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  2. riffraff

    What's this guy doing?

    It kinda looks like he is making sure the thicker part doesn't catch on the # 4 cable.
  3. Spectre711

    Late 70s P-3C Load Outs

    So what shade of orange are we looking at here? International?
  4. Ben Brown

    FS: Authentic Airliners 1/144 Embraer E190

    The sale of the kit is pending, but the decals are still available. Thanks! Ben
  5. Rob de Bie

    B28 nuclear weapon markings?

    I've built two 1/48 B28 nuclear weapons using the Belcher Bits resin set. I wanted to show live weapons, so I opted for silver overall with a brownish (glass fiber?) nose cap. Unfortunately I made the metal nose cap a bit too large. The models have no lugs since I installed small magnets to attach them to a pylon. My question: I wonder whether these weapons had any markings applied to them? The museum examples appear to have none. Rob
  6. dnl42

    Panther Canopy Question

    Hm, Furball Aero-Design has seals for a 1/48 F9F-8.
  7. Petarvu

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    But they took peoples money
  8. Dave Roof

    Kuwaiti F-18 Hornets

    Gary, From what I understand, very little has changed with the markings over the years. Ordnance is typically the same used on US Hornets. Dave
  9. hawkwrench

    F-14D ejection seat harness and belt color

    Wow, 115 views and not 1 answer of help! I'm disappointed. This wouldn't have happened over on the helicopter forum. Thanks for the help guys!!! Tim
  10. Today
  11. Sabre Freak

    Panther Canopy Question

    This is how I did mine http://zone-five.net/showpost.php?p=86404&postcount=39
  12. Scott Smith

    Panther Canopy Question

    I’ve done similar outlines in yellow using chart tape. Comes in many colors. Look at office supply stores.
  13. mungo1974

    Kuwaiti F-18 Hornets

    Hey folks, Was wondering if anyone had any info on Kuwaiti Hornets as I'd like to build one. I have a set of Dave Roof's old Orion decals but would kinda like to do a more up to date jet. Was wondering if anyone knew what kinda config the airframes are now,and what ordnance they currently use. I did the usual Google checks but most images date from the mid 90's when they first arrived. A couple more recent shotd showed the 'bird slicers' IFF antennas fitted to the nose but other than that I'm drawing a blank so any help would be most welcome. Cheers, Gary
  14. 305swag

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Looks pretty nice. The curve on the rear fuselage looks corrected compared to the one in front of it.
  15. Sgt Shultz II

    Panther Canopy Question

    How can I duplicate the white fiberglass edging on the F9F-5 Panther canopy as seen in this picture?
  16. Just FYI, I tried the link to your templates on 'dropbox' and I can't see 'em. It seems I need to sign up first ... Man-oh-man this is looking so-o-o good! I'm gonna go over to see Gary's build to see how it looks installed ... keep up the great work! Pete
  17. I have the following kits and decal sheets for sale, all are in excellent condition. Prefer payment via PayPal, but will take other forms as well. Shipping not included, but will be quoted. If interested, I can be contacted direct at bfwaechter@aol.com. Thanks for looking.Boyd WaechterKaty, TX.KITS: Airfix 1/72nd C-47 Dakota (new release) $30 Minicraft 1/72nd PBM-5A Mariner $45 Hasegawa 1/48th Mitsubishi F1M2 Pete $30HobbyBoss 1/48th Corsair II (Royal Navy) $30 Kittyhawk 1/48th Bell UH-1Y Venom $40 Revell Classic 1/48th Sikorsky H-19 on Floats (kit comes with wheel option as well) $22 DECALS: Superscale 48-1250 F-100F Super Sabre (Col. Francis Gabreski markings) $10 HaHen 48-012 F-104G Starfighters (natural metal and camouflaged F-104G’s of WGAF) $15 Caracal 48057 USAF T-38 Talons Part 2 (markings for multiple aircraft in all types of schemes) $10 Caracal 48127 Sikorsky H-19 Part 1 (markings for 4 H-19’s that match the variant of the Revell kit) $10 Caracal 72026 PBM-5/PBM-5A Mariner Part 1 $10 Microscale 72-458 C-47 “Golden Knights”, SC-47 Air Rescue Service 1946 (with yellow hi-vis markings over natural metal C-47), and C-49K Air Transport Command aircraft $10 Rocketeer Decals (Japan) SC-47 Air Rescue Service (yellow hi-vis markings over OD/NG C-47) $10 Wolfpack T-38A Talon USAF 1960 to 80 Era (all white a/c, some with dayglow orange, very colorful) $10 Micro-Scale 72-31 Black and Red Luftwaffe Letters and Numbers (3 used, but otherwise the sheet is complete) $3 Fireball Modelworks 1/48th Modern U.S. Helicopter Missle Markings $10 Fireball Modelworks 1/35th Modern U.S. Helicopter Missile Markings $10 The following sheets have 100 (1/48th) and 125 (1/72nd) stars per sheet: Scalemaster Sheet of 1/48th Yellow Stars (3” x 11” sheet) $2 Scalemaster Sheet of 1/72nd Yellow Stars (3” x 11” sheet) $2 Scalemaster Sheet of 1/48th Red Stars (3” x 11” sheet) $2 Scalemaster Sheet of 1/72nd Red Stars (3’ X 11” sheet) $2
  18. ya-gabor

    AFV U-2A test shots on Hyperscale

    Both intakes are there in Moscow. Here is the right one from above and front and also from front. A slight bulge is visible. Some parts of the airframe were patched up to “build up” the shape by the Russians but it is also visible that some testing of the paint was carried out. There is a nice green surface below the Blue-black. Where the paint was sanded down there was a Blue-black on top with green under, another layer of Blue-black with more green before the metal surface. On the inside in most places clean aluminium is visible on “Moscow parts” with some Chromate Yellow on some parts. Sorry but the photo share (Imgur) is not accessible at the moment so I will post the photos when I can. Best regards Gabor
  19. KursadA

    CD48073: RF-101C Voodoo

    Available for preordering now: CD48073 - 1/48 RF-101C Voodoo Part 1
  20. Mizar

    Note for all you 1/72 Phantom Phans....

    F-15 IFCS: Not sure about decal color accuracy for what I know they misspelled GE, the tailplanes chord is off, I'm not sure which manufacturer nailed it, I don't have any Hasegawa Hornet in my stash but I do have Italeri, Fujimi and Academy, leading edge is more thinner than Italeri and Fujimi but also more longer than Academy, they were indeed modified to be installed on the F-15 but I highly doubt they messed up with LE and what not due costs of rebuilding a canard from scratch, more issues can be found on BM forums -> topic/235022591 Advanced Super Hornet: CFT and Enclosed Weapons Pod symmetry is out the window, I was planning to purchase more than one cause the idea of wiffing a Silent Eagle with two of those pods but upon checking the EWP contained in Hasegawa boxing I gave up on the idea Luigi
  21. Rocat

    Fw 190A-8 revell 1/32

    Good work, I like it!
  22. ya-gabor

    AFV U-2A test shots on Hyperscale

    Yes, it is very important to go up to the real aircraft and „feel” its shape! Touch it and look at it from all directions, get into a real intimate relation with it to be able to interpret the shapes. I also understand that some companies dont have the time and money to do this. But then again you have examples where a company takes the time, goes out to check several original aircraft, makes hundreds of photos from all directions, measures details only to go back to the office and take out a completely wrong drawing and “insert” the newly acquired detail knowledge into that, cut metal and you get a wrong Me-109G in the end. The U-2 in Moscow has its intakes. Have to look at my photos but know that I have spent most of the time (surprise surprise ) with the ejection seat of Gary Powers. Best regards Gabor
  23. Kurt H.

    Revell 1/25 '57 Chevy Nomad

    Interesting choice. Looks pretty challenging, but based on what you are doing with the B-26 I am sure it will be great. I sure wish you could still buy a two door wagon.
  24. Sgt Shultz II

    What's this guy doing?

    I think he's resetting the arresting gear for the next landing. To me it looks like the cable is thick where the hook grabs it and a somewhat thinner end where it would real in to put tension on the cable. But I was Air Force not Navy so....
  25. a4s4eva

    Best Fitting 1/48 Scale Spit, P51-D, FW-190

    As I suspected you're making stuff up..
  26. Slartibartfast

    What's this guy doing?

    https://youtu.be/KNDey1HOOVw For those with flight deck experience, what's the deal with the green shirt guiding(?) the pendant as it retracts back to the ready position? Is this just to be sure it doesn't snake across the fowl line to potentially injure the unwary? And what's the thicker part that the passes the green shirt just after he pulls back? Permanent bend or twist? It looks something like the center of the pendant that sees the most use. Thanks.
  27. dnl42

    Qantas Avro 504 1/72

    Most excellent work! The rigging must have been completely nerve-racking!
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