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July 14, 2011:

I re-released the sets a few days ago and they sold like hot cakes!

Sorry if you didn't get one before they were gone.

It will be at least a couple of weeks before I get more vacformed canopies in stock at which point I will re-re-release them and update this thread.


The kit will include corrections for the canopy, nosecone and intake (Whoa, deja-vu...).


Still in the 'roughed out' early stages and in need of tweaks and adjustments...

Anybody have good references for the canopy internal frame details?

I have 'Lock-on no.9' and Concord SLUF

I've found these sites with walkarounds:



and ARCs walkarounds...

1/32 YF-23 is temporarily on hold... :(


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Oh you lovley mad man .... 6 months too late , or in my case maybe a year too early .. any way its great news your turning your attention to the SLUF -!

If these sets are anything like the work you did on the flanker - than happy days are a comin! :D :banana:

Just cast the intake in white resin - painting those things is a pain!

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looks great! but does it mean the YF-23 project is on hold?

It's been on hold for a while now. Su-27 parts, OT at the day-job and life have kept it shelved for a while now.

I decided to do this project because I want all your money. If I can get all your money I could quit my day-job and make even more stuff to take all your money including the YF-23. Nice plan eh?

After some more tweaking:


Just cast the intake in white resin - painting those things is a pain!

I considered attempting a seamless replacement, but decided to keep it simple and try to keep the price down.

For the intake modification you'll chop the kit ducting about 1/4" and fit it into a groove on the correction flange which distorts/corrects its' shape. The intake/flange assy. then assembles just like the original kit and distorts/corrects the intake area of the fuselage halves when they are put together.

I initially though it might require heating the fuselage halves and reshaping them but the plastic is thin and the flange seems to work well!

I still have to adjust the fit and rework the upper part of the flange...




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Ok nice set so far BUT...

you still din't adress the fact that the bottom of the intake is still flat and also that you need to make the intake a pointier on the front. No nitpikking just a remark here are a few pictures a fellow clubmember made I hope this helps explaining what I mean

the pictures show WIP so he still has a bit of tweaking to do but I hope you get the idea





Now I'm just saying there actualy some more work to do then just plain adding a new front piece this is just the tip of the iceberg If you get what I mean. Also when looking at pictures and measuring we found that the nose on itself is a bit on the pointy side where the real thing is more straight and bigger. the nose looks good so far and that's what we wanted to change too so nice job on that one.

sorry to be a party crusher here but If you want to make it right I think you need a whole resin plug instead of the one you've got now.

Greetz STB

Frederick Jacobs

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Thanks for all the encouragement everybody! :D

To answer a PM question: Yes I am planning to include resin and photoetch details for the insides of the canopy framing similar to the Su-27 canopy kit.

Ok nice set so far BUT...you still din't adress the fact that the bottom of the intake is still flat and also that you need to make the intake a pointier on the front.
The flange piece that fits just inside distorts the plastic fuselage, forcing it to conform. The resulting transition behind the intake looks pretty smooth...


I'm not sure if I understand the comment about making the intake pointier at the front...

The cross section of the Trumpeter lip looked too wide and full, a fat-lip...

The section I've added to the new lip is staighter on the outer surfaces with a tighter radius along the outer edge, more-so around the sides and bottom than the ends where it meets the fuselage.

The new ring is narrower and will have a little more material removed when finished.



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Hey Chris,

That looks good buddy! Now I can see what you meant about the "plug". Excellent solution! I was wondering about the transition of the fuse too, but your last pic explains it all. It will be a great addition to the 1/32 A-7. As I told you before I have an E model waiting. Yeah, yeah...I know... I gotta start building in 1/32 again. :D

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