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  2. These are always very open ended questions as we don't know you level of modelling and opinions will be varied. But all the kits will give you a decent level of detail and accuracy. As @echolmberg stated about the Monogram C/D, still stands up well but with raised panel lines and reasonably priced. Monogram/Hasegawa lack the intake trunks and engine compressor front detail as well. All four mentioned in @RichB63 list, if built up side by side on a table in front of you, I doubt you could tell a difference in a 30 second glance. Good luck in choosing.
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  4. Hands down, go with the Monogram kit. Great fit. Builds up nice. More accurate in shape. Isn't overly engineered nor overly priced.
  5. Hello to all, Another one in progress build (in total there are 12...), this time is the F-4S Phantom in 1/72. I chose to start with the kit of Italeri instead of the one from Hasegawa because I wanted to experiment with this old kit and to scribe it, detail it etc etc. For the hasegawa double kits that I also have, there are in my stash a few aftermarket details (cockpits, exhausts etc), so, It will be far easier build when I"ll start with those ones. The inspiration photo is the following . https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/McDonnell-Douglas-F
  6. Looking for some help/advice please I would like to convert the Airfix Fokker Friendship / Fairchild F-27 to the longer F-227. I know that they stretched the fuselage by 1.83m, but having trouble finding out precisely where they inserted the extra bit. Anyone have any information regarding this please? Many thanks, Angelo
  7. Aztec has released few time ago new decals regarding the South Atlantic conflict. And part 1 was again released.
  8. Finished her up last night. Awesome build, she's big and heavy.
  9. Yes I have the old Monogram 1/48 P-40B that is perfect for the job! Dai
  10. For the price, the Hasegawa builds up nicely if you can find one.
  11. That is some beautiful work! And I am frankly envious of your results Andy
  12. Engine exhaust for the short nose version in making. Best regards Gabor
  13. The Kinetic Sea Harrier decal sheet allows you to do every Sea Harrier FRS.1 that was deployed, there's absolutely no need to do a Sea Harrier sheet as the kit sheet covers the lot. The GR3 kit has a Falklands option on the decal sheet. Both Super Etendard kits have Argentine options on the decal sheet , The Kinetic Mirage V/ Dagger has Falkland options on the kit sheet.
  14. Great painting job on the model as always. I will follow your carrier deck section project
  15. Thank you MAC. I see you've launched another Tomcat build. Great idea! Never enough Tomcat! (I have an alpha Tamiya one sitting in its box for 3 years) . VF-143 scheme is a pure beauty.
  16. Some new decals (screen print) htt
  17. Cameron thanks for the information. Now I just need to locate. Some markings for air station Detroit in 1/48 and I will be good to go. Thanks again Erik
  18. Hi the title says it. I am looking to buy U.S. Coast Guard Choppers Pt 1 Model Alliance | No. MA-48150 | 1:48 I am looking for the markings for air station Detroit. So if you don't have a complete set. But the have the air station Detroit markings. I would be interested in purchasing a partial set. Thanks for your time and any help. Erik
  19. I special ordered them. I also wanted mine in lacquer...which was more complicated than matching them in enamels. You'll need to contact Mike about them, and how he wants to sell them. Cameron
  20. Arguably, the Monogram and Hasegawa kits, both released about 40 years ago, capture best the subtle curves and lines of the Phantom airframe. But the more recent Academy and ZM offerings benefit from modern tooling advances: recessed panel lines, fasteners and, in general, more refined detailing. Your budget and other personal preferences will dictate the choice but, suffice to say, a good looking “Toom” can certainly be had from any of the above kits.
  21. Harriman flew to Russia in a B24 bomber that was slightly modified. The area in front of the wind screen was roughly three feet shorter than the mass produced B24's. So it is not quite the same air frame, but still similar in ways. gary
  22. Looks like the Last Train to Mustangville.... 😞
  23. Cameron, Is Mike offering these in his normal lineup or are they special order? If they are special order. What was the cost? Thanks Erik
  24. Four options, all pretty decent, in order of release date and (not surprisingly) price: • Monogram F-4C/D • Hasegawa F-4C/D • Academy F-4D • Zoukei Mura F-4D My choice would be the newest (and most expensive) of the lot, ZM.
  25. Title says it all. Tamiya doesn't have sprue H in stock, eBay prices are crazy. I have some 1/32 F-16D (from Sufa kit built as Sufa) and F-15E parts (and other jets parts in 1/32 and 1/48) to trade or can buy. Thanks.
  26. It’s not a surprise when companies try to associate themselves with what’s “new” and “cool”. While modelling in the 2020’s might not be quite so fixated on this, there was a time when modelling was a more general hobby and companies did try to ride the coat tails of profitable and hoped-to-be profitable enterprises. There are lots of kits of vehicles from famous TV shows produced from the ‘60s to the ‘80s, so it really comes as no surprise that Monogram also decided to produce a kit from the much-hyped “New Monkees” TV show that aired in 1987. Sadly, Monogram’s bet didn’t pay off
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