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Finding a B-17 with battle damage and both camo and BMF

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I recently got my first 1/48 B-17G and want to go to town on it. I was hoping you guys could refer me to a specific plane somewhere (if one exists) that was either BMF with camo-painted parts on it, or vice-versa. Also I'd like it to have some cool battle damage, hopefully showing some of the interior. Also, if anyone knows of such an aircraft, would you also know of where I could find the decals for it?


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Go to 457th BG website and look at ground and air photos of "Arf & Arf" and "Hamtramack Mama." "Arf & Arf" had NMF aft fuselage with OD remainder. "Hamtramack Mama" has OD outer wing panels with NMF remainder. Primary 457th markings come in R/M kit.

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"A Bit O' Lace" of the 447BG, and subject of the ancient Airfix 1/72 kit fits this criteria. She's also been subject of a similar Hasegawa kit, and (I think, but 1/48 isn't my scale) the Monogram ProModeller 1/48kit.

A natural metal ship, she was severely damaged by fighters, and a camo outer wing had to be transpanted onto her. This was partially stripped of paint, but not completely.

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Hi guys,

don't forget "Little Patches" a "half and half" machine.

As i remember front half was O/D over grey(gray) the back was N.M.F. or vice versa.

Great nose art too! The dogs ever so cute!!

Was a decal sheet to, can't think who did it but was to 1/48 scale.

Hope this is a help. Photo in Ian Allen book on the B17. Patches was a G model.


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