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What did you just finish building?

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Getting my modeling feet back under me... and building a lot of F-5s. (The Monogram kit. Have some Kinetic and AFV waiting in the wings for the fancier schemes... since I really hate masking over raised panel lines, and am too lazy to rescribe the whole thing!)

Lot of silver... which, in hindsight, should have waited 'til I had all my sandpaper... some nasty scratches. *sigh* And I shouldn't attempt to hand paint straight lines... ah well. Trying something new or improving on each, which is really the point. (I was surprised I got the extensions faired in nicely, to be honest. Had me worried.)


... though the AMS resin LEX extensions and nose went on fairly nicely on the family model. (Twobobs, kit decals, and twobobs.)

Latest is using a Superscale sheet... which had seen better days. Gave up on the stencils after the first few shattered.


I'd forgotten about painting with rattle-cans and silly putty. Need to start working on deatil (and breaking up those big, flat surfaces a bit - strangely, the silver feel more visually interesting.)

Threw together a spitfire between those three and the last. No pics, though. Have to love the older Monogram kits - real weekend builds!

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Guess I have been in a dark mood. Black bottom Lanc, now three all black planes in a row.

This is a Hasegawa F-18B with spare Black Box parts and Fightertown decals.




Whole bunch of black USN planes......


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Nice work, phantom. Love the Lanc especially. Here's my finished 434 Sqn. Sword. My father-in-law performed a textbook dead-stick landing on Sept. 19, 1957 in this aircraft after a flame-out and electrical failure at 35,000 feet. RIP Larry.




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Was a good month. Hasegawa CF-18 with Leading Edge 409 squadron decals. MAW replacement nose.

The nose has the modern upgrade bird slicers on the nose, but needed the search light drilled out. Used a regular old electric drill and it seems to have done the trick.


Here is a shot with the 409 special Voodoo from back in the day.




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Three this year. I guess it's the year of the falcon. All Hasegawa 1/48 with some scratch and aftermarket stuff here and there....

Dutch F-16a Blk 15


TuAF F-16cj Blk 50


RDAF F-16am blk 10


I'm rebuilding my 12 year old hasegawa av-8b right now but I dont think it's going to be done before the new year. If not it'll be the first of 2013!

Happy holidays!

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A Revell F-14D but representing a VF-11 Redrippers B from about 2004. Some mods for the b were done but not all. Who cares its going to the shelf now to collect dust like the rest. Deffinetly a sanding pig, but builds up nicely if you put the work in. Wearing Aeromaster decals and the lightning pod from hasegawa and few aim 9s. Done in 6 days.






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