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Fellow Participants.

This post is a sad one in a lot of ways as it signals the end of our Group Build, which has been great fun for the last 6 months. :worship:

As you all know, the original premise was to build our entries with no fancy aftermarket stuff, straight OOB (with the exception of decals as time may not have been kind to them).

A number of participants completed multiple entries and others like myself got one done and perhaps almost another completed. For instance, my F-86 is still being painted, but will be finished a week late for the GB.

Below is the final list of entries. Well done everyone, there are 75!! :cheers:

stevearado Buffalo

Dr Fester Hawker Fury

Bennygmanuk P-51D Mustang

Bennygmanuk P-47D Thunderbolt

Bennygmanuk Harrier

Bennygmanuk Bf109E

Max P-40

Max F-86A Sabre

Max A-7 Corsair II

Mikeew Spitfire MkIX

Mikeew Lancaster B.III

JimInOz Buffalo

JimInOz He70-F "Blitz"

Julien (UK) F-4U Corsair

Julien (UK) Fairey Seafox

Julien (UK) MiG-21

Thommo SBC-4 Helldiver

CanadaMoe Hellcat

Alby Moore Aerospatiale SA 365N Dauphin II

Aussie747 HS-125

Zdenko Saab Tunnan

Merlin_Jones Mirage IIIc

Merlin_Jones P-47D Thunderbolt

Merlin_Jones Boeing P-12E

Madmike A-4M Skyhawk

saintsdave MiG-21

saintsdave Zero (traditional build - no paints)

Sebastijan T-2C Buckeye

mkeogh A-10A Thunderbolt II

Justin Davenport A-4M Skyhawk

Justin Davenport Supermarine Swordfish

TimMansfield Meteor NF-14

TimMansfield Sea Harrier

TimMansfield F-4 Phantom (son's build)

TimMansfield Sea Harrier

TimMansfield Meteor NF-14

TimMansfield Percival Provost T.1

yeehah1 Wellington

Grant Westland Wessex

Stuart Porteous Supermarine Stranraer

raschi Westland Wellesley

RKic Privateer

Bri2k Boeing P-12E/F-4B

Ryan Supermarine Walrus

Ryan Siskin

jRatz Supermarine Spitfire MkIX

jRatz Hawker Hurricane MkIIC

jRatz Westland Lysander

jRatz Supermarine Stranraer

jRatz Hellcat

Bugfan T-2C Buckeye

kstater94 EE Lightning F6

kstater94 Jaguar T2

Eaulive A-4M Skyhawk

Beer Monster EA-6B Prowler

Henrik B Henschel 126

ferrw Gloster Gladiator

ferrw Hawker Fury

breadboard Westland Wessex

breadboard BK117

breadboard Seafox

archerwin Heinkel He111

BadCop BAe Hawk T.1

III/JG52-Freiherr V. Kaos Hawker Tempest II

CanadaMoe P-40E

CanadaMoe Me109E

dougc905 TF-104G Starfighter

Stuart Porteous Phantom FG1

peebeep Mosquito MkIX

puma33helo Fw190

Andy Gudbergsson RAF Phantom

Andy Gudbergsson RN Phantom

Superheat Saab J-29 Tunnan

Fouga23 Hawker Hunter T.8C

Note there were no teen series or the like... B)

I would be most happy to moderate an annual Matchbox Madness GB as this has been so successful and I could guarantee good participant numbers. It has been a blast moderating and organising this GB with Thommo.

Thanks to you all, from myself and Thommo.



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Well, I was caught red-handed, I did not even manage to finish my Buffalo, despite the extra term.

But I loved this group build, i will finish the Buffalo ( it's nearly done anyway ) and I hope for a next Matchbox madness group build!



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Yea! :banana:

My first Group Build in here and 'twas a great excuse to build some great kits...an excellent example of just how much fun can be had, without the JMN's spoiling it all.

I've got a couple more started and will finish them, having had as much fun as I've had during my Group Build experience.

Thanks guys.

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Great job everyone, but special thanks to Mike and Thommo for making it happen.

My first ARC group build and a great experience all round. Am I the only one who's Matchbox stash has grown during the build?

Here's to 100 completions next time around!



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Mike and Thommo,

Thanks for running a great show and for getting me off my rearend - and the web - long enough to finish a model. I am all in favor of an annual Matchbox Madness GB, sign me up now for the next one! Maybe we could start that one with the "leftovers" from this one!

Break, break.....


Am I the only one who's Matchbox stash has grown during the build?

NO, you are definitely not!



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I just wanted to note again, how much fun I had, and my thanks to the moderators and participants for such a great GB.

Actually these are the first Matchbox kits I've built. I started Airfix & etc, long before Matchbox existed & had moved on to other things by the time Matchbox came out. I am glad to have be retroactively introduced to them.

I had a couple (Stranraer & Heyford) before this started, found more of the smaller kits, still have some left to do, and am looking for more ...

Again, thanks for the fun & for the learning experience ...


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Hi Mike,

I had a blast participating and also seeing the other build-ups from the GB participants. I look forward to the next round. See y'all then (or even before that in the Airfix/Heller GB later this year).

Thanks again to Madmike and Thommo for hosting all the madness!



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Thanks to the mods for a really great GB to kick me off, I'm now signed up for the Heavies with an aerobatic C-130 Herc, and the Rotary with a aerobatic Skeeter - guess my roots are showing?

To cap it all my Matchbox stash has reduced; but there are still some classics in there :worship:

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Well done people & a special thanks to Mike who did most of the work. Beers for Mike if I make it to WASMEx next year (I really want to go again mate - it was a blast !).

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This was a great group build....I actually got 2 kits finished. And I'm beginning to get turned on to other older kits in my collection (not just Matchbox but others like 1/48 70's era Monogram World War 2 kits).

Thanks madmike and Thommo. I'm going for the Airfix group build!

Justin, worked extensively on an older kit last night.

Edited by Justin Davenport
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Thanks to Mike and Thomo for organising the groupbuild.

I cleared all Matchbox kits from my stash - and the bought 3 more 'cos I was having so much fun!

Can't see me doing that for an Airfix Groupbuild, but count on me participating.

Great fun, thanks again, Tim :worship:

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