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What do you guys do with dirty thinner used to clean your airbrushes and brushes? I'm not sure if its a good idea to pour it down the sink or throw the bottle into the garbage...is it possible to filter out the paint particles and use it again?

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Howdy Guy,

Please don`t throw chemicals down the drain.....a very bad thing for us all , although I trust a good many morons do just that.

If using mineral spirits ,you may put them in a glass jar and wait several days ,the paint solids will settle out of solution and settle to the bottom.You can then decant the clear liquid and leave the deposits .As mentioned ,you could then leave the sludge out to evaporate and dispose of in the trash.

I myself use a good amout of lacquer thinners in my painting and airbrush cleaning.I have a large coffee can covered in my spray booth.In the can I throw my used paper towel bits and cleaning rags and pour out my small amouts of used paint and lacquer cleanings.The rags help to absorb the liquid and prevent sloshing around.When the can is full, I seal and tape the lid secure and airtight and place in storage outside.When I gather enough chemical, I bring it to a drop off station close to home.It`s a good practice to keep and the drop off is free.So there is no excuse to polute an already poluted planet.

You gotta do your thing man .... ;)

Paul T

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Myself, I have a used jar of thinner that I keep for cleaning brushes and for use in washes. I use virgin thinner only for airbrushing. This way, I've only had to dispose of thinner once in the past 8 years.

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