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  2. superbly done, and interesting method
  3. That's hard to imagine... this is our french navy display we bring to exhibitions. But just with the two guys in the center, you can make a story Norbert
  4. thanks for all the tips, it looks like some of my paints went bad, i tried with a new tamiya paint and one from model master and no problems at all, first time happening this to me, so from now on i will try not to have so many paints in storage for so long, or having them stored in a cool place. Jorge
  5. Can anyone tell me if the leading edges of the tail/stabs/wings are painted a different grey or are they Have Glass too? TIA Stephen
  6. Today
  7. That's pretty common for the A-4s of that period (middle/late 60s) - some had red, some didn't. Kinda crap shot of which did or didn't (A-6s same thing). Can see in the side view pic of NF-302 too the nose gear also having no red edging.
  8. been following this build in silence, not because I'm not interested, but mostly looking for my jaw on my desk... splendid work so far...
  9. Hi Tom, I didn't paint the model black; I just did a black preshading as you can see in the picture: Cheers! Lorenzo
  10. interesting camo and well applied...
  11. Beautiful! What paint did you use?
  12. thx, yes I know: Shelf Oddity, but I'll stick to some basic scratchbuilding...
  13. Don't think that this is a well known modelmaker, so this is what you get when you order this kit a rather small box: which contains a bit of PE: a bit of resin: and I ordered some more goodies a resin R-2800-W10 engine from Eduard and resin MG's from Eduard: The F6F hellcat is a single engine fighterplane which served on aircraft carriers in the second world war and beyond. It was the successor of the F4F Wildcat (although the F6F was a complete new design, but it had a big resemblance with its predecessor, but was a lot bigger). In the beginning it was a competitor as a carrier based hunter with the F4U corsair, but the latter was mostly deployed from forward airbases due to some problems with carrier landings. From 1943 on it saw action in the Pacific, to counter the well known zero and other Japanese aircraft. Next to a heavier armament it had also self sealing fuel tanks and thanks to the radial engine it could also absorb a lot of damage. In total the type scored some 5223 kills, more than any other Marine aircraft during the war. After the war it stayed in service till 1954, mostly as a nightfighter. The F6F-5 (or hellcat mkII) was an upgrade of the basic version with waterinjection in the engine for combat power, an geintegrated bulletproof windshield, reinforced tailplanes, new ailerons and a re-engineered cowling around the engine... First blood will follow soon
  14. Hello I am going to build the Trumnpeter 1/32 F-14D and depserately looking for decals, anyone who has spare ones and willing to sell will be deeply appreciated. Thanking in advance and with kind regards Dlj
  15. ha ha, Joel , we're both on the same boat. The wife doesnt really support the modelling hobby over at my end too. and yes, i am truly lucky to have my buddy who is also a modeller who has been building models for 30 years too. i should post some of his 200+ models that he's built someday. Just checked out your completed Mosquito, it's looking real good. hope mine will turn out as good as yours did. Whats your next project?
  16. Thats looking real good. Was the camo masked or freehand?
  17. eBay some times have them for cheap. I got one with out full equipment for around $23 usd. As for decals no one makes them for a line jet assinged to the 13th FS. I have seen and have decals for the 35 FW boss jet they are also in the kit with no equipment but they are not the best. Maybe see if you can find someone who has spares from the academy kit for the 35 FW boss bird? That would be your best bet I think.
  18. I guess that depends on the extent of your ape factor. You seem determined to spike any attempt on my part to have this illustrated & as it has now flown Davids grasp, at least temporarily, I'm not too concerned about it, by the time he goes to the museum I'll have probably forgot about it, being older than you, though hopefully not bitter. I'm pleased I managed to google it myself without having to be told to. Damn, where are those smile & wink emoticons when you need them. Steve.
  19. Echoing what others said, excellent work Joel. Very nice looking Mossie!
  20. Great progress and skill in improving the kit Joel! Thanks for posting, so looking forward to seeing this one progress. Yannis
  21. No chance with the RAAF aircraft. None will be released until the entire fleet has been taken out of service. Even if they were, the first ones to go would be those that are flogged to death, with the ones that have had full refurb and CBR released last. And the first releases would still not be before the Canadians needed them for whatever spare parts they could glean. (Used F-18, only driven to church on Sundays by a little old granny. Every part just as new. Like this bridge I also have for sale) For what it's worth, the first two RAAF F-35s to arrive in Australia landed at RAAF Amberley at about 5pm last Sunday. They're here for the airshow at Avalon and I'm uncertain but probably going right back again until at least the next tranche start delivery in 2018. FWIW our first two EF-18G arrived a week or so back; all 12 have now been completed and six handed over in the USA - all should be at Amberley by the end of the year. Shane
  22. Anti-static wipes will eliminate static. Cover the model while the paint dries - a plastic tub over the model will keep keep dust from falling on the surface.
  23. Don't believe anyone replied to your question on the cleaning stations. I have found that they just trap particulate matter, the fumes/smell will remain until aired out or removed. On your work, I wish I could do anything even close to that... You sir are a very good builder, capable of taking a bad kit very far. can't wait to see more! Cheers Harald
  24. Eric, I have been trying to reply to this message for days but I was locked out by the new system. I have some tech pubs drawings that may help you with you problem and I have photos if I can track them down. I will get them up on dropbox. PM me and I will send you a link as soon as I find them. I just lost a hard drive and am trying to restore all my archives to my system. Gary
  25. I am currently working on a comparison right now. Some parts of the Italeri kit are more accurate or complete. Some details are softer. The Italeri kit would be the one to use for an early Navy Variant. Interesting the center of the rotor mast is different on both kits and the Italeri has the right rotor diameter.
  26. Thanks guys, that's super helpful! I'm hoping to track down the earlier one as it didn't display with anything on. Any suggestions as to decals?
  27. That would be great.
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