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  2. It's hard to tell exactly from ikar's photo (which is awesome, by the way) but the tail number looks something like 10281, or maybe 10287. Good chance this is an EC-135A or L configured as an ALCC aircraft. So, not specifically "Looking Glass", but still part of the mission to provide command/control over ICBM forces from the air. Those planes operated with the J-57 engines until retirement in the early 90's.
  4. Hi Andrew, How are you? been a while. i go with "measure twice cut once "
  5. Did step 1. The kit seats look like a lounge chair, so I will use the after market I was saving for another build. The wheel ....not a well. Its a flat surface. Wow.this is an older kit!!! But it does indeed look like a CT-133.
  6. Oliver I have to say that you have extraordinary Eye - Brain - Hand coordination to create this from scratch. Please tell us this is your ninth try or something to make us feel better.
  7. He had some really good fixed wing stuff too. OV-1, F-8 backdate, F-105, etc. to name a few. Which of course I really wanted to get, but did the 'I'll get it later' thought.
  8. 1066, Sorry it took so long to get back. I worked out a trade with a gentleman for one of the kits on my list. Thanks for the offer. Joel
  9. so i got a bottle of ak interactive extreme metal paint and im wondering at what psi dose it spray well at and what kind of primer works well with it i ask because i am new to this paint
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  11. Im not sure. The stuff that has the new label seems to be hit or miss. The ghost grays have been miss
  12. Hello Thommo.....that effect was achieved by first painting the floor Alclad Bright Aluminum, followed by a coat of Testors Zinc Chromate, the mustard yellow variety and finally overcoated with Dark Gull Gray. The scuffing was done by taking 3200 grit cloth backed sandpaper and folding it multiple times until I had a firm end and sanding the surface. You continue sanding until you expose the layer of paint you want shown. E.
  13. Very nice, definitely looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.
  14. OV-10A 23rd T.A.S.S.:
  15. Phantomdriver Ram air enters into the opening at the very front of the vertical stabilizer root and goes into the oil cooler and the ECS pre-cooler and as far as I can tell exits out the square vent that is right below the scoops in question. Also looking at the picture I posted there is small square vent on both sides of the fuselage located above the "44" of the registration code where ram air comes in and circulates to help cool the engine and exits through the two oval vents near the top of the fuselage right next to the exhaust nozzle. So I have been able to piece together some idea of what is going on with the ram air it that part of the fuselage. The scoops are mounted right above the square vent so the air flow and would either have to empty right into the vent, which might mean the air coming off the oil cooler and ECS pre-cooler needed to be augmented for some reason (which seems a bit unlikely), or the air goes to cool some other component in that area, or to provide additional cooling for the GE 404 engine. Open to any info on this. Regards Jim Barr
  16. Started on the gun.
  17. Probably more accurate to say "can not see the scoops unless you know what you are looking for." Regards Jim Barr
  18. Are you talking VBA?
  19. The boxtop shows VF-96 5580 CAG aircraft with USS America carrier markings.And 1972 date.When did VF-96 transfer from the USS Constellation to the USS America? Thanks.
  20. Well, I have scans of slides from 1983, but I can't post them here. On every picture taken from the ground at an angle the ducts are visible.
  21. Lancer512 Wow, that is a good catch; had to go look at several pictures of 062 in the red scheme to see what you mean, in most photos you can not see the scoops. Thanks Jim Barr
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  23. 82-0062 did have the intake ducts on the top of the fin base during the 1983 Paris airshow. They are painted white, hence they are difficult to see. In Habu2's first image, look at the spot where the lower wide black stripe meets the red. There is a faint white step in the black border. That's the intake duct.
  24. I don't think so, I read somewhere it's 1/650 Ish or something . BUT with a crew of only around 12, it looks right beside a over 400 crewed starship in 1/350.
  25. I plan on trying to depict a B-52H used in testing. The test birds with the dayglow orange sections are appealing and unique.
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