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This is Bird-Dog... I'm in...

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Excellent choice. You don't see too many FAC birds that often, and this will be a great addition to the GB. This was the historic bird that landed on the USS Midway in 1975 and now retired in Pensacola.

Best of luck


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Nice choice, I built one of these a few years ago and its a joy to build.

Mine did not survive my last move :redx:


Julien, you can do another kit.and better than the previous one, just to pu in the same place in the stash.



I´m going to build the same kit, in this Gb

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One word... rough. Fuselage - wing fit is bad and getting the clear parts to look even half decent is a real chore. There's also enough molding depressions and ejector pin marks to turn this simple 8-hour build into an epic battle between man and plastic. Personally, I put my battle back on the unfinished pile 'til I have the will to continue. Cute, but rough.


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