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1/48 figures and accesoriess

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Could you please tell me the manufacturers that make us navy figures and/or accesoriess in 1/48 scale suitable for deck diorama. That includes loaders, trolleys, ladders, just about everything that could be installed in navy deck diorama.

Thanks in advance :)

cheers !!

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Verlinden had loads of figures and some vehicles like fire tractors and tow tractors, but most of these are OOP and can rarely be found on Ebay.

CMK produces some nice figures as well, but imho, their legs are way too skinny and long. The Verlinden ones look a lot better. Just Plane Stuff makes resin carrier decks (WW2 and modern), however, there are several companies that produce tiedownsystems (photo-etched), ie Tom´s Modelworks.

I´ve been talking with Neil of Paragon about some of these subjects since Verlinden informed me that they don´t intend to reissue those OOP-items, so if time allows, he could come up with some own vehicles. Maybe some other companies too?


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Have you checked out my postings a couple of pages back? I've built or copied (In Resin) about every concievable vehicle (In 48th scale) for something of a naval dio. (Actually a 48th scale Wasp-Class Diorama) and I'm looking to sell a few copies of some of the items. Believe me... I hava a ton of extras! Check out the posts here under Cabo91


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Does anyone know of any sites or have any diagrams or plans to scratchbuild any vehicles, not just for carrier decks?

I'm looking to have various ground support carts and vehicles for various models, ranging from WW2 German aircraft to 50's-era Canadian jets and a couple of modern Canadian jets and a Herc, all in 1/48.

I have a Hasegawa US Ground Crew set with it ground vehicles, but I don't know if they'd be okay to use with Canadian subjects.

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