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  2. Thanks Steve! Had the day off of work and in between taking kids to school and catching up on school work I managed to get a few more decals applied. My setting solution did manage to smudge the star, nothing a little paint can’t touch up. I also started adding the exhaust. I replaced the kit supplied pieces with 1.3mm brass tubing. Looks much better in my opinion. (Sorry for the poor lighting, photography is not a skill I have developed.) Does anyone else get excited when the decals start start going on or is it just me? I feel like this is when the build really starts to come together. I now have to exercise my patience and not rush to the end. my one major gripe so far with the kit are the stencil decals. Based on the stencil instructions, they are all mislabeled. So, it’s been interesting trying to figure out which stencils go where. It’s made more difficult that the majority of the stencils are white, so trying to read what they say is near impossible. But, I guess In the grand scheme of things if this is the worst aspect of the kit then it’s not too bad. First world problems I suppose. cheers!
  3. We'll see. I just want my Mi-8, whatever the brand! This heli has probably been flown by more air forces than any other type and a 1/48 kit is overdue.
  4. This thread has become the Kramer painting of ARC... “It is a loathsome, offensive thread. Yet I can’t look away.”
  5. I understood that the Annetra Hip was ready for production, that all it was waiting for was the AMK Tomcat to be completed, i order to have access to the IM machines. Granted that was MANY moons ago, but I also understood that the principle behind the Annetra Hip was very much in support of the project, from beginning to end. If any of that is true, then I doubt that he would let his "baby" go so easily. Hopefully, AMK will have some time to mold plastic in a month or two and it will be out by Christmas (or sooner)! I suspect the KH announcements are completely new kits. After all, if Annetra release a Hip, it won't make any money for KittyHawk and vice versa. I am guessing that only time will tell.
  6. Chases are that those where painted in a civilian paint burn and not painted following any FS standards. Just go with that looks right to you.
  7. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this thread until now- WOW! This is the best 1/48 B-58 I have ever seen. I love your foil work and what you’ve accomplished with the finish! Steve
  8. Today
  9. Almost done with this sheet - it will be coming in November and I will show you the final artwork as soon as I finish shipping all preorders for the latest batch. No preproduction / test birds in this one - sorry. But there are two Combat Lancer jets and at least one example of most early F-111A units including the 366th/474th and tail codes NA, NB, NC, ND, MO and HG.
  10. CD48161 will be a 1/48 sheet for NASA Starfighters, covering the older and newer F-104 schemes; with markings for aircrafts 011/012/013; 818, 820, 825 and 826. Coming in early November, profiles coming soon.
  11. The four engines have been attached to the wings and the seams between the pylons have been filled. Almost finished. The last thing to be done is to install the landing gear. Each of the two main landing gear is made up from 10 parts!!! After which, the assembled gear need to be squeezed into the gear well.
  12. Finally got my stuff. As far as avoiding being crushed, the Mig-29 box didn’t come out so well. Other kits were fine so the damage must have happened in the container. Thankfully, the contents is ok. Hopefully you get the system sorted out.
  13. Hi everyone, here's a little step forward Finished camouflage. I must say that I am very satisfied with the real color AK, very fine finish, they spread very well and the resistance to masking is very good. I also used the tape for the coachbuilder and the paint has suffered in very few points considering that I've not primerized the kit. Here are the photos that I know are what you are interested in, they are self-explanatory so no extra comments The mistake of propeller was fixed now can be chipped in brass I have decided to paint the English marks to have a uniformity of weathering , the obliterations of the old codes , the stars and new codes will have a newer appearance OFF TOPIC Yesterday my wife gave me this .... I ENJOY !!!!!! I've already licked it a bit I noticed a bizarre thing about the squadron leader of the 85th squadron +H Become So as a big fan of the Who I can only reproduce this plane. Seriously I can't wait to get my hands on it even though I know there will be a lot of work to do.
  14. The 3 Grumman F-14A drawings shown above (each over 10,000 X 4,000 pixels) can be purchased ($3.00) and downloaded here: http://www.aerospaceprojectsreview.com/ Here is one of the best side profile pics I've found of the nose section of an F-14D: https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/Grumman-F-14D-Tomcat/842204/L The drawings are a very close match to the photo. The rear canopy on the photo is slightly taller (more blown) than the drawing, but I seem to recall reading that the D did have a taller rear canopy than the A (can any knowledgable Tomcat fans confirm?). I haven't had time to do any analysis since photos of the completed build were released. Areas that caught my eye were the nose, canopy and wing gloves. I'm also curious as to why there is a big gap between the slat and glove. Do the separate slats actually match up to the wing? Do they match the slats on the wings that have them molded closed? I'm waiting to see a build with the wings swept to see how the wing position will impact fixing the rear section.
  15. I don't care who makes them as long as they are better than what is available currently if any, all 1/48th. 1. Republic P-43 2. Curtiss P-36 3. North American X-15 4. Grumman F11F 5. Wright Flyer
  16. More and more people are starting to ask (even on Czech homeground) about 72nd kits in Edu range and the way they were pushed in the background by the manufacturer with preference to the quarter scale. From point of view of business this is perfectly understandable: - exactly the same investment in research and design - little bit more expense in tool making due to larger size and bigger part number - the cost of plastic pellets is little bit more for 48 but not a great deal - but the revenue from kit sales is about the double if the same subject is in 48 in comparison to 72nd. So which one will you make as a manufacturer and business owner???????? Here is a quote: 26.08.2019-22: 41 - Vladimír Šulc Ask Eduard Well, Stefka , we do what people buy. And 1/48 people buy the most. Significantly most. OK I understand this, but few years ago a 72nd scale Revolution was started. Or was it in reality??? Signs of this were visible few years ago and this is why I was saying that it will take time, a hell of a lot of time for the arrival of next versions of the MiG-21 family! As for the MiG-21bis I would say it is out of the question even in long run. But this is just me thinking aloud. Sad anyway. I am sure Mr. Sulc will have a lot of questions put to him concerning this in a weeks time at the E Day. Best regards Gabor
  17. Cool! 😊 That's the kind of thing where I'd spend the several dollars to send them an honest-to-goodness actual tangible snail mail thank you card.
  18. As I suspected, some people just want to watch the world burn, to (mis)quote Alfred.
  19. I hear ya. BUT if you really get down to it and ignore all the back and forth about what should and should not be posted...there really is a lot of very interesting information and conversation about not only this model and the manufacturing techniques used, but also about F-14's in general. It's actually quite an interesting thread. And sure, if goes a little sideways from time to time. But what else is new? Bill
  20. Gents: does anyone here knows if the F-15's flown by the 32 Tactical Fighter Squadron (Soesterberg) during Desert Storm have their arrestor hook covers already removed? Lots of photos about this squadron in the web but NONE that show this detail (at least none for the DS/immediate post-DS period). Thanks!
  21. are awesome!!! I destroyed the decals for my Lightning kit, sent them an e-mail asking if I could buy a new set. they sent me a new set of decals and a new set of instructions with no charge. god on ya Sword models
  22. Quite a few GUNS were swinging in that innings Were the winds GUSTY, I TRUST, at least a bit STIFF!
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