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This is kind of a double thing guys. We got word yesterday that an Edmonton Alberta newspaper has run a story on K4K with a result that we simply don't have words for. I can't confirm this yet, and when I can I will inform you all of the facts, but, apparently the widow of a fallen soldier, killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan, saw the Edmonton newspaper article and is making a memorial donation of her late husband's collection. I don't know if these facts are straight, but the guys at the local hobby shop were contacted by a friend of this widow to get shipping information.

I mention this because I'd like to get a copy of any articles for the journal of letters, notes, emails and support we are putting together to send with the kits. If you know of any articles, please let me know where I can go to get a copy.

The other thing is this guys. I have been so blown away by the generosity shown here, and the levels are simply amazing. I pause at mentioning any one group or individual but some of the groups, IPMS and others, have risen to the cause in a big way. You guys deserve a pat on the back. I have one group in mind who, in their organization of their contribution kept a detailed record and even sent a photo of the gang beside their shipment. You guys deserve to have your names in your local papers for what you are doing and have done. I can't make anyone understand the true beauty and depth of emotion this project has generated, but the honest careing you have displayed is worthy of mentioning.

Guys, fire a note to your local paper and with any luck, perhaps your club will expand it's ranks with people who have hearts as big as yours. This stuff, I've discovered, is truely news worthy stuff. It's feel good stories and Lord knows, we need some good news about good people in the press these days.


Gary P

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