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A Warning to Moai Vincent

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Do you figure GI Joe had its own support and logistical organization? It must have, because I think the members were drawn from the traditional services, which implies they were no longer such. This would mean that they needed their own support train, with a separate chain of command straight down from the Pentagon. Complete with a Judge Advocate General attorney?

Huh. G.I. Joe's attorney never made it into toys or T.V. shows, however.

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No, but Fran Drescher was available to do the

Wow! It's insane how much back-story G.I. Joe characters have! I suppose it's a collection of details added by comic book authors over the years, probably built upon those little file cards you could cut out of the back of the bubble-card packaging.

...and just read the Wikipedia entry on G.I.Joe. According to that, my speculation was about right on target, except in reverse. A comic book guy wrote the file cards.

All that epic-writing to sell a line of toys. Suddenly my childhood seems horribly commercialized.

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Charlie Sheen is here??? :taunt:

There goes the neighborhood... :taunt:


Me thinks me needs to quit ARC...



No wait !!! When THE HOFF joins the Sheen rant with Gibsons Raving then you can can go... !!! :coolio::whistle:

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Cinnamonization complete.

We started with good oatmeal ore on this one (High Grade Quaker Instant Oatinite--Pennsylvania's finest), so I anticipate a good run this time. Well, it's on to the hot-water shop for the boiling pour.

So are you saying you have developed the Rolling Rock of Oatmeal?


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Can I assume the COV had budgetary room to acquire Girl Scout cookies? I'm out of Peanut Butter Patties and I feel my loyalty wavering...I could be swayed with a box or three.

Last time we talked CoV budget you couldn't afford change for the pop machine....3 boxes of cookies your SOL on :)

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