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Anyone up for a challenge?

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Decals request for Kits for Kandahar..please read

August 24 2006 at 4:07 PM

Iain Matheson (Login IainMatheson)

HyperScale Forums

from IP address



Below is the latest on this project. Surely there are some spare decals out there?? I have traded and bought and sold with a lot of you and have made some good contacts. If you haven't already, please consider helping out. Anything can be of use. The scouts have already used most of my spares!!!!!!!

Just to make it interesting though, for anybody who donates paint, decals or glue and sends them to the address below I'll match your donation with a bottle of paint or glue. For example if 50 of you send something in, I'll donate 50 bottles. Just put the name ARC on your letter somewhere so we can tell how much my stash will take a beating!!! Go ahead, clean me out! I dare you )

Below is Gary's update.

Wow, the Florida shipment arrived and good news bad news. The good news, another 2500 models. The bad news, the trailer the shipment was in had a broken roof and in a driving rain storm more than half the kits got doused. The boxes were mostly salvagable and the instructions are on my clothes line drying in the sun, but the decals were totally wiped out.

I hate to ask more of such a group of already generous people, but if you have any spare decals...

I have a good selection of US WW2 markings and a ready supply of British and German WW2 markings, all in 48th, but not much in 72nd. Needed, a metric ton of Warsaw pact, 48 scale Phantoms, Mirages and Crusaders and anything for cars.

Ok, anything will help really.

And like Ian said earlier, we are still in short supply of paints (military) and glues.

And at this point I don't think we need anymore model kits. We have a boatload comming from Accurate Minatures and a few other sources, so we're good to go there.

Sorry and again, thanks guys.

Kits for Kandahar

138 Cobequid Road

Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia


B4C 2N3

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What`s the deadline, i have a box of paint i can send along.


I don't think the shipment will be able to leave for at least another month. Gary may have a better idea but you have lots of time to send something. Thanks, Iain

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Finally got off my lazy butt tonight and posted a box of paints, you should see it in a week. HTH


I just got home from Gary's place. The box of paint has arrived, thank you. That was a lot of paint. Gary has just got on full time at the local high school and has been very busy setting up his class lessons. He apologises for not getting back to you. We have 80 some boxes all packed and good to go. They may even get shipped to Montreal next week. As of now, the project is shut down and no further donations are asked for. Without getting into too much detail, we have had some very good donations and we are satisfied the boys will have something to keep them busy for a long time.

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