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"CEIBO 2005"

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Hello all:

I went yesterday to the Open Doors of the Birgada IV, Argentinian Air Force base, here in Mendoza.

Not to many planes thes time but, I wanted to share these pics with you.

Planes Involved in the excercise were:

Chile: Mirages Elkan...... (ex-mirsips)

Argentina: Pampas, Pucaras, A-4s, KC-130...

Brazil: AMXs

Uruguay: A-37s

Just a couple now:









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Great pics. You don't see many South American airshow photos, thanks for sharing!

I've always thought the Pucara was a pretty cool aircraft. I'd be nice if somebody did an injection molded kit of it in 1/48...(Hello Roden? Classic Airframes? Czech Model?)


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great pics omega!!!

by the way holeshot, it is not an airshow, its a joint ops exercise between argentina, brazil, chile and uruguay on mendoza, argentina and the pics are of an opendoors day..... i just read somewhere that two uruguaian a37 participating on the exercise collied on the ground with a lot of fuel spilled on the ramp.... omega, got any pics of those frogs?


german, from the wet valdivia....

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I'd love to see any pictures that you have of the Argentine A-4s, I have one of those in my "to build" pile, but I am short on pictures.

Great pictures by the way!

Thanks a lot,


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Fantastic pics, do you have some of the Elkan's ? :banana:


You can find plenty of pics of the Chilean Elkans in THIS!! site. One thing though, the webmaster of this site is up-dating the site so you´ll have to wait a couple of days to see the pics.

If you want more info of the Elkan, like FS. colors or anything else, just let me know!!


To the rest of the guys ..... Sorry but I haven´t been able to post the pics that I promesed before .... hopefully i can up load them by tomorrow.


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