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Ta-7 Corsair Electronic Aggressors

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Just found what appears to be an old resin TA-7 Corsair Conversion in 1/72 in an old box of kits (don't you just love stumbling across stuff you'd forgotten you'd bought!)

Whilst it's a bit of a ropey bag of bits I reckon it could be knocked up into a semi-plausible kit with some TLC.

However I will need some help so can anyone:

a. Tell me the likely original source of the conversion kit,

b. Tell me what 1/72 nd Corsair it's supposed to be mated too, and

c. Remind me what was the Electronic Aggressor Squadron the US Navy used to have back in the eighties IIRC which used these aircraft, and

d. Does anyone make Decals for said squadron.

Sorry its a bit of a tall order however I just have a bag of resin parts and I fancy the challenge of trying to turn it into something like a real aircraft!



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Hi Wallache,

I have no idea who made your TA-7C conversion, but since it appears to be older it might be designed to fit the old Hasegawa kit, or maybe the ESCI kit. Do you get two resin full fuselage halves, or two resin plugs to put into the fuselage after you've made cuts? If you have to cut the fuselage, your conversion might be from Maintrak. I know that they did one like this for 48th scale, so I would imagine they did one for 72nd as well.

VAQ-34 was the unit that flew the EA-7L (modified TA-7C) back in the late 80's and early 90's. If you get the RVHP conversion, it comes with a decent looking set of decals for one of their birds in the low-vis paint scheme. HTH, Fred K

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I'd guess it was Maintrack - there were 2 versions of this, one boxed, one bagged. The resin is not brilliant and from memory doesn't fit too well (I have both and neither fits...)

Can't remember off-hand whether they were designed for the Esci or Fujimi kits - mine is part-mated to a Fujimi kit at present.

Hope this helps!

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Hi there,

The 1/72 resin TA-7 conversion kit was produced by Maintrack and it was designed for the Fujimi 1/72 kit(s). I have seen it built up and I have read a few reviews on the subject but I have not met anyone who has said that it was an easy build/conversion. Oh it looks quite nice when completed, but apparently getting a nice seam and fit between the resin extension piece and the Fujimi kit is enough to cause a great deal of hair loss :thumbsup: . Also, from my observations, the canopy seemed thick and not very clear (looked almost amber or yellow in color to me).

I believe that Falcon made a vacuform fueslage for the two seat SLUF that was much better, easier to work with, great crystal clear canopy and was also meant to be combined with the Fujimi kits.

If I remember correctly, VAQ-34 used the two seat TA-7 in the aggressor/EW role and they had Soviet style bort numbers on the nose and red star outlined in yellow on the tail.

Hope this helps.


Don :wave:

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Thanks for your reply guys, I really appreciate your help.

The conversion I have contains a solid resin fuselage and only includes 5 parts; a vac form canopy , a tail, an exhaust, the complete fuselage and the intake( which I appear to have lost). I belive it may have come from True-Details.

It was made for the Airfix A-7E, which I think is no longer available but would not be hard to graft onto any other A-7E kit. There is a fair bit of work involved as it's a somewhat 'agricultural' piece of moulding.

Does anyone know who produces decals for VAQ-34?

Thanks again,


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Does anyone know who produces decals for VAQ-34?

Maintracks TA-7C/EA-7L conversion includes dry transfers for two VAQ-34 birds: 156761/204 with the 'GG' tailcodes and 156745/200 with the red star marking, both in allover Light Gull Gray (as well as NWTC and a VA-147 bird).



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