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  2. From over on LSP, it was noted that this kit will be "new tool". You can read whatever you want into that but I'm really hoping that maybe we'll see some (all?) of the issues with the 48th Huey addressed and this won't be just a simple upscale of an existing model (which is the same that Dragon did when they released their 35th Huey years ago). I'm not optimistic about the divots though... they made no effort to change this on their new Blackhawk, so I'm thinking that we'll see this "feature" on the new Huey as well.
  3. That is a shame as that is the one l would be after. So no chance of it being available in Hong Kong ? Regards Robert
  4. Something has me wondering what its utility on an E-2D Advanced Hawkeye would be. Wonder what kind of RAM technology there is for propellor blades.
  5. The F-104J will only available in Japan now. International release not yet planned
  6. PM me. A container is on the way to Canada and before the arrival the domestic tracking number is not available. As the domestic postal system has only 14 days Valid before we send to them. Therefore we have to wait the actual container arrived and send out to you. If the package is Non US or Canada thr HKPOST surface mail tracking should be there. If not PM or email me
  7. Solo

    New look of F-35?

    Well, I wish to build Polish Air Forces F-35A someday, but I am afraid we will get those ugly, one-coloured birds… I do believe those ones with light gray RAMs have looked much, much better.
  8. Is it possible to get tracking numer of shipped item sent as "free shipping"? According to Raymond this kind of shipment, costing $2 should be sent as registered shipment, so I would like to track it somewhere.
  9. Today
  10. You just couldn't let it rest could you?! And you had to drop in those neat little personal attacks that are going to turn this thread into yet another popcorn-personal aggression issues-thread that will go on about anything but the kit in question, right?! Great attitude! I thought, that modellers give their impressions according to what's available before anyone shells out hard earned dough were one of the actual meanings of such threads, especially since kits become ever more expensive. Or is that one of these "oh gee there's something new, shut up and take my money!"-threads? Yes, sometimes those conclusions based on what's available are not just happy happy joy joy. If you can't stand that, just skip the thread after the first announcement and go buy whatever you want for whatever amount you feel and just be happy with it. And heck, I wasn't even the first / only one that recognized the apparent flaws. YOU are the one in this thread who already shelled out his bugs for the kit. If you wanted to do something remotely constructive against all the terrible negativity you would have already taken some shots of the sprues in question, looked up some refs of the original and would have given some of your desired substance to the opposite to all the oh so bad comments instead of riding on a person's relativized posts (oposite to the behaviour of others!) just because it got in your face and become unprofessional where it just doesn't belong. There's just no reason to get that personal. I don't know you, you don't know me and for all that's worth you couldn't care less about my so called negativity as much as I couldn't give a bigger *** about your self-proclaimed ignorance. You do whatever you want but don't drag it down to a personal level. There's just no need. It's a feckin' kit in girl's scale and nothing more. Just be happy with what you bought and leave it be.
  11. Greetings from an unusually warm Luxembourg - heading out to Bastogne and Belgium tomorrow, before flying to London on Thursday. I hope all of you who ordered before the last day are enjoying your decals. Thanks for the orders that keep pouring in - just a reminder that I am still away, but will ship these as soon as I am back in Texas in the first week of August.
  12. @BWDenver Thanks for sharing that pic - any chance you might be able to upload some more Crash Rescue (Huey) photos? I already have a decent selection thanks to Ray, but always on the lookout for more ;). Additionally, do you happen to know if these particular aircraft were technically classified as HH-1D? Thanks, Robert
  13. You have my vote. If we really want to get these kits made, we should send our requests either to Floyd, or to Kitty Hawk directly (especially the MH-47 SOAR) and Academy directly as well. Maybe trumpeter too, since they already have the 47 in 35th. If we get all fellow rotorheads to bombard these manufacturers at once, maybe something would happen. We need everyone, even those who don't really want the kits, to support the effort. Not sure if this is a pipe dream, but I would like to think that the kit makers pay attention to these forums, this is where their kits become legend or trash heaps. Maybe we could start a thread like a petition for modelers to sign. Has that been done before? Cheers, Anthony
  14. No need to remove it and thank you.
  15. Thanks for the kid words, chaps. I'm currently in the process of adding the stabs and wing tanks - I'll post a picture update soon. In the meantime, I spent a great day yesterday at RIAT at RAF Fairford, and one of the star exhibits in the static display (at least for me) was this fine specimen of USAF heavy metal: IMG_1319 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr As well as taking lots of reference shots for the current aerial fit and other various lumps and bumps, what really struck me was the state of the thing. I'm used to seeing pictures of the current BUFF fleet in reasonably good condition in terms of paint finish, but this one was really heavily weathered and was showing lots of zinc-chromate primer. It looks like it had flown through a heavy hail storm or the like, as it almost has sand-blasted effect on the leading edges. It was a mess! IMG_1325 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr IMG_1309 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr IMG_1311 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr IMG_1305 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr It looks like I can get creative with my paint job when the time comes, and although heavily-weathered finishes are not my thing, it'd certainly add some interest to an otherwise rather bland all over grey if I go down that route. Now - back to the bench... Tom
  16. No way! It's 13 parsecs at the very least.
  17. To be fair, you did offer both IP for the T-45A and C. But, if there's no space on a sprue, that can't be helped. But, exactly? Why hasn't an AM company released an update for the ATARS? Probably for the same reason...not enough of a market? Also, Kinetic needs to be run as a business, of course. Personally, I think Kinetic has done well, plugging some huge holes and releasing subjects that no one else would dare too. In any case....I will concede. Let's get back to talking about the F-104 kit.
  18. There was the leaked picture from the Tamiya factory with what looked like a P-38 nose on a CAD drawing.
  19. Hi Rotorman, The decals I'm talking about are from Print Scale in Ukraine and they are for line (regular duty) birds. I will be using the two grays, later scheme and it is for the one and only (in 72nd scale, anyway!), Mach2 kit. I like the LOOK of the decals but wanted to know more about how they handled and if there were any other problems with them. I have seen the Mygale decals advertised and while they look pretty good, I prefer to build line birds. Here is a link to the ones I bought; https://hannants.co.uk/product/PSL72314 Hope this helps, WARDOG
  20. Dear Colin, i respect the view from modeller but doing everything in plastic form may not be an effective way. Taking the F-18Atars as example, why no AM company release it ? I will ask some AM company to see if they can release it. Or at another angle, the demand for correct IP for F-18atars is not sufficient enough to make it. As as recently I review some message in another famous thread. Some maker indicate that it is not good for treat this as a business it should be a culture. By making a plastic consumer product by not having enough business consideration, Kinetic may be going to be a brand asking for preorder for years before releasing a kit and without confirm delivery date. Do you want us to become such company ?
  21. and I thank you for that. I absolutely hate trying to get separate panels to fit. they rarely do fit and never quite look right.
  22. so few photos on the internet. Some people have posted photos from airshows but very little of cockpits. I am afraid thats all i got to share. good luck Oliver
  23. Fellows, fellows...lets have an CH 53 in 1/35 scale first. oh its good to dream. Ill take a 46 in 1/35 as well.
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