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  2. Good morning all, I've just returned from Duxford and I'm finally planning to build some TSRs. I know some of y'all have bought aftermarket for builds that never happened or need some cash. I'm after any aftermarket sets you can spare or wish to see off to a good home. Shoot me an email with what you have - anthonywan2015@gmail.com and we'll talk. Payment via PayPal, shipping to 02451 near Boston. Thanks! -Anthony
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  4. What is the correct interior green for a P-47D?

    Sorry, can't answer the question about bubble tops without digging back into old research notes. For those interested, there are some color chip reproductions of Bronze Green, DDG and Interior Green posted in the "Props Master Pin" folder. The DDG chip is one that was matched by Dana Bell to an original color card he found archived. Cheers, Dave
  5. Revell of Germany's 1/48 Tornado F3

    Excellent! Thank you.
  6. Yes, it is the Spruebrothers. Now they need to solve the UK question. Best regards Gabor
  7. 1/48 LM Cutaway

    Pete i will open this week a topic :)
  8. 1/48 - Sukhoi Su-35 "Flanker-E" by Great Wall Hobby

    They responded back and are the new distributor here in the USA. They expect a small initial shipment of GWH products soon including the Oregpn National Guard F-15C. I'm certain SB will take care of modellers.
  9. Last time I have said that I can show only what I have. Be patient please. Here is a curved surface with all sorts of details on it. Lines, rivets looks consistent even at the base of the curve. Here are the “other” sprues. All the bits and pieces and missiles. The engine cover one piece parts made with the “primitive” slide-mould technology. Of course you will see a hairline joint on the surface which should be easy to sand off without damaging the surrounding area. The nose gear door with place marked out for the de-icing alcohol container which is fitted to the current production airframes and retrofitted to most early production one. To go with it a de-icing sprinkler in front of the windshield is provided as a decal. Here there is a choice for the modellers if they want to make the earlier electric de-icing version the alcohol container should be left off and the heater filaments added on the windscreen in the form of a decal. Nose gear bay Best regards Gabor
  10. Look at the surface detailing of the top of the intake parts.
  11. 1/48 LM Cutaway

    Thanx very much gents! Pascal ... I would highly suggest you start your own thread. ... or, if you already have a build thread somewhere else, give us the link! Please! Because if we modellers want to see this build of yours, we'll never find it tucked away in this thread! And me, personally, I would love to see what you've done to Vincent's 3D work to make the Cutaway! And one more question, is it for you? Or is it for a client? This ... will look gorgeous! ..... And that LRV and all its details, it's just remarkable! Thanx for the peek! Pete
  12. F-14A "Miss Molly" (VF-111): A few questions

    Thanks again for all the Information! I now ordered a Brassin AIM-7M set. I will post pictures once the model is completed. Cheers, Markus
  13. Sukhoi T10 Flanker Prototype from Modelsvit

    More..... Modelsvit include a fully detailed interior for the intake and engine nacelle to cater for the transition between the 'square' intake and circular compressor. The intake partly assembled...... Fully assembled intake/nacelle (the jetpipe assembly is dropped in later). It is a complicated assembly - but it captures the shape perfectly. Ken
  14. While 3-axis CNC machines still very common, so are 5-axis. How do you think those "curved EDM electrodes" are made?
  15. The 48ers - Great Service! Great Selection!

    Yes. Great shop :)
  16. Hasegawa is much more conservative in their tooling approach also. I think detail level is lower because they stick to the CNC machine capability domain. Imagine that the CNC machine used to cut the EDM electrodes is of the 3-axis type. This implies that the cutter will always be perpendicular to the base plane, it only moves along X/Y/Z, it cannot be tilted. Now you have to tool a curved EDM electrode that'll be used to make a fuselage half part for example. The 3-axis CNC will allow you to make the shape but not consistent surface details: in order to obtain circular "rivets", the tool must be perpendicular to the surface...but this cannot be done on 3-axis CNC as the tool (or the plane to which the copper block is attached to) cannot be tilted. If you try to make rivets near part's base, you'll end up with elliptical rivets. Panel lines depth and width are likely be unconsistent with the panel lines of flat areas (wings, fins, stabilizers, etc) also. My belief is that producers like Hasegawa do not want to go beyond what the CNC machines that are used can do nicely. They want to remain in their comfort zone, they don't want unconsistent surface detailing. Chinese producers often see things differently.
  17. The 48ers - Great Service! Great Selection!

    I agree with you 100%. They are my first go to shop when looking for aftermarket and they are constantly expanding their product line. Ilias is doing a great job.
  18. Aero Research is pleased to announce a new book for modelers: Modelers’ Guide to Aftermarket Aircraft Decals (1st Edition-2018). The result of years of research, this book is a historical compilation of aircraft decals since approximately 1960, and includes new releases through late 2017. There are thousands of decal sheets listed (we haven’t made an exact count), along with decal sheets from more than 500 publishers illustrated. We believe this to be the most comprehensive survey of aircraft decals yet to be published for modelers. Our intent is to publish a new edition yearly, as existing blanks in the record are filled in and new releases added. Because of the sheer length of this first edition, more than 800 pages, it is not available in print form but only as a PDF file on CD-ROM (Adobe Acrobat Reader required). The book can also be furnished on a USB drive by special request, at additional cost for the drive. Orders can be placed at our web site, with payment via PayPal, at www.AeroResearchCDs.com. Orders are also accepted by the more traditional mail route, with payment by check or money order in US dollars, using the order form available on our web site. Orders can be shipped anywhere in the world.
  19. 1/48 - Sukhoi Su-35 "Flanker-E" by Great Wall Hobby

    Because Hasegawa doesn't generally spend a year showing every detail of upcoming kits on forums and telling how stunningly perfect in every possible way it will be. They don't raise expectations and build anticipation through the use of forums and contributors. That's fine if it's your policy, but when the result doesn't match the hype (and it rarely does 100%) then you are open to people noticing and commenting.
  20. Academy 1/72 Super Etendard

    We’re the kit panel lines raised or recessed? Hard to tell from the pics. i really like the camo scheme and the weathering! Can you post some close up shots?
  21. I could not go to tieba.baidu until this morning, and what I saw is excellent. BUT I did not find a picture of the gun area. Haneto posted one on this topic but the panel lines seem to be too light, maybe because of the focus? That's why I ask for another one. AND I also have GWH Mig 29 and F 15 kits, they are the best kits of these aircrafts however they also have little drawbacks: for example, the Mig has panel lines not deep enough (and a little wrong)...on the sides of the cockpit. Anyway the subject is Su-35, it looks great and thanks Gabor for your explanation. I say again, it looks great! PZR
  22. 1/48 Hasegawa F-2A with ASM-3 & AAM-5

    Oh just to clarify, i was hoping for the ASM-3 & AAM-5 to be released - either seperately as part of a weapons set, or bundled with the F-2 kit.
  23. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    lets forget it gary
  24. AH-6C, MH-6 photos from AH6C-SIP-PICS ARE BACK!

    Awesome info and pics, gents !! I have one more question about the grey MH-60A Velcro Hawks. I can see there is hoist mounted on what appears to be a ESSS mount. Is there any drawing/pic/info on this ? I can see this type of hoist on this Prime Chance birds only. And when was it used ? Why was it used this way ? Why not the standard hoist ? Or the cabin mounted one ? Thanks !!!
  25. AH-6C, MH-6 photos from AH6C-SIP-PICS ARE BACK!

    You can also read about LTC Mike Grimm in the Hovrath/Durant book, 'In the Company of Heroes'. Floyd
  26. Hi Scott, Looking forward to see your H-19 and H-21 in presidential colors! Several sources gave the color to be FS15183, which is what I listed on the decal sheet instructions. Please note the VH-19B has the later "cranked" boom and tail which can not be built out of the box using the Revell kit - I included two such options on the decal sheet to provide options to those willing to do a conversion, even though I am not aware of an existing conversion set.
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