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  2. Hi Falcon91352, Interesting to read your experience and I am sure it will be of help to others too. Actually Jakub also had a small "step-by-step" of the decal application in INFO Eduard (I think in May issue). Thanks for sharing! I was there on Saturday at Moson, several times visiting Jakub and his Father and also having a closer look at the Hind test with the decal rivets they had on show. We could have meet there. Best regards Gabor
  3. Thanks Shawn for the confirmation. I've been struggling with the fuselage joins now. Got out my CA glue, and glued the front/top of the nose section. Underneath, this is what happens. After the front set, I attacked the portion just aft of the cockpit. Hopefully that will set nicely, and I can continue later. Now, to head to the apartment complex's pool! It's 31C, feels like 37. Perfect pool weather. ALF
  4. Yes, it is a pity that Zvezda released the Hind kits naked without all those positive rivets, which is a prominent feature of these helicopters. Beside this, the Mi-24V also shows a plethora of negative rivet lines, which are easily replicated by Rosie the Riveter. Some months ago, I have ordered the Arma riveting decals at a Russian ebay trader, but those never arrived to my disappointment. Accordingly, I was lucky that Eduard announced such decals under the name of Eddie the Riveter and those really took a while before release. However, these are not bargain, but worth the wait.
  5. Since it’s been 7 years since the last post, just wanted to check in to see what is still open in Birmingham. Going to be up there this week. South side of town around I-65 & Lakeshore PKWY. Thanks, Chris
  6. Rookie. I'm up to seven times now and will see it again this week. 😂 AMC A-List is a wonderful thing to have!
  7. @GeneK I'm just amazed people have that much clear space on their workbench!!! 😮
  8. Yes, compared to the rest of this great kit, the gun muzzle fit isn't the greatest, but ... the ONLY piece on my kit that had flash on it (significant) was Part B10, a panel just to the rear of the gun cover. Unfortunately that very prominent piece will require careful trimming, fitting and filling: My initial fill: Major pieces click together! Gene K EDIT: Craig, your post showed up as I was typing. Thanks for that review - you've been doing your homework.
  9. FineMolds 1/72 Mitsubishi F-2A FP48 Review FineMolds announced this kit in September 2021 catching a few people off guard but was warmly welcomed after many modellers adored their series of F-4 Phantom II in 1/72. Although I had heard of FineMolds, I was not familiar with their products and after building their F-4EJ was eager to see this new kit. Originally scheduled for a February 2022 release, pushed back to May with a steady stream of social media previews of kit progression of the moulds. Cutting to the chase, mine arrived from HLJ and I quickly started on i
  10. Guntower makes the kit in 1/48 and 1/72 according to their website.
  11. Greetings! I have the following 1/48 aircraft for sale: Monogram AD-6 Skyraider - $12 Monogram F-105G Wild Weasel - $15 Monogram A-18 Hornet High Tech - $15 Revell Germany F-102A Case X Delta Dagger - $18 Monogram F-102A Case XX Delta Dagger - $18 All kits have been opened, and in most cases the inner bags have been opened as well. Decals and instructions and all present, and the photo-etch is present in the Hornet kit. Clear parts have been separately bagged, but likely will still have some imperfections. Because these are not in coll
  12. F-15As initially carried the AIM-9P and then the AIM-9L. Regards, Murph
  13. Cool. That would definitely make the painting job much easier.
  14. It is important to add, that the gun muzzle panel "fitted" to the fuselage was actually just held in place with a finger!!! It was NOT fitted properly in anyway or glued in place, just held against the main part! This is what happens when unfounded criticism is made based just on a single photo pronouncing the kit unbuildable. : ( : ( : ( Thanks for showing the image! Look forward to others. Best regards Gabor
  15. LOL, Okay my little teaser, that gun muzzle fairing that looks poorly fitted on the test shots build. Mine fits well but a bit of filing was needed, that is all. I was considering writing up a detailed review but thought everyone would have had theirs by now. So today I will see if I can get written and posted quickly. The panel lines are delicate but some care is needed in the fitting. More very soon.
  16. I found some online for you Dutch, I’m having them shipped to your address 👍 That’s such a great livery, I really wish they’d bring it back. I worked those “Mad Dogs” for 21 years till they parked them all last year. Bitter sweet really, they made us a ton of money but I spent way too much time sweating my butt off working on Pack problems in the tail! Otherwise a great jet, I miss it. Let me know when you get them👍
  17. Kursad, Would you consider including a USAF Blue SAC UH-1F for the missile site support / rescue mission? Or maybe add this option to the 1/72 scale sheet? K/r, Dutch
  18. First, you are right we only have a handful of operational Mi-24P (all of them ex GDR airframes) and few Mi-24V’s still in service. For how long is a good question. They were overhauled in Russia and in the current war situation there is absolutely no way of maintaining them for a considerable time, spare parts supply, weapons supply are all out of question. So after they are out we will have the Airbus toy helicopters to do the same job. : ( : ( I had a closer look at the Zvezda Mi-24V kit in the past (don’t have it my self) and it is an excellent starting point for a superb kit
  19. Greetings modelers... The project is finally done ! I decided not to install the fuel tanks as there is no way to install properly as they and the pylons do not have mounting tabs. I have tried Eduard resin replacements that fare no better. When Eduard designed this kit, they just made the tanks and pylons without the thought on how they should be mounted. Things like this makes you really appreciate Tamiya engineering. Here are my takes: PROS: 1. The most detailed P-51 D/K variant in 1/48. 2. Detailed cockpit and wheel bays. 3. Posable flaps and
  20. Are you saying GunTower is making the kit in other scales or other manufacturers make that kit in other scales? Amodel does offer some versions in 1/72.
  21. Yeah Zvezda go on the idea that the kit should be released with a relatively low price for all, then those who want the extra detail can add it.
  22. Thank you, Gabor, for this nice preview. Isn‘t your country currently operating Mi-35 in these dark grey „colours“? The lack of detail on the Zvezda Mi-24 kits can be remedied with tons of aftermarket stuff, however the initially cheap kit will be a pricey affair afterwards. The shape of the Zvezda kit itself looks reasonably accurate and is a good basis for further detailling. Currently, I am struggling with the Eduard riveting decals on my 1:48 Zvezda Mi-24V, which btw will be in Czechoslovak AF markings of 1991, just after the fall of the iron curtain. This is my ver
  23. Insane level of details! Wonderful job so far
  24. http://www.advmodprds.com/am48-308.html
  25. I am not sure if this was here already or not. Following the Zvezda practice in the past decade or so of releasing photo of the box, test build, decal sheet . . . I would say the kit will be out in a week or two. It was obvious that Zvezda will follow up earlier 48th scale Hind kits with other versions also. This time the Mi-35, which is basically a rebirth or rethink of the original idea with new electronics and changed structural elements. On the outside it looks like a Christmas tree with all sorts of bits and pieces handing on it in comp
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