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  2. Zvezda SU-33 Yellow 13 build

    Update: The night before my stencils came in, allowing me to begin painting the camo scheme, something dropped from the ceiling onto my model. Resulting in a broken main wing, horizontal stabilizer, and wingtip missile pylon: The main wing is the biggest issue, as now it droops down instead of angling slightly up like it should. So now, I strip paint, putty, sand, putty, sand, glue, putty and more sand, then repaint, then, maybe.... if no other massive roadblocks occur, I can paint the camouflage.
  3. USMC KC-130T 165000 VMGR-452 Paint Scheme

    I think the first photo shows at least a two-color scheme, so it's possible that it's the standard TPS scheme.
  4. Recent Russian Colors

    " There must be an old Soviet green paint Zavod somewhere in Russia still producing the colour - and no-one has told them to switch off!! " aha !
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  6. F-14D Black Bunny

    Thanks!!!!! Just what I wanted.---John
  7. 1/72 Azur FRROM Northrop Delta 1A

    Wow! This is really great. Was it a challenging build?
  8. Corsair heavy weathering

    I would venture that it was a bit of column A and a bit of column B. It would depend on length of service, location of service. Do you have a particular aircraft in mind? Photos to go from?
  9. CD72055 - P2V Neptune

    OOOOORAH! I'm in for 72057 as I have the Falcon Triple Conv pieces and Belcher Bits early KDA-4 drones to build a DP-2E of VC-5.Thank you Kursad!
  10. I'm on the hunt for a set of markings for a B5N2 in 1:48. I don't have anything particular in mind, but preferably a camouflaged bird. Maybe one of the Pearl Harbor raiders. I'd be happy with a set of kit decals from one of the Hasegawa boxings, or from the Aeromaster Tora Tora sheet. The kit I have is missing its decal sheet. Please PM me, if you've got something to offer.
  11. A-6E Intruder

    Down to business... Alrighty, let´s get this moving along...let´s glue stuff! I glued the IP to the cover and added the sights. A drop of clear yellow in there and a little piece of acetate for the optics. And glued in the assembly into the pit. And then I glued the pit and rear deck into a fuselage half. Then I neded to fit the wings, they need to go on so I can thread the exhausts into them from the inside before I close the fuselage. I needed to deal with the big gaps I detected before in the wing roots, so I added plasticard... Cut it to shape and saded it smooth. Then for that big gap in the wheel bay, more plasticard. Marked the outer edge with a sharpie. cut it to shape. and glued them in. THen I glued in the wings...nice, no gap :D A little dry fit revealed that the rear deck is a bit askew....oh well. looks cool from here. Let´s dry fit the seats and windscreen too.....I´m beginning to envisn the end product :D A bit of weight into the nose cone, I use clay for ballast...perhaps I´ll have to add more so it won´t be a tail sitter! And the darn canopy, no luck with finding vacu canopies for it so I´m using the one I got...glued in the right half first. I hoped for the best when I added the other half...seems to work out, a little gap at the front end. Added the ceiling panel. And I finishd todays session with a strip of plasticard along the forward window frame. That´s all for today! Cheers!
  12. A-6E Intruder

    THanx Gianni :D Very nice input :) Yeah, I´ll have some cleaning to do from the Tamyia Thin.... :P For the canopy I wanted to fit them to the Avionix rear part first...as you´ll see in my coming update, and then use the ceiling panel to give streangth, I added some styrene too. You know you can clean off the tape residue with warm water and a mild detergent on a cotton swab...doesn´t matter if the tape sits on for months or years. I used Tamyia clear blue for the windshield
  13. Does anyone know what paint scheme was worn by USMC KC-130T 165000 of VMGR-452 when it crashed on 10 July 2017? I have searched the web for USMC KC-130T photos of VMGR-452 and have found a few since 2013 in a new overall glossy lt gray with all black markings. So, I was wondering if 165000 was still in the old three color TPS scheme or the new lt gray color scheme? I want to build a tribute bird. R/ Dutch
  14. F-14D Black Bunny

    Hasegawa also makes this kit with marking OOB. Just traded my copy of this kit away......But I would go with Fightertown too.
  15. Civilian Skyhawk decals?

    For the decal makers out there. The last edition of Combat Aircraft magazine has multiple images of some great civi Skyhawk markings.
  16. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Does the "we hope" refer to AMK hoping they will be releasing the kit later this year (2017)...?
  17. Hasegawa 1/72 EA6b Prowler

    Interesting. I thought the Hasegawa Prowler was always an engraved kit, one of Hasegawa's first run of new tool engraved models back in the 80's. I've built a few of them over the years, including the initial release in the "Minicraft/Hasegawa" boxing, and have never stumbled across one with raised panel lines. Does anyone have an example of one and which box or boxes they were in so I can avoid those? Regards, Don
  18. Hello: http://www.renaissance-models.com/ter/index.php/avions-toutes-echelles/echelle-1-72/produits/923-na-f100d-nez Cheers Robonth
  19. Recent Russian Colors

    That's a question I have been asking for about 30 years - and still have no definitive answer. I asked a crew member of the Tu-95MS that visited the UK RAF Fairford airshow a few years back if he spoke English. He answered that he did - so I asked about green wheel hubs - and after looking puzzled as to why anyone would ask such a daft question, he replied in a thick Russian accent........ "Is not significant!" I also heard that it is a traditional old artillery colour - but have no idea of its significance. There must be an old Soviet green paint Zavod somewhere in Russia still producing the colour - and no-one has told them to switch off!! Ken PS - The visiting Tu-95MS had buff-coloured wheel hubs BTW.
  20. SPACESHIPS!!! Time for some SBY goodies

    Almost. It's just darker shades of the base color sprayed through squares of extraction fan filter
  21. 1/48 Tamiya F-15... are the A and J the same plastic?

    Excellent, many thanks for the informative replies! While the Hasegawa or even more so the GWH Eagle may be the better kits I somehow have a special interest in the Tamiya offering. Don't know the logic here but that's probably for a different forum to discuss...
  22. 1/48 Tamiya F-15... are the A and J the same plastic?

    It's just optional tail tips and a replacement stinger: The A was originally released with one-piece tails - http://www.ebay.ie/itm/TAMIYA-A-Parts-61024-1-48-F-15A-Eagle-Kit-/151164034617 For the J, they removed the antenna from the tail so you can choose either style (just behind the upper wing halves) and added the 'pointy' stinger (same sprue, in front of the drop tank): https://www.super-hobby.com/products/item_name-114533.html The F-15C has the same, plastic as the J kit, which suggests to me that they just revised the tooling; there's a decent chance that subsequent F-15A releases had the same modified tail parts. So... Yes, the Tamiya F-15J would make as accurate an A as the F-15A kit. You just have to glue on the tail antenna and you have functionally the same plastic.
  23. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Hi, If you have a facebook account go to https://www.facebook.com/avantgardemodelkits/ They have a message over there regarding the pre orders which were done at steel models; Of course there are hurdles in life and we wouldn’t usually discuss business decisions online. However, in the interests of openness we are honest about everything that we can be. Washing clothes in public is not what we want to do and not what you would expect from us either. The moral high ground is where I prefer to be and any other stance is not acceptable to me. If you are having any concerns about any orders you have with or through Steel Models then they are doing the right thing and reimbursing your money. Of course, that is the correct thing to do. One just has to look at the timings of the posts to see properly. Because this is not your problem you should not suffer because of differences in opinion, we ask that you PM us for information on how we can and will help you. Please be aware that we are getting hundreds of messages and these take time to get through properly. We always strive to make sure we give you the attention you deserve and as loyal customers would expect from us. Thanks for reading - Admin - Martin
  24. CD144008 - 1/144 C-5A Galaxy

    This is the final draft of the 1/144 scale C-5A sheet - I will do some layout changes and numbering, and it will be finished. There is a second (not shown) sheet with blue cheatlines for the AMC scheme and some black markings; and it also shares a common stencilling sheet with the C-5B/M sheet. All of the options on this sheet are C-5A's : it will fit the Otaki kit as well as the Roden C-5A boxing when it appears.
  25. Not ready yet. I will update the thread when I have any news.
  26. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Well that's "fantastic"! So guess I'm not eligble for the discount anymore. So how do you plan to deal with gruntled potential customers like me AMK? Would have been nice to come across with an option of how you intend to treat these preorders instead of just telling people that their preorders are supposedly binned due to circumstances they can't do anything about. Any alternatives for folks like me? I'm really p...sed about that!
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