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The Group Build requirements

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Vietnam Group Build will officially begin on May 1, 2006 and go to Nov 1, 2006

It will include aircraft from the YO-3A to the C-5A

1. Your mods will be Eddygrantham (Ed Grantham) and Creepy Guy (Patrick Steele)

2. All scales are welcome to join

3. Subjects are limited to aircraft that flew in Southeast Asia AFTER World War II.

a.) Aircraft from the French Indochina War (For you prop guys)

b.) Aircraft from SEATO that flew combat or excercises in SEA (for those who like the smaller air forces)

c.) Aircraft that flew during the American experience until 1975

d.) Aircraft that flew for the VPAF, VNAF, or the Peoples Republic of China (Only those involved in interceptions of allied aircraft in SEA)

e.) Captured South Vietnamese aircraft in VPAF markings (F-5, C-130, etc)

f.) Any helicopter that flew in theater during the period between 1949 and 1975 (for you chopper guys)

g.) A list is being compiled of eligible types of aircraft for the GB.

h.) For our purposes, SEA includes aircraft that flew over North and South Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, or southern China.

I.) NO What-If aircraft or fictional squadron markings. All aircraft must have markings for squadrons that flew in the SEA theater of operations

4. Aftermarket decals, accessories are welcome, but not necessary

5. Shortly before this GB goes live, we should have a link off of the GB site. Then, we will compile a list of builders and we are on our way.

6. Ed and I are really excited about this GB and would love to see a variety of models from all eras and markings.

7. If you have questions about aircraft eligibility, check the list that will be posted or PM Ed or myself and we will respond as soon as possible

Information about web space for hosting pictures, builders, etc, will be forthcoming. We are also hoping to get some sponsors and prizes for this GB.

Hope you can join us

Happy Trails

Creepy Guy

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