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  2. Glad to see Navair still has some stones in this era of " political correctness ". These are the guys who'll win the fight cause they take it to the edge. They're not corporate pilots. These are the guys I want in my side. I salute you! Also, brings back great memories! NAVAIR- still NUMBER ONE!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 afoxbat
  3. F-4 B/N Kits

    If ease of assembly is your chief motivator, I vote for Academy for these reasons: 1. One piece upper fuselage which means no seam or possibility of ruining all those fuel probe access panels 2. Seperate flight controls ease painting 3. Aft keel section and heat shields are one piece making that area easier to paint As a bonus, surface detail is more pronounced on Academy, the cockpit detail is more complete and accurate, there are optional rhaw antennas, better a/b liners and a retractable boarding step.
  4. Thanks for the info Floyd
  5. Jadotville Fouga Magister 1/48

    Calling the aircraft done now after adding canopies, radar loops, antenna and fasteners for nose cover. Had some serious struggles, esp. due to failed Alclad Primer, but quite pleased with the final result. Next to build diorama and scratch up a few benches etc. to hold the bits....but will have a little rest first!
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  7. First Airbrush and Compressor

    The Paasche AB Turbo is the High end Illustrator brush from Paasche. It really is for inks and really thin mediums of which model paints do not fall into that category. I don't think it will perform as designed with the higher hobby paint viscosities. I recently bought one for ironically 80 bucks and the seller said he tested it and it worked but I don't think it does as the needle does not move with the trigger. I have an airbrush collection and it is a good thing I basically bought it as a display piece. Also I have Googled for info on the AB and there are some you tube videos on it. It has the reputation of being very finicky and can be hard to 'tune' to work properly, but everything I read says once you can dial it in, it is unbeatable. Also it makes a really cool noise in operation! :-) Anyway my go to hobby brush has always been a Paasche H. I have the same one my Dad bought me almost 40 years ago. Very well made tool. I also have a double action V and it is very robust as well. I hope to get a Talon someday as well. I think a model hobby starter brush is one of these and not a AB Turbo. Max Bryant
  8. F-4 B/N Kits

    In 1/48 your two choices are Hasegawa and Academy. The most noticeable feature of the B/N is the thin wing, and thin tires. The Hasegawa kit is pretty easy to build, but it does have raised panel lines. It is not currently in production, but it is easy to find on ebay. If you want engraved panel lines, you can build the Academy kit, which is very nice. The other alternative is to use the Hasegawa J and the Royale Resin Thin wing conversion set. However, once you have bought the resin, you could have purchased the Academy kit. The Academy Thin wing phantom has been issued twice, as a "B" with sundowners markings, and as a B/N with three USMC markings options. I compared the plastic in the B and the B/N and they look identical. So, you can build an N from an original B boxing. ZM has not yet released a B/N. There is thread on this forum from a few months ago where ghatherly from GT resin converted a ZM J to a B, where he also states he is planning on a conversion set. This sheet from Furball has a F-4B from vf-151 in 1973 hope it helps.
  9. Kinetic 1/48 J-15 kit

    Su33 in 1/48, Kinetic J15 in 1/48, Sorry
  10. Accurate Miniatures TBM-3D

    Sounds good Joel. I will check out the MM engine gray. I have only tried MM one time with some interior green and it was a disaster for me. I thinned it too much I think and it was not pretty. I will play with it some to see what happen.
  11. I sold that Victory Cats sheet on eBay a few years ago.............the bids went over $300 US.
  12. A giant Johnson in the skies and a few few days earlier, a strange encounter in the same general region. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/16079/airliners-and-f-15s-involved-in-bizzare-encounter-with-mystery-aircraft-over-oregon It's clearly a sign that the end is near.
  13. 1/48 Italeri F7F-3 Tigercat

    Thank you Joel, I had fun building it, but I really had fun using the oils to blend the panels and add the exhaust. If you notice, on this kit the props are backwards. Here is a link for a good replacement set. http://obscureco.com/product_pages/OBS48003/OBS48003.html Best regards, Steve :O)
  14. Werner's Wings UH-1D/H Decals and Resin available now

    Any update on this Floyd? I am expecting my Eduard PE any time now and will be chomping at the bit to get started on this build.
  15. F-4 B/N Kits

    Jesus When you get it built I would like to see it. I was withe 151 1988 threw 1990 in the Ordie shop. Anything 151 I like!
  16. 1/48 Trumpeter ERA-3B

    Darren, You did an excellent job on a kit we rarely see built these days. Joel
  17. 1/48 Hasegawa A-4C

    Just love the Scooter. A super build. Excellent weathering as it's not overly done by any means. Joel
  18. 1/48 Italeri F7F-3 Tigercat

    Just an outstanding effort on that reissue. Most impressive for sure. Joel
  19. Hobby Boss 48th P-51D Mustang

    I've got the Accurate Miniature B in my stash, have been passing up the Tamiya D waiting for both the Airfix D which Sprue Brothers has as of today for $21.99, and on the Eduard offering which will be about 3 times the price if it does indeed come with it's Brasin Cockpit, PE, & Cartograf decals. The Airfix kit should be a joy to build as are their many recent kits. For those considering the Eduard Brasin Cockpit for the HB kit, it's listed as for the Airfix kit, and sells for about $35. So dollars and sense it just doesn't pay. Joel
  20. Accurate Miniatures TBM-3D

    Tom, I've been basically a Tamiya man since I got back into the hobby nearly 10 years ago. These days I'm getting lazy and have been migrating to Mig acrylics and even looking at the Akan line, as I'm trying to get away from having to mix so many colors. For the crankcase a few years ago I literally stumbled across the Model Master enamels at a LHS and found Engine Gray FS36076 Engine Gray. This led me to believe that the actual color of the crankcase was called out in Navy specs and not left up to the manufactures. Of course during the war they used the closest color locally they could find. So any darkish gray will do nicely. I've had way more issues trying to figure out exactly what Grumman's used for Grumman Gray. Everyone I knew that worked for Grumman's back then is gone now except my Mother in Law, who hardly remembers those days. Dana Bell has worked out a FS number, and that's what I use these days. Joel
  21. VF-103, F-14B, 163217

    I believe only VF-31 and VF-213 had the black cockpits, as stated above. Steve
  22. No smoke generator or sky-writing equipment required. They just got lucky with a relatively low, stable contrails level and low winds aloft. Allowed their flight track to visibly hang around for a while, preserving their "art."
  23. Accurate Miniatures TBM-3D

    Thanks Joel. I have seen them all over the spectrum also and got the idea of using neutral gray mixed with blue on another forum. But then, I was looking up the Pratt and Whitney and it dawned on me that Grumman used the Wright engine on the TBM and not the P&W. Do you have any recommendation for what paint to use? I prefer the Tamiya line, but do not have anything darker right now, or rather dark enough for what I think it should be, and will have to buy something regardless, so am open to suggestions.
  24. F-4 B/N Kits

    Tom, I built the Academy B when it 1st came out and loved the kit. Fit was perfect, nice level of detail, Cartograf decals with their own stencil sheet, I've got their Rhino kit (Eduard) & their C in my stash. the ZM kits are very well detailed, but have a few fit issues especially if you're closing up a lot of the compartments. They're also twice the price, but not twice the bang for the buck. Are they technically better, to some degree yes. Joel
  25. F-4 B/N Kits

    Easiest in 1/48 which still looks good is the Hasegawa raised panel lines but still easy. Monogram cost less . But I sometimes have issues with the clear parts. The other new guys cost more and are not easier.
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