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As the description says, this is not a good trader alert, but i thought it should be posted here.

I really cannot describe how humbled i am by the generosity of our very own "Breadboard".

Hal has gone the extra mile for many of the ARC community, and today i became on of those people.

Hal, from the bottom of my heart, i thank you, i am truly grateful for your gift and it will be taking pride of place in my modelling room. I have purchased a frame in which it will be housed and displayed along with the plaque that describes where it has been.

Mike(Waco), i am extremely grateful for the effort you put into what can only be described as, the most awesome flight shedule ever, an awesome array of aircraft and missions make this a one off of the highest order. Please pass on my sincere thanks to your comrades in the USAF for the part they have played.

And last but certainly not least Jim(Sabre) my sincere thanks for your part, the embroidery work is fantastic, i am so pleased with how it looks, i actually feel like i have an identity now. :crying:

Gentlemen, please stand up and accept my most sincere and heartfelt thanks for my gift. I hope to send a little article to Steve, showing what a first class, upstanding community ARC is, through commitment from people like yourselves.

I'll shut up now, Gentlemen, take a bow

My Best Regards


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