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  2. I've had mixed luck with it myself. As something to dip canopies/windows in, it works pretty well. As an over-all gloss coat, it's been hit and miss for me. Sometimes I can get a pretty good, even coat, other times (seeming to do the exact same process as the last time) it will "bead up" and not be smooth. So, I don't know about it. I have not really found anything to replace it with, so I continue to use it, but it isn't a be all to end all like some people think it is. Aaron
  3. Andrew D. the Jolly Rogers guy

    1/72 A-7E VA-72 Desert Storm

    ...where? Trying to find....
  4. So THAT's what it looks like --- beautiful!!! It was hard to see through the fog earlier : ) Yes the picture quality is excellent!
  5. Today
  6. BN7149

    VFA-151 2002 Constellation Deployment Photos

    Kind of looks like another Maverick. It's comparable in size to the one on the left wing, and though it's distorted quite a bit by the exhaust, it seems like the fins are sticking out at similar angles.
  7. Well, I'm still working on this, just not able to put a lot of time into it. I started working on the antanae mounting and cleaning up some of the smaller details. Still have a lot of foiling to do and such but it's getting there. Also you'll notice I have a new phone with a much better camera so it no longer looks as though I'm shooting pictures in a foggy underground cave somewhere in the amazon. And yes Pete, I agree the red looks too red...but unless I can find a better source, it's just gonna havetado. Bill
  8. I have a Wingnut Wings Junkers J.I that I purchased from them when they had the damaged sale a couple of years ago. The kit is complete except for the box, decals and plastic are intact and good. I would like to trade this aircraft for any of the following if possible. Each party would pay their own shipping. Trades I am looking for. 1. Roden 1/32 Albatros D.III (any boxing) 2. Revell/Germany 1/32 Focke Wulf 190A-8/R-11 3. Revell/Germany 1/32 Heinkel He-219 4. Tamiya 1/48 Heinkel He-219. If interested contact me at crossheart686@gmail.com or PM me. Frank Blackwell
  9. If you don't have any luck in getting decals from anyone, Draw Decals produces what you are looking for. (Beetle Bomb) Link here. https://www.shopdrawdecal.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=48-F8F-2
  10. Mizar

    F-14 Expanded Chaff Adapter - Photos?

    BRU-10 adapter is the name of the earlier bomb rack used by the VF-24 Tomcats during the Red Flag exercise and before that by those Tomcats with 300 gal drop tanks installed on Phoenix pallets which were converted as luggage pods? Luigi
  11. You can tell by the layout of the parts that this kit is an update of the one-seater A-10. Problem is: They obviously forgot a part that propably is located on a "one-seater"-only sprue: Those small duck-tails that finish up the back of the gear sponsons below the wing. So, I just added some PE-parts to simulate Chaff/Flare-launchers: At the moment I´m working on the crew, using two figures of my beloved Revell Modern Pilots Set. I must have used up about 7 or 8 sets since their release, and have stored another 4 packs in the cellar... HAJO
  12. Mizar

    Observations of Vietnam era A-7E features and loadouts

    I'm late for the party and I'm sorry, but many thanks again guys! 😄 Also thanks Habu, can't edit to get your quote through 😕 Luigi
  13. What's your preferred poison Derek? Army? Navy? AF?
  14. KursadA

    CD144021 - 1/144 C-133 Cargomaster

    This is kind of cool - I will see if I can spare some space for it:
  15. L-GREECO

    UH-1C HUEY 1/35 Academy

    Update. Ia was affraid that pilot's head will broke the upper window, so decided to make a fitting. Rebuilded swashplate. Sawing, sandind, scratching. Want to make realistic look when rotorblades are in takeoff angle position. Crew is ready to takeoff. Doors. Not finished yet. Pilot's uniform update. Cokpit in progress.
  16. GW8345

    F-14 Expanded Chaff Adapter - Photos?

    The umbilical bridge (umbilical channel) was not specific to the ECA Rail, it was used to provide electrical power and coolant to the aft weapon rail stations (when installed) and also out to the wing station when Phoenix's were loaded, you can fly the ECA rail without the umbilical bridge installed. And for full disclosure, in the thread you linked, I'm the poster Reddog in that thread. And one detail I missed back then, the ECA Rail is still in "Safe", they never "armed" the rail and closed the arming flags (on the side of the rail by the forward part of the chaff bucket).
  17. ya-gabor

    MiG-15 144 scale 3M Mk.1 project

    Sorry for the late post, but the day was spent in building a custom case for the Micro Mig. OK here are some of the last steps as well some finished kit photos. OK, it is not a usual finish to this Grey kit but it served its purpose on the way. Gun barrels glued in place as well as the pitot. One additional microscopic part provided in the Master set is the insulator/antenna base ring on the right side of the fuselage next to the cockpit. Now this is small!!! Extremely small!!! Mr. Master, himself a modeller knows too well how hungry the carpet monster can be after a long diet so he provided two examples of the insulators as well as two each of the 23 mm guns. Speaking of the guns the brass representation of the 37 mm gun muzzle is nothing short of sensational. Master managed to reproduce in 144 th scale the true shape with all the openings on it. Actually few years back when he produced the 32 nd and 48 th scale version of the gun muzzle I was saying to him that the 72 nd scale is on the very edge of manufacturing capabilities. We did joke at the time that next will be the impossible 144. I would now say: Never say never. Anyone interested in seeing the kit will be able to do so this weekend, just 2 more days to the annual Moson Show. The “enormous” kit will be with me and later at the stand of Master on the ground floor of the school building. It is confirmed that Master is in the same place as in the past two years, just right in the first room as we go into the school building, Room No. 1. Best regards Gabor
  18. Solo

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Isn't this already available? https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/xg2xtngbl4jnxl4g9ajt.html
  19. andrew.deboer

    F-14 Expanded Chaff Adapter - Photos?

    Hello, all, I expect to have some progress shots soon with my homemade ECA decal and BRU-10A in place.. In the meantime, this thread surfaced: And behold, the thread has an up close shot of an ECA. This is a test flight, so there are a lot of nonstandard things going on here, but it does show the layout and size of things very well. Of interest to me are the umbilical channel aft of the ECA rail, and the contours of the ECA. I also decided to go tankless on my model - to make the TARPS-specific equipment easier to see.
  20. ya-gabor

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    According to Annetra the premier of the AMK US Weapons Set will be at Moson Show. There should be a lucky dozen visitors at this years Moson show. The very first 12 Weapons sets will be on sale at the show and orders for further will be taken. So good luck to those first 12 visitors! Best regards Gabor
  21. Just got two of the Dyoshou off HLJ. Early in the build process (one in flight, one on the ground), but going well so far.
  22. Asann16

    Lt. Bill Skinner

    Bill Skinner was my grandfather. Do either of you know where I can access the photographs and narratives he posted? I am looking to aggregate as many of them as possible. Thanks for your help
  23. SinisterVampire319

    Academy 1/144 B-1B Lancer #12620 - New Mold Kit Release

    Not a huge fan of the B-1B. Maybe it's the color scheme, I don't know. But after seeing it built on Andy's Youtube channel, I want one now. Maybe even 2.
  24. adamitri


    Wasnt trying to counter anything. Just stating a fact.
  25. It can be a very polarizing topic. I never had good luck with future. Lately I work to apply paint as smoothly as possible and apply decals directly to the paint. Before weathering I use aquagloss from alclad for a protective layer. Some people achieve great results with future, I just never could.
  26. Gator52

    CD144021 - 1/144 C-133 Cargomaster

    Really appreciate all the attention you’re giving USAF heavies in 1/144! Jonah
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