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Chilean F-16D Block 50M+ 1/72 / AVM Conversions

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Hi guys, i want to share this beautiful pic of the 1/72 AMT kit F-16D with AVM (www.avm-maquetas.cl) aftermarket products (resin) of the Chilean Peace Puma two seater block 50 M+, they include :

- Weapons

- CFT's

- Dorsal Spine

- Tail with Parachute housing

- Cockpit interior

- Decals

- Air Intake (big mouth)

- Exhaust nozzle

- AIFF antennas

- Litening Pod

- Rafael Spice Guided bombs

- Python IV Missiles

- Derby Missiles

I hope your enjoy it :blink:



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I'm trying to sort something out with them at present. Since they don't accept Paypal at the moment, it makes it virtually impossible to buy. The cost of shipping plus the Western Union fee is more than double the value of the parts I need!!

I'll see how we get on

Chris St Clair

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nice peace puma Wolf :worship:

looks like you been much more busy than me since our chats over at F-16.net :banana:

Hi mungo, yeah, but in fact this 1/72 was a "test" for myself because now i'm doing the same bird in 1/48 (from an Hasegawa F-16D Brakeet) and 1/32 (Single seater, Tamiya). :lol:

Best Regards.

pd: If you have additional pics of the Peace Puma Two Seater that will be welcomed :banana:

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