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  2. Leisure World, there were 3 in Kingston back in the day, one in each mall. I spent a lot of money there in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. The first hobby shop only store was Lloyd Shales. Woolco and Kmart were really good shops here in Kingston. Actually I still have a micro drill bit set from Woolco, still has the price tag on it, with a few remaining bits. Likely a few other tools too.
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  4. I also thought the Flightpath engines were OOP, I had an old link to the website for the engines and it was dead so after a quick look around I could not find them on the website, his menu system is not intuitive (to me at least!).
  5. WOWWWWWW. This is going to be a fun one to watch!
  6. LOLLLLLL You must not have been out by CF-02.......
  7. Never had issue with their decals. Once the final coats are down I see no difference.
  8. Very nice Lynx. Love the camo!
  9. Looks pretty nice. Nice how RAM distinguishes itself from the main colour.
  10. I can't wait! Really looking forward to these new pics. Take care. LD.
  11. Awesome and beautiful work. Please, keep it coming. What would be your plan once it is finished?. Could your work be used by 3D printers to print a B-58 model? Thanks for sharing your work. Have a good one. JFG.
  12. Hello, even if it is not a very recent post, I have a complementary question: on which operationnal squadron(s) was this configuration used (even just for exercices)? Because in the Squadron/Signal walkaround book, it is possible to find a picture of this kind on bomb rack installed in the forward position on a Tomcat from the VF-32 (grey/white scheme), but was is used on other squadron(s) and when? Thanks, colargol
  13. I always thought the main complaint of their kits is that they didn't produce enough variants of their existing kits. Like F-16Ds, G4M2, Ki-46 II , etc.
  14. Because honestly, Tamiya doesn’t need to. Tamiya would probably have have to contract out to Cartograf or someone, but why would they spend the money to do that? People still buy their kits, so it’s unlikely that the extra cost of contracting out decals would garner enough extra sales to make it worthwhile to them. Plus, a lot of people are fine with their decals. People complaining on forums are a small subset of Tamiya kit buyers overall. Use the right decal setting solution, and they work OK.
  15. The decals in Tamiya's newest Spitfire Mk I is so thick that they stand out out like sore thumb. The decals of the 109 G-6 is the same. That is why I have to look for after market offerings. Dai
  16. Patch painting of radome, and especially multiple patches as on the pictured F-15E, is a thing I don't remember seeing before, but then I'm not real big in to contemporary jets. This just now crossed my path on Tumblr, https://www.tumblr.com/planesawesome/707527356958605312/f-15e-strike-eagle
  17. I noticed in some pictures the first aid kits hanging from the pillars, so I printed them, I need to paint them olive drab and make the little red cross. At first I thought it was too small, but after looking at references, I think they are alright.
  18. Hi Marc, This is a good question. Have no idea and since I dont have the final box and kit the only thing I can go by is the instruction sheet. Based on this the number should be the second, 88010. I think the kit will be on show at this weekends toy fair. Hope this is of help. Best regards Gabor
  19. Scalemates has it listed as 88010 (AMK), but it seems to be very elusive at the moment.
  20. I'm about to finish a Polish Mig-23 and need to know do I keep the mask on the canopy or take it off This is the first aircraft I have weathered/washed
  21. Indeed, I ordered two sets from them last year, shipped to the USA with no issues.
  22. What's the source indicating the Fightpath set as OOP? Their website still lists them: https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=17944&cat=248&page=2
  23. Yeah, the Skipper is taking me over to the sim soon. I made him a F-35 cell phone holder for his desk and he wanted to pay me and told him to stop.. He said "What can I do to thank you?? I said "Some sim time would be so cool!" He goes "DONE!" Yeah, I've worn the helmet and it's unreal. I asked him if I could do some ACM, and he said no because our sims are setup for Flight Sciences, but that I could hover over the White House and land on the South Lawn! Or fly up and down the Mall and around the Washington Monument! Every now and then I go out with the FTCE's in the chase
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