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  1. A little bit of info for you.

    The GBU-30 was never put into production, a Mk 82 JDAM is the GBU-38 series. The GBU-38 is about 4.5 inches longer then a Mk 82 GP Bomb (when configured with a conical fin). The item on the nose is not the fuze, it is called a solid nose plug and fills the fuze well where a mechanical nose fuze would go when the warhead is configured as a GP Bomb. The Navy and Air Force use different nose plugs, the Navy's is more rounded while the Air Forces is more pointed and shorter. Depending on what aircraft you are putting this on will depend on the nose plug, they can not be mix matched. If you are looking for reference for a 500 lbs JDAM, google GBU-38 JDAM, there is lots of stuff out there.

    Just went back and look, I believe you are planning to put this one a Tomcat. Two things to remember, only three Tomcat squadrons ever carried the GBU-38, VF-101 (testing), VF-31 and VF-213 (for their last cruise on 2005/06). Second, make sure the nose plug is the Navy version (rounded).



  2. Thanks Paul.

    I forgot the "million dollar depth charge":D

    Have you heard of a configuration with one single Sparrow aft of empty front Phoenix launch pallets? I doubt that very much, seems not very sensible (ejection and launching wise). It would be nice to hear some professional view.

    Putting a Sparrow on the aft station was legal and we did it all the time during Desert Storm, we flew 3x2x2 during the war.


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