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  2. Spruemeister

    Love this "rusty tail" F-16

    F-16 battleship. Can't make that work in my brain. Rick L.
  3. Hello everybody, but there is another interesting source, and this is this Airbrush Beginner Course CD by Heinz Wagner, which I had bought a long time ago and have now looked again. Therein my friend Heinz is presenting his Test method for testing and determination of the sprayability of colors that is simple yet ingenious. First, I did insert a M5 Stainless steel nut as a mixing aid into all Vallejo vials, as described in the video by Jens Kaup in my penultimate post, which surely can not hurt. Then I did shake each vial for three minutes, as recommended on Heinz Wagner's CD, whereby I could hear the clacking of the nuts when shaking the Model Air colors, but not at the two Model Color colors (2nd row on the right) what suggests that they are thicker and therefore not sprayable at all, as indicated in the video, which is why a diluting with water 1:1 to 1:2 should take place. Source: Airbrush Beginner Course CD (Heinz Wagner) And now to his simple Test method, whereby holding the vial on the top of a ruler (30 cm), Source: Airbrush Beginner Course CD (Heinz Wagner) and let dropping a drop from that height. Source: Airbrush Beginner Course CD (Heinz Wagner) And if the diameter of this color point is between 11 mm and 14 mm, the color should be sprayable in the opinion of the Airbrush Guru. Source: Airbrush Beginner Course CD (Heinz Wagner) And then I tried that, first for the Model Air 71.033 (Yellow Ochre). But to my astonishment the diameter of the color point was < 10 mm. And since the tests with the next three Model Air colors have shown this surprising result too, then I started carefully to add a few drops of the Vallejo Thinner step by step (3, 6, 10, 15 drops), then did shake again for three minutes and retested, but without getting drops > 10mm, which has disillusioned me pretty much. During dripping I also noticed that sometimes at first only a bubble comes out of the dropper and only then the color comes, and that the drops of paint on the paper have sometimes even contained air bubbles, which may possibly falsify the result. The following tests I have done on glossy paper, the first tests on the other hand on normal copy paper, because the absorbency of the paper could probably also have an influence on the diameter of the color points, I think, right? After that I was stumped and a nervous wreck and have communicated these results Heinz Wagner, in the hope that he has an explanation.
  4. BaconRaygun

    1/48 Eduard MIG-21 PFM - Polish Air Force

    So... the future came sooner than planned. Just ordered this kit yesterday... cant wait to start it.
  5. BaconRaygun

    Best uses for peg board in the hobby room?

    I'm a bit of an oddball here because my desk is for building static and RC models, so I have a good bit of tools that are not used for static model building. I dont have an actual pegboard, but I do have a multitude of nails and hooks hanging on the wall and shelves above my table. When I move into a larger space and have more room, then I will have an actual pegboard and separate tables. - One row of nails used for various tapes. - One row holding bags that contain raw materials like carbon rod, polystyrene card and strips, polycarbonate stock, closed and open cell foam, etc... - One section that has bags of assorted sandpaper and cases of needle and fret files. - One section with bags containing metal tubes, rods and other raw metal bits. - Several rows of RC specific parts... bearings, shafts, gears, bellcranks, etc... I do this so that anything small and frequently used is right there at eye level. More efficient for me than storing these things in a box or drawers. I reserve those for larger items, or items that are used less frequently (like rolls of heatshrink and large blocks of foam insulation). My modelling tools are laid out on a shelf about 8" above my table, sort of like how a surgeon has their tools laid out on a table. I have metal mesh baskets holding things like sanding sticks, paint pens and superfine markers. Behind the tools are rows of paint bottles, but those are getting some sort of wallmount soon, to clear up some space. Shelves above the table hold various things. I have a section where I keep built sub-assemblies and prepped parts. Another section where I keep hardware like magnifying glasses and helping hands (for soldering). At the very top, I have a shelf with some old models that I use as paint test mules... and a 3/4 built balsa wright flyer that I'm totally gonna finish one of these days. Airbrush compressor is under the desk.
  6. Today
  7. Aussie-Pete

    3D printed 1/6th & 1/12th CSM RCS

    Thanks Crackerjazz. REsin printing is far better resolution than FDM. this was printer at .025mm or .25um. Playing with orientation reduces visible lines. Hopefully future prints will have none at all. Silver is just chrome in a rattle can. simulated heat on bell is alclad hot blue and brass.
  8. Aussie-Pete

    3D printed 1/6th & 1/12th CSM RCS

    UPdates. Managed to get all parts printed at 1/32 Still a lot of detail for such a big reduction
  9. I love the choice of paint scheme, you did a wonderful job on this jet.
  10. 11bee

    New F-15E Nose Art Photos

    Thanks Falcon, good to know. I had figured something like that would be a hazard if you ever had to eject. At least you are able to make a long flight a bit more comfortable. Must be seriously uncomfortable on those flights.
  11. pacheco

    Soko G-4 Super Galeb - Aeropoxy resin 1/72 X2

    I have three (plastic) in my stash.
  12. Mstor

    Su-27 from Great Wall Hobby

    Oh yea baby. Love me some CANards. Serious though. I do love the look of the Su-27 family aircraft with canard. And we really need an accurate early Su-27. The Hobby Boss offering has that crazy problem with the main wheel wells and I am sure others know of more issues (the wells are the ones that stand out to me). So, come on GWH, make us some Flankers!
  13. admiralcag

    Man in Space Saturn V

    My seam work. Blarg. And, the CSM in place. A broader view. Right next to my Lego Saturn V. That was fun to build. It does look better with primer. The first coat of white. Vern
  14. Mr Matt Foley

    Su-27 from Great Wall Hobby

    I would love to have new tool Flankers. Especially the later variants like the SM, Su-30 (I'll take a side of canards with that order) Su-33 et.al. Early Flankers would be great "beaters" to weather up and show airframe age. I would also like to to build one with the markings of the "privately owned" Flanker(s) sometimes seen flying in the skies of Nevada in mock dogfights with the USAF.............secret stuff.
  15. Dutch

    CD72090 - 1/72 P-3 Orion Part 1

    Ooorah! Waiting for the 1/144 release as well. How much stenciling do you plan on adding? I only ask because the Hasegawa kit decals provide a lot of stencilling, though with a thicker carrier flm. The decals in the Revell release are printed by Cartograf and the stencils are very nicely done. So minimal stenciling may only be required. In 1/144 scale, LS/ARII provides a decent level of stenciling in kit decals. TomyTec kits are all prepainted, so additional stenciling may be required if the modeler were to repaint the kits into different schemes.
  16. Dutch

    CD144020 - 1/144 SAC B-52 Part 1

    @Kursad, Again you are kicking it! Thank you.
  17. Dutch

    CD72091 - 1/72 B-47 Stratojet

    Kursad, You are kicking it! Sold my 1/72 B-47E & RB-47H conversion awhile back, but have several 1/144 Hobbycraft & Academy B-47/RB-47 kits. Can't wait to see the artwork. R/ Dutch
  18. airmechaja

    Love this "rusty tail" F-16

    I take the other side on it. It looks like rail car graffiti to me. Eye of the beholder.
  19. Wolfman_63

    Hasegawa's 1/48 F-22 Raptor with Accessories

    Continuing onward this week I am working on the main landing gear bays. After locating reference photos on Google, I started by drilling many, many holes to install the numerous hydraulic lines. Using a .09 drill bit I drilled out the many locations where the lines go to. I then took 32 awg wire and ran the individual lines. I then added the electrical cables and routed them. Still have a couple of more lines to run then need to do all the yellow and blue connections and holders on the lines. Then I can weather and highlight the bays. See all the photos from start at https://davidsscalemodels.com/build-log/1-48-f-22-raptor/
  20. crackerjazz

    1/72 Three Stooges LLRV

    Wow that's a beautiful model, Kev! Love the build up shots and how you made the altimeter using ball bearings! Especially love that shot of the LLRV like an insect lying on its back : ) And Air-form clay -- I should find some good use for that stuff, thanks for sharing!
  21. echolmberg

    Top Gun 2 plot tidbit from a very credible source

    Yeah but we're talking about a movie, not reality. LOL! Flying Tomcats again would be so awesome!!! Eric
  22. crackerjazz

    3D printed 1/6th & 1/12th CSM RCS

    Beautiful work, Aussie-Pete! Very impressive! The printed surface looks so smooth and I love those parts at the top -- just like real mechanical hardware and so smooth too. What kind of paint did you use?
  23. Gee guys ... thanx very much! The 'Black" I used was a mix of Medium Grey and Gunmetal. I base my paint colours on pix from the Lunar surface, and the Blacks are more of a Dark Grey. The chocolate bar wrappers are from Caramilk and Aero bars here in Canada. But the packaging has changed in the last few years so my stash of wrappers is dwindling ... The Porch colour has always baffled me but I referred to Vincent's latest model and he used something like "Tan", which is what I then used. Model Master Tan. Hope this helps gents!
  24. Dutch

    Modelcollect B-52H

    @Quixote74 Great wingtip tank comparison. Do you have an original release Hasegawa 1/72 F-4E outboard wing tank for comparison as well? I have a few of those in spares box, so am curious to see if they will work as possible replacements. I will try to dig some up this weekend and pull out my AMT & ModelCollect tanks and place them on a mat as you have done. R/ Dutch
  25. Just placed the Academy release on backorder through Hannants with a 10% discount, so price was only $26.70. Plastic looks very nice. This is looking to be a real jewel of a kit. Can't wait.
  26. airea

    Help! How do I weather a black aircraft?

    First of all, do not paint anything with pure black (unless it is a black hole :)). NATO black, anthracite grey or anything similar would give a better scale effect.
  27. Ryan Hothersall

    Eagle's Nest - 5x Soko ORAO -IAR930's - Aeropoxy resin 1/72

    Another interesting build.
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