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  2. Hi, If this goes through, I'm definitely in. There are several subjects that I'd like to build multiples of, but Eduard's Mustang release has my attention for the moment. The other kit would be the Tamiya Mustang, but I might add the Monogram or Hasegawa kit as well. Cheers, Stefan.
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  4. Nice Hunter 😎 I love this Aircraft. Have seen it many times live. BTW; the real Papyrus Hunter will fly next weekend in St.Stephan, Switzerland.
  5. Hi Fellow modellers, Here the complete review and build of my Revell 1/72 Hawker Hunter with the last livery Papyrus from his retirement in 1995. I hope you enjoy the show, Cheers, Boz
  6. The question of 48 th scale kit was raised so many times and not only in connection with the Su-57. I can only repeat that this is Russia and on its home market Zvezda is primarily interested in 72 nd scale. It is by far the main market. Yes, they have made some other types in 48 th but I believe it will remain in the background and core business will still be in 72 nd. The Moscow air show, the MAKS (well it is not an air show as such but an aerospace industry showplace / market) is starting this week and according to the preliminary information one 57 will be on static display also for the very first time. I believe it when it already happened. So the rivet counters will have a chance to look at it in flesh and compare to the kit. Some fantastic photos are already out by an excellent Russian photographer Marina Lystseva. Love her work! Best regards Gabor
  7. Nino, thank you so very much! I can not stress how important it is to have the digital color codes while working in a graphic editor (like Photoshop). What FS color do you suggest to use for matt aluminium color?
  8. Another option is to not print those at all. Make 1mm dia. recesses in the upper and lower fittings and I’ll add brass tubes. All I need to know is the length of the exposed brass. Tracy
  9. Thanx Steve 😄 it's been a challenge, and fun, thanx to yufei who invented this technique I merely adapted it for the Su-27 😄
  10. Hello I am about to start my build and I did not know those troubles. I have to check soon as I bought mine as a second hand kit at a modeling show earlier this year. Patrick
  11. And who needs an ejection harness when you have claws? “ I’ll just hook up with the pilot’s chest......”
  12. OVERSIZED underwing tanks!
  13. Does anyone have a set of instructions they would be willing to part with for this kit? (Hobbycraft 32 scale F4U-1 Corsair). Or copies of the sheets please?
  14. Very nice indeed! That Xtradecal sheet is dangerous, though. It made me buy way too many Hunters.
  15. Nice one! Good to see the Tu-2 getting some well-deserved attention.
  16. Because of all the money they paid their lobbyists ???
  17. Any updates to this one??? Really looking forward to it.
  18. Well at least you know you'd land on your feet....
  19. I took some time looking online. You'r currently right - none available as a stand alone kit. The staff car IS available as an add on to the Tamiya P-51 kit. This combo can be had on e-bay with free shipping for about $38. You just have to wait a month for it to come from Japan. If this works for you, I'll give you $15 for the P-51 (shipping included). You will have yout staff car for ~$23 which is cheaper than I have ever seen it on e-bay. If you are interested, PM me. C2j
  20. Been there, done that. Still bought one I was sure I didn't have yet.
  21. Probably thought that looks don't matter.
  22. Indeed, I would say the cockpit rivals the Tamiya 1/32 kit out of the box. Thanks! I hope you are enjoying your build as much as I am!
  23. All items in my stash, that may or may not exist, are in a Google spreadsheet. This enables me to check at home or on the road, on my desktop, tablet, or phone. There are tabs for kits, AM, and books. Multiple kits are OK, but multiple copies of the same book is dumb as a post....
  24. Tons of tonal variety going on there- I love it! These engine areas on the Flankers are quite intriguing and visually pleasing to look at. Great work! Steve
  25. Note, if the Hornet you are doing only has 2 chaff buckets the chaff/flare load will reflect 60 rounds total. Example - 30/30.
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