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  2. With the model fixed to the studding, it was slotted into a piece of wood with matching holes which held the model upright. I was then able to position the model over the background picture and while holding the wood still, remove the model. This gave me the drilling position for the mounting holes in the background picture. With the holes drilled, the back of the frame was nailed onto the box frame. The model could then be bolted into the frame. The glass was then cleaned before adding the mount card, glass and front of the frame, which are held on with metal tabs pushed into the box frame and screwed into the frone frame.
  3. The pine box frame was made from some 8mm cladding, cut to a suitable height and mitred at the corners. The Broussard frame can be seen in the corner clamps, and was glued and also uses 'V' nails in the corners to hold the frame together. The deeper frame parts were for the framed Sea King. A closer view of the clamps and the 'V' nails can just be seen in each corner joint.
  4. A couple more pictures of #002 first, before moving on to the frame.
  5. Today
  6. I did start with the masters last year, but haven't finished them yet.
  7. I'm still plugging away at this RF-8G. Not much significant progress--mostly filling and sanding followed by more filling and sanding. I did install a vacuformed windscreen from Muroc along with their resin windscreen framing. I also masked and laid down some gloss black up front.
  8. This is my first time gaining access to the famous home base of the Russian Knights & the Russian Swifts and I was not disappointed! Free entry and no crowds at all: I will start with the most beautiful jet ever made:
  9. This looks great Diego. I will have to put this on my list as I do not want to build my Lynx as British.
  10. KC-130J Harvest Hawk in fact, so would a Ron's Resin set work for you?
  11. Wow you can still get the Arrow Decals sheets? I have several of those as well as old LEM generic sheets. Hope they work okay. Here is an index of what the book contains
  12. Let us know how the paint behaves. They look interesting. Airbrush ready gloss lacquers.
  13. Brother Ray, Yes you are right about the Ron's Resin set. I had forgotten which side was which. In that case, I could use a Ron's Resin set as substitute for the Attack Squadron set. As to which model Herk, my guess is KC-130F/H/R/T or possibly J, or even HC-130H/P/N depending on whether you put the ARN-101 dome on the top. Let's see some more of this beauty. R/ Dutch
  14. How about 1/48 AH-1Z Viper and UH-1Y Venom. The kit decals are not very good.
  15. Chris, yes those are all very useful to decal manufacturers like Kursad, and you should share what you can with them. As for my original request for CC-109 & CP-207 markings, I ican buy the old generic Arrow Graphics or Can-Force stripe and titles sheets or the newer Leading Edge roundel and serial sheets and piece together a 1/72 Cosmo or Argus, as those subjects will probably not generate a sheet of their own. R/ Dutch
  16. There are drawings like this though
  17. Well thank goodness there is only one drawing of a roundel LOL
  18. My daughter works there and also said they went to 70% off clearance at first mark down to get the stuff out of the store. She’s going to pick up a Hobbyboss F-5E 1/72 for $3.99 if it’s still there tomorrow. mMike
  19. Thanks for the tip. I guess I'll stop by my local Hobby Lobby and see if only your store in Ohio is putting them on clearance or it's a wider event and it extends up here in Michigan.
  20. Yesterday
  21. The Ron's Resin set supplies a new forward section on the starboard side with the intake added and a 'shim' on the port side to push the kit supplied forward sponson part forward. It looks similar to this one (this is not a Ron's Resin part) Can you figure what mine will end up as? 😃
  22. Howdy, wardogs!  Hey y’all! At the moment I do not have the capability of scaling a 1/48 Phantom drawing & this is the most , best scale tank I’ve yet seen in 1/48. Perchance have any of you put the above subject fuel bag for the ZM series against a set of 1/48 scale plans/drawings to check one half or the other for accuracy in shape? It just doesn’t look right to my discerning visual scanners & my detail related, yet fickle minded brain housing group when it comes to scale models. And I’ve been a Phantom guru since I was eight y/o (my pa flew them for a couple decades). Ok, ok I suffer from AMS. As always, thanks in advance for y’alls continued knowledge & assistance to help. I really do value your diverse knowledge base that always helps make the best possible informed decision on my builds. Always Forward, Masterguns
  23. Yeah, I know. I used to have one or two of them, but sold my whole library to one of the aviation book re-sellers ~20 years ago in a fit of desperation. Anyway. I my go for that, but I have other Canadian picture books for cheap. I have USAF/US ARMY & USN/USMC official marking guides in .pdf format, so was hoping to locate this one in .pdf as well. R/ Dutch 😎
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