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What did you just finish building?

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14 minutes ago, phantom said:

This 1/48 Kinetic Hornet with Leading Edge decals.




Can I ask what colors you used for our F-18s? I've got a 72nd scale Academy kit in the stash and some Leading Edge decals on the way for a build this year.

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USS Huron, NCC-1231, light destroyer. Can't make the Enterprise eveytime. Homemade lights. Neat thing the port and starboards blink. Photos do not do this model justice.





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This time a 1/650 scale supply vessel. NCC-1217 USS Iroquois. (my father served on HMCS Iroquois DD 217)


The recent release of the old standard kit, re-arranged the engines, and added two pop cans for the cargo container.







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This is my first jet aircraft attempt. I have been building ww-2 and ww-1 subjects

Tamiya 1/48 f 16

Two Bob's decals

Master pitot and static dischargers 

Still have to do some light weathering and a final clear coat




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