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What do YOU think Trumpeter should do next in 1/72 ????

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... I think the title says everything ... just as in its "bigger brother topic" !

My suggestions are:

1. modern big military aircraft:

• Tu-22M “Backfire-Câ€

• Tu-142MZ “Bear-F Mod-4"

• B-1B Lancer

• B-52H Stratofortress

2. modern Chinese military aircraft:

• Chengdu J-7E/G

• Chengdu J-7C/D

• Nanchang Q-5III

• Nanchang J-12

3. “may have been or future†projects ... like the YF-107A :

• Yakowlew Yak-141 “Freestyleâ€

• F-108 “Rapierâ€

• Nanchang Q-6

• Chengdu J-9

• McDonnell Douglas/General Dynamics A-12A “Avengerâ€

• Dassault Mirage 4000

• Fairey Delta III

Deino :thumbsup:

Tu-22M Backfire-B & -C


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Fixed Wing;

IAI Lavi

Shenyang FT-6


Accurate OOB F-15E Strike Eagle


Bell AH-1G Huey Cobra (we need a state-of-art 'Nam era Cobra in 1/72)

CH-37 Mojave (needed period)

Accurate OOB AH-64D Longbow Apache (ditto above)

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Since 1/72 is only good for large aircraft - in my collection - my personal wishes would be:

Tu-22/22M Backfire Series

Myasischev M-3/4 Bison Series

Tu-22 Blinder Series

Tu-95 Bear-A/B Series (requires new fuselage, wings and engines)

Basically - just for them to finish off my Russian Heavy Bomber collection...

Just the big stuff, just the big stuff!


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Well, if we're talking big stuff, how about some cargo aircraft? C-5(maybe too big!!), C-17(how long is Panda going to claim this release?), C-141, C-133, An-22...also, I second that C-123. Wouldn't mind a CC-115 Buffalo...C-27?

Mi-26 anyone?

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A modern Mig-23/27, MiG-25, and MiG-31 would be nice.

The 23/27 for sure (who knows when the KP kit will see the light of day), we do have a 25 in the pipeline, not sure about the 31 as there have been two different moldings (under a lot of labels) can't see them going there.


Jim Barr

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Certainly think the following would be nice (mostly echoed from above!)

B-1B Lancer - both Monogram and Airfix are inaccurate

C-17 - Panda never delivered

C-141 - the Nova vacform is showing it's age

C-54 - well it would be cheaper then Proteus and better than Mach2!

C-140 - easier to build than the Airmodel vacform and lots of interesting schemes

C-27 - the Sky (?) kit is solid resin and about $300

C-5 - the DelVac kit still hasn't appeared and the nose profile is wrong anyway

Chris St Clair

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>Tu-95 Bear-A/B Series (requires new fuselage, wings and engines)

Well, Paul, so you could say "everything" :)

Anyway I'd love:

- Tu-22M2 (Backfire B) Actually working on the old Esci kit, but I'm running out of Milliput :)

- F-106 Delta Dart to have something on which to put all those lovely decals without having to completely rebuild the Hasegawa kit..

- Il-76 Candid

- Beriev Albatross

- An ACCURATE MiG-29!!

- MiG-25

- Modern soviet/russian airfield equipment, fuel bowsers (I'd love an ATZ-60), generators and so on. Not exactly "Jet Modelling", but close...

My 0.02


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Just some additions to my first post !

Xian H-6D (with the big radome) ... and all the latest versions like the H-6H & H-6M

a accurate Su-27/-30/-32/-33/-34/-35 and so on ... just a Flanker family ! B)

MiG-23, MiG-25 and MIg-27 ... all versions

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