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What did you just finish building?

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I seem to be on a Satrfighter kick at the moment. 1/32 Italeri, OOB with a mix of kit, Belcher and Leading Edge decals for a 1970 in Germany build.





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Finished up an all ready started (Don G) Sabre in 1/32. Had to cut off the wing tips, and fences, and a couple other mods to make it a Mk 5. The decals are all from the spare bin apart from some custom made Ram heads from Canmilair just before Bill went out of business.


Leading Edge makes this scheme in 1/48. But not 1/32. Hence, hand painted stripes and the spare bin.





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17 minutes ago, phantom said:

OK, the Tutor was not a show winner. This is better, also NOT a show winner but better.


Monogram F-8 Crusader with a large amount of resin to make it a RF-8G.





Nice RF-8!!! I recently finished one too. Did you use the RVHP kit?


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No clue who the resin was from. I lost the instructions and picked it up for free second hand. I almost went with the scheme you did. Except  off Nimitz in 1978, just could not confirm the airframe numbers. So Shangra la 1968 instead.

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Back to work on Monday so the parade will slow done a bit.


1/32 Chesch model CT-133 with a combination of Leading Edge and Belcher Bits decals to do a 401 squadron airframe from the late 50s.








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Nice to see more then just my stuff around here, good jobs folks!


T-33 Photo bird back around 1966. Now, its not exactly right for a Canadian plane. the 408 markings are hand painted from a black and white photo, so I have no idea if its correct either However, its done. Did not feel like leaving a model unbuilt that could be built.

Decals are mostly Belcher Bits.





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