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  2. Scammer Alert, watch out for this one, is stinks...... juiiiopp09 Started conversation: 7 hours ago Hi, have you heard about Mark6678 that has FCM A-4 ARGENTINA DECALS available for sale, kindly check on him if it's still available...Here's his email Markscott6678@outlook.com.
  3. This one looks to be a scammer, carefull. I received a msg that his friend has an item I am looking for.......Big RED FLAG for me!! juiiiopp09 Started conversation: 7 hours ag Hi, have you heard about Mark6678 that has FCM A-4 ARGENTINA DECALS available for sale, kindly check on him if it's still available...Here's his email Markscott6678@outlook.com.
  4. https://www.military.com/equipment/mq-9-reaper
  5. https://www.ga-asi.com/remotely-piloted-aircraft/mojave
  6. https://dsm.forecastinternational.com/2023/03/15/the-black-sea-smackdown-everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-mq-9-reaper-uav/ WILL This assist you ?
  7. Hello dews, LOOKED in The Stash and I no longer have what you need. SORRY. HOLMES.
  8. ST0RM

    New Aggressors

    If I'm reading this correctly, they are an associate unit. So they will not have their own aircraft, but share them with the 64th. Aside from this one jet, that'll be it. While I could be wrong, there aren't enough F-16s in the fleet with units getting them to replace the retiring A-10s.
  9. HELLO Craig.... I had a look in MY stash and unfortunately I do not have what you need. SORRY buddy. HOLMES
  10. Today
  11. Hello Mark, Good Afternoon. NICE to have you on board. I hope you enjoy the ARC Forums and look forward to seeing your posts & contributions, builds etc. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year... HOLMES.
  12. Leaves the question how late โ€˜ lateโ€™ is. In other words: belly strap or not (apart from cockpit differences). I would like them to do the kit with strap or even better: have both options in the kit (might be slightly incorrect for either). More choice is always better. In the mean time I am going to enjoy my next kit on the bench: the Meng F-4E of the very late variety.
  13. While shopping around the usual model shops in Akihabara I stopped by Volks to grab some parts for a 1/700 ship project I was working on. They gave me a flyer that was mostly about anime and sci-fi modelling, but I did notice some news on Zoukei Mura's aircraft models. Most of it was on the reissue of the Shinden, just in time for the new Godzilla -1.0 movie. I did notice something buried at the bottom: They're going to release the slatted-wing F-4E in Spring 2024. Reservations start on February 23. Good to see they're still going forward with the Phantoms! It's been a while since
  14. Did I miss it or isn't there a preview of your decals for the Recon Crusader available yet? I'd love to see some for the 1970 USS Bonne Homme Richard WestPac since I have VF-53 decals and A-4E VA-94 from that cruise and it would provide for a nice dio. Cheers Michael
  15. Niels

    New Aggressors

    Any pics of the other jets joining the 706AS please? Would love to see which other schemes are in the loop ๐Ÿ™‚
  16. This is mark from Denver , im new to the forum and i appreciate the forum for accepting me here.
  17. Hi everyone, I made a little more progress on the 737 over the last few days. I got the entire airframe primed with Mr. Surfacer 1500 White, which did a fantastic job. I am quite impressed with this stuff! However, my joy was short lived as those *%#!ing window strips continue to cause problems. I found several more problem spots that will need filling and sanding AGAIN (seventh time now). Hopefully this time does the trick. The next time I build another one of these, I will try something different to get those window strips in , as my usual superglue method clearly didn't do the j
  18. Building a house for your Family is far more important than the internet. You have more than deserved a trip to see your family too. We appreciate having ARC forums and thank you for paying the server costs.
  19. Same color as the tail cone interior, in fact, the whole engine bay was same color as the tail cone.
  20. Give it a try 3D modeling is just a different part of modeling without the fumes ๐Ÿ˜† Try your local hobby shop they are probably into it and can help you along.
  21. As a grown-up modeler I started out with MM paints since they seemed like a good one-stop shop, modern acrylic paint that had a lot of praise. I was a novice with the airbrush as well, but even once I gained experience shooting paints I found that MM was finicky and complicated. This was with trying to follow their FAQ instructions and videos to the letter, including using their poly additive. Even with poly I donโ€™t find the paint to be very resilient. I would get persistent paint lifting in certain areas, and never knew what kind of flow or spray quality I would get. Once it completely clogge
  22. I will enable all preorders tomorrow and send the mass e-mail on Monday.
  23. Thanks so much Gregg. And thanks for your wonderful pictures you have posted over the years. Mr. Happy
  24. Yesterday
  25. ST0RM

    New Aggressors

    He was an Eagle Driver, then Raptor, now Viper. The Eagle pilots used to mock the F-16s.
  26. Beautiful Tomcat Mr. Happy ..! Congrats on the Wins, well deserved ... -Gregg
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