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?? about F-102's and R/M's kit, but NOT about Dubbya . . .

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Hi Jfgesquire,

I'm building a couple of Deuces at the moment. One is a Case XX wing, the other is the Pro-Modeller boxing of the Case X wing. Both clear sprues have part no 62 on them, two per sprue, but there is no reference that I could find (I've just looked) to part 62 in the Pro-Modeller instructions either. Part 62 seems to be some sort of light. Interesting, I hadn't spotted that, but they'll be useful spares box fodder.

As for your last question, haven't a clue; was the majority of production Case X?



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The original two questions - to keep this thread going:

1. What is part #62 for? It apparently was not used in any boxings so far.

2. Is it just me, or does it seem that alot of the ANG 102's were of the earlier Case X wing?

I thought that the two were almost evenly produced. Case XX started with 1317 IIRC. But almost all the pics I see are of the Case X wing, which is probably why R/M keeps boxing that one now.

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