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Thanks for the comments gents.

I have a last one to do then I'll call it a day for scooters...

That will be an Ex marine, ex kuwaiti, brazilian AF1 :rofl:

Single seat this time with a real challenge on the "M" canopy

FYI, the Kuwaiti birds were not former Marine jets, they were new-build aircraft for Kuwait. Brazil bought those jets and called them AF-1; former USMC A-4M aircraft went to Argentina as the A-4AR.

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I'm just now stumbling across this build thread, but WOW, what a nice job! I just scored an OA-4M from another modeler here on ARC and this has really inspired me.

I'm actually looking at doing a similar project with that same scheme. I will have to explore how you did your decals.

Thanks for sharing this with us.


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The decals are homemade, Luckily they are still on my ftp, so here they are


Link for a higher res PDF:


Word of caution though, the green was fine but the grey was very light and wasn't going very well on the green, I had to double them with cutted white under decals which was a painfull job. I sent the artwork to some ARC sponsor for inclusion in any of their future sheet but it seems none were interested.

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Thanks Red Dog. You know, I had a guy told me once he could do a sheet of painting masks for me for $10. The "MARINES" text would benefit from that greatly, as then you wouldn't have to worry about paint demarkation lines. Just paint the camo, slap on the mask, and paint the opposite colors (The open part of the mask being the text).

That might work better than decals for my purposes. Hmmm...

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