronicles. I still have a fair bit of weathering to do, but here it is so far.






I picked up the AMT/ERTL kit for $10... when is the last time I've picked up anything that inexpensive? Anyway, I didn't spend alot of time on this, but I had fun. I opened the "eyes" blaster shields and replaced the guns with scratchbuilt ones. I also added a couple greeblies here and there. For the base, I just cut some foam (the stuff you plant flowers in) and covered it with a mixture of white glue and water. Then I sprinkled on some baking soda for the snow. I did the diluted white glue and baking soda trick on the AT-ST too. The figures are from the miniatures series from Rebel Storm... at 34mm, they are about 1/54th, which is just about the scale of this AT-ST (it's definitely smaller than 1/48th ).





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