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  2. I have a package of the Flightpath antennas and thought they looked a wee on the large side as well. I'll scale down like you did for your Sentry. And your E-8 is looking great. You're so close to having it done.
  3. Who called it a “fatal flaw”? I’ve looked all over that thread and nowhere in it does anyone call it a fatal flaw. It’s just an observation, and some (honestly, really good) information on details that a lot of people (me included) didn’t know about the airplane in question. If you don’t care about details on your models, that’s great for you. Some people do.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Multiple Decals For Sale so check out the list and pics! Hi Guy’s, I have a few hard to find OOP decal sheets for sale, most of these do not have instructions but you can still build most if not all jets on the sheets unless noted otherwise. I accept PayPal only, any questions please feel free to PM me. Shipping is $4 US / International is $12 Thanks Mike FIGHTERTOWN DECALS 1/48 1. FTD48028 VF-211 Checkmates F-14A ....$20 Plus Shipping (This set is not all complete, it had both Hi Viz and Low Viz sheets but does not contain the little data and formation light inserts. It does not have the printed instructions but I do have Hi Res Scans of the instructions I will email you, but otherwise you can still build any of the jets on the sheet.) 2. FTD48018 VX-23 Salty Dogs F/A-18E/F Test Super Hornets (100% Complete) ....$14 Plus Shipping 3. FTD48017 VF-103 Final Jolly Rogers Tomcat Cruise....$14 Plus Shipping (Contains Main sheet and Insert, no instructions but I can email those) FIGHTERTOWN DECALS 1/32 1. FTD32002 F-14A VF-24 Last Rage.....$10 Plus Shipping (Contains Main sheet only, no instructions but those can be emailed.) 2. FTD32004 F-14A VF-84 Jolly Rogers Cat Snatch Fever......$14 Plus Shipping (Contains Main sheet only, does not have the colored nose art piece and no instructions but those can be emailed. You still build the both jets, and do Cat Snatch Fever as it was during cruise as Nose Art was only applied on the way home from cruise) FIGHTERTOWN DECALS 1/72 and 1/144 1. FTD72004 VF-103 Jolly Rogers SEASONS GREETINGS Santa Cat, & B&W scheme.....$10 Plus Shipping (No instructions but those can be emailed otherwise complete) 2. FTD144004 VF-103 Final Tomcat Cruise $5 Plus Shipping (No instructions but those can be emailed, otherwise complete) IMPACT DECALS 1/48 1. 48007 Marine Corps Sprit of '76.....$11 Plus Shipping (100% Complete) SHIPPING IS A LITTLE MORE DUE TO SHEET BEING AN 8X10
  6. Its going to be shown at the Malaysia model show
  7. The model sat on its tail again for the fitting of the prop, the second last detail to go on. The last part, yet to be added, is the small black aerial on the fuselage spine. The part is already shaped from a piece of scrap sprue and is painted, just awaiting fitting. The end of the afternoon was nice and bright, so I took the Broussard out doors for a few pictures. After adding the aerial, the final stage will be building the A4 frame and mounting the model.
  8. Just checked the Leading Edge site and the new Norad 60th Anniversary (72 and 48) sheets are now available for preorder with shipping on the 26th of June: http://lemdecal.com/
  9. Looking for 60's 70's era. I have lots of 1/48 ordnance, pods etc. for trade. Mostly fighter stuff.
  10. Today, the engine was painted, all three wheels fitted, the step fitted to the fuselage side and the pitot attahed. There were also a couple of small spots of green to touch up on the ends of the wing struts where they were chamfered for fitting. Almost there now.
  11. Are those the final ejection seats?
  12. There’s not much more fun than a road trip, unless it’s a road trip that also includes going to Hobby Shops along the way! A couple of weeks ago, my brother and I ended up doing some “hobby shopping” in Michigan, and it was not without considerable success! We managed to find all kinds of old, interesting and (of course!) sad car kits that begged to become part of the stash. Being kind-hearted, we of course took them in! Check out this weird mix of everything from MPC Annuals to JoHan promo-kits at the link below! Don’t forget to vote for your favourite, either! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/cross-border-car-bonanza/
  13. Answer is no. Cheyenne turret usually combines poorly with non-offset waist guns anyway.... On the plus side, the crispness of the molds has not aged one minute in 44 years... Robertson
  14. We managed a rare free afternoon today and did a little more on the Jeep. The grill was fitted, the gearbox and transfer case levers, and the three seats.The clear headlight moulding was meant to be attached to the grill first, but we left that off. Adding it now would then cause difficulties painting without painting on the clear part. The instrument panel was attached to the hood and then the front end of the Jeep was painted a first coat ( still drying here ). When the paint is dry, the lights can be fitted without needing to repaint around them. Once the lights are fitted, then the hood could be attached.
  15. Mine came in the Proteus kit but don't recall if they sold separately but it wouldn't hurt to ask them if they have any. Most markings could come off generic Canadian sheets (numbers, lightning cheat lines, roundels) but they are getting hard to find too......
  16. I think I have an earlier copy of this sheet if you are interested. I am in Australia. I can find the sheet and PM you an image if you like?
  17. Tomorrow I will contact EBay since enough time has elapsed.
  18. AMK say on their FB page that they are in production and samples are en route to chosen locations [for build reviews, I imagine].
  19. Yup- and a few other ones as well. One problem with this detailed photography- with a light source at an angle on this glossy finish- is that it reveals every imperfection, some of which are not noticeable with the naked eye under normal lighting. The LEX sink mark is one of them. That, and the fact that this can only be seen underneath, makes the fix not worth the hassle. Now if it was on the top, and I bet I find some more later, they will all be repaired for sure. Cheers, Chuck
  20. I've used it and find it useful during and after builds. Works well..delicate enough to not break anything off but has some weight to it as well..nicely balanced. The issue, as usual, is staying on top of the PM(preventive maintenance). The best way to keep dust under control is not to let it build up for days. I brush my models down every time I'm at the bench, even if I'm not painting and keep parts under kitchen cling wrap between build sessions. So far, so good
  21. Does anyone know a source for 1/72 Mach 2 Bristol Britannia metal landing gear? R/ Dutch
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