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  2. 1/48 Kits & Decals FS/FT

    Sold items removed, prices lowered, one last bump!
  3. I want to part with this lot of 1/72 bagged aircraft models. Except where indicated, all are complete, unstarted and unpainted. Selling as one lot only. Will ship worldwide, but keep in mind international shipping can be very expensive (thanks to the US Postal Service!!). Box is 5 pounds, shipping from ZIP code 01845 (Massachusetts, USA). Pictures available . . PM me. Academy/Minicraft PV-1 Ventura Airfix Bell P-39 Airacobra Airfix Chance Vought F4U-1D Corsair Airfix McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle, instructions printed from the internet (3) AMT/Ertl F-16 Fighting Falcons (from the Thunderbird set). No decals. One set of instructions for this and the AMT/Ertl F-16 below AMT/Ertl F-16 Fighting Falcon (also from the Thunderbird set). Missing canopy. No decals. Frog Curtiss P-40 Tiger Shark Heller T-28 Trojan Heller T-28 Trojan, no decals Hobbycraft Beechcraft C-45, partial assembly (tail) Italeri Bell OH-58 Kiowa Monogram F-16 Falcon, missing pilot and decals Pioneer Beechcraft C-45, (complete, but with some broken small parts like prop, antennae. Was assembled with Elmers glue. I disassembled, but needs to be cleaned up.) Revell RA-5C Vigilante $50.00 plus shipping. Thanks, Rod.
  4. Kinetic CF188 1/48

    Comparison shots, I have a little cleaning up to do here. But I really like the difference. The plastic is so thin, you'll need to be very careful here.
  5. Israeli F-16 shot down over Syria

    Even a blind dog finds a bone now and again.
  6. Today
  7. F-23A Black Widow II

    Keep the photos coming, she's looking awesome!
  8. A few Sikorsky builds... H-60, CH-53, etc

    Could've fooled me, the -60 looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing, I'm excited to see the rest of your builds.
  9. Kinetic CF188 1/48

    The thinning down process is very delicate as I am trying to get the plastic to be as thin as possible so the screen has the right depth. The original was okay but can be better with the AMUR photoetch.
  10. Kinetic CF188 1/48

    Drilled out the Vents then used a sharp blade to remove the excess plastic.
  11. Kinetic CF188 1/48

    The masking tape provides a template of the size I need to scrap away plastic. Replacing the Aft Engine bay Vent behind the speed brakes.
  12. 1/32 trumpeter A-7E in flight

    Are you kidding me? That isn't a model. Nope Nope Nope...not a model. Cheers Collin
  13. HpH Models 1:48 B-52H Stratofortress - 2019 Release

    B-52 is a good subject but a 1/48 Tu-160.. now, that would be awesome for me, one that I WOULD buy :)
  14. Oh man, the B-70. I think I was about the same age (8 or there abouts). I remember seeing pics and film and just swooning . It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. BillS, you HAVE to do a build thread on both those kits. Plus, I'm sure you could get custom decals or masks done for whatever B-36 you want to do.
  15. Thanks very much Crackerjazz! Got the engine nearly completed. I added the wires coming off the starboard magneto and the spark plug leads on the same side. Didn't bother with the port side details since they will be hidden once the fuselage is completed. Laziness is one of my traits and if no one is going to see my hard work, it's not worth it. I also skimped on the magneto wires since they will only be visible from above. Anyway, the only other thing needed on the powerplant is some final weathering. I'll add that before I button up the fuselage.
  16. 1/1000 Bandai 2199 Yamato

    Very nice! Great to see more SBY subjects on here
  17. I'm one of those that bit on both the B-70 and B-36. I have room but not for display purposes. I think the '36 can be finished with removable wings. I haven't studied it that much. It is quite robust; the major airframe components are fiberglass reinforced. It's so heavy, I think I got a hernia carrying it up to my attic! My only complaint about the '36 is that the decal is limited to one H example but aside from that both kits are first rate. My motivation for jumping in is sentimental and stems from seeing the B-70 (number one I think) the day it rolled out at Palmdale. For an 8 year old, it was impressive. After leaving the Air Force I worked for General Dynamics at the "Bomber Plant" and that old featherweight "J" that's out at Pima Co. now sat at the main entrance to the factory. Both were just so iconic and "over the top". I'm so pumped about the B-36, I'm planning a trip to El Paso to climb up the Franklins to the site of a B-36 crash from Dec '57. Parts of it are still up there. To pminer's post, I'm just wrapping up the monogram D B-52. It ain't that bad and looks great with SEA camo.
  18. Sorry Scooby. I just received payment for the T-33 and Mig-29. Tom
  19. Yesterday
  20. F-104C engine interior color?

    I agree with Ben except the metallic part. The A/B liner was green sort of like interior green but maybe greener. There tended to be tannish heat streaks around all those little perforations. The flame holder would be a metallic tannish gray color as would the cone shaped fairing in the center whose nomenclature escapes me. The nozzle interior was kind of dark metallic but was very sooty inside and was very dark brown-black. I never figured out why the A/B liner was that color and I've seen photos of MIG21s with the same look.
  21. Fozzy, WTG with the vacuforming. the end results are truly amazing. Can't wait to see how you manage to cut out all the glazing 1st. Joel
  22. Yet another 1/48 Tamiya F-14A (updated 21 Feb)

    Capt. Obvious, Between you and Crackerjazz I may never have the nerve to build another jet as props are more of my comfort zone. The detailed exhaust rings on the missiles really makes a huge difference. And those exhaust cans, OMG!! they look spectacular. Just enough metallic shades to fool one's eye, and the inside of the cans really have that burn exhaust look to them. Joel
  23. HpH Models 1:48 B-52H Stratofortress - 2019 Release

    Who would've thought 10 years ago we would have a company doing injection molded 1/32 B-17F/G? 1/48 B-52's, Backfires, Blinders, Bears & Blackjack's would be welcome additions as well (or as long as Trumpeter and HobbyBoss stay away from them). I would love to see a new "Bone" as well.
  24. A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    CrackerJazz, You sure have an eye for those details. Your Breech Leads really came out looking better then any I've ever seen. Joel
  25. U.S. Army UH-1H/D 1960s/70s domestic ops

    Please use https://postimages.org/ easy and not a crap like photobucket
  26. New eBay strategy by a buyer?

    Haven't we all? Although I recall in the early days of eBay when you could search a buyers activity. A lot of times a buyer would say they couldn’t pay for one reason or another yet they pull be buying stuff all over eBay, often they had another win identical to your item that they preferred over the one you sold them. eBay eliminated that ability, to search a buyers activities, probably because they didn’t want to enforce their own rules.
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