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  2. It only lasted a couple of years; along with the other BRAC-era B-52G/H codes like FC, GR, CW, LZ, MO, & CA. Of those, I believe only FC & MO have ever been captured in decal form, both 1/72. Chris
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  4. If you can find it, Model Master Radome Tan with a touch of white always looked pretty good by me.
  5. I thought that picture had been taken when the USS Enterprise was taking part in supporting Operations Earnest Will and Praying Mantis in April 1988.
  6. The 1:72 Eduard MiG-21MF built in the markings of an aircraft belonging to a second line training unit of the Russian Air Force from the early 1990s. Quite a good build, I did forget to put in part of the undercarriage bays before putting the wings on, when meant some cutting to put it in, but if I did it when I was supposed to do it, that would not be necessary. The centreline tank hides it pretty well anyway. Underside colour is SMS PL89 blue grey. First topside colour SMS PL77 green and second colour is SMS PL92 brown. Decals are a mix of kit decals an
  7. Scab plates were only installed from ~2003 onwards, progressively throughout the fleet. So not on Penguin equipped F-16's.
  8. That's what I think also. They must have had a relative of Mr. McGoo cut the stencil out! (How's that for a vintage reference!!)
  9. Hello all It has been more than a month since the last update, little time to work during the holidays but here is some progress. The flaws that showed under the priming were fixed, primarily rivets, panel lines, and some unfilled gaps. On previous tests, the metallics applied over the satin primer resulted in a dull, rough cover; this time, I sanded lightly over the areas that will be painted aluminum; this resulted in a random mix of gloss and satin patches. I applied a coat of Vallejo's Metal Color Aluminium; in the f
  10. You can. I remember once having one loaded and me and the guy I was flying with joking that it was a really bad day if we needed it. I think we may have even questioned if we actually knew how to use it but I digress...
  11. I Redid the left side mirror frame. It's still not perfect, but it's better. It really doesn't take very long to bend and solder a new one togeher. Painting has officially begun today with the masking of the exhaust channels. This was a finicky masking job because of curves and concave faces. After masking I coated the edges with clean to better seal them. I was tired of bending and un-bending the static discharge probes and scrapped them and replaced them with 0.012" guitar string (I think it's a B string since I use very like gauge strings). They're tough as nails... well ac
  12. Looks great! I've been wanting to tackle a similar build. Are those the IPMS decals? Also wondering if you used any aftermarket. Cheers
  13. I had some space on the bench, and a few other projects at stopping points while paint/glue dry. So... what better thing to do than start another kit? I have not built very many modern Tamiya kits. For many years, the new releases were often of subjects of little interest to me. I started to wonder if every new major release was so popular just because it was the new Tamiya kit .... or if it was a desired subject. I seemed to always be building old Monogram kits as they had the subjects I wanted to build. Then I built a Hasegawa F-16 ... which was awesome, I realized models did not always hav
  14. We are starting the Group Build in the Jet modeling forum until we can get the group build set up. No sense in waiting, it is time to strike while the iron is hot, and enthusiasm is at a peak. For this Group Build I am going to build the Tamiya F-16 with the new decal sheet from Caracal Models. This subject is too cool for me to let it languish in my decal hoard. I got great guidance regarding which kit to use for this project in Caracal Models section of the forum. I will start soon, I am waiting on a Quinta Studios cockpit set, and a Master Brass
  15. You can search for anything under the sun and there's sure to be a page for it. Even fighter squadrons have taken to facebook. The page of the gruesome lot : ) Kill hours and hours of your time : )
  16. Indeed, the lost of an true and dedicated example of perseverance and a steadfast spirit, despite confronting breakable hatred and unimaginable treatment, all in the name of serving his country. I would like to build his RF-4C as a tribute. Anyone know of any 1/48 decals for the 16th TRS during the Vietnam conflict? Rest in paradise Sir!
  17. Nice find Chris! I don't ever remember seeing the "KI" tailcode before.
  18. Thanks Gunny. I am very happy w/how it turned out.
  19. Hello everybody, in order to get usable dimensions for the scratch-building of the Payload Canister Transporter, I had to open up other sources, which took some time. For this I researched the Proceedings of various NASA conferences in which I actually found what I was looking for. Among other things, I came across this old photo of the transporter, which initially caused quite a bit of confusion for me, Source: Space Congress Proceedings 2. - 1980 (17th) A New Era In Technology (W. H. Rock) because one can see that the transporter has 24 tw
  20. A lot of folks use ‘deck tan’ cheers, Tony
  21. Thanks, that’s what I thought. What about scab plates? Pictures of Norwegian F-16s over Afghanistan don’t show scab plates on the fuselage, but other pictures (I believe taken earlier) show the scab plates. We’re they originally applied as part of the MLU and later deleted?
  22. Don't recall if I already shared these links at some point, but here are a couple of short videos covering the departure of the final B-52H to transfer out of KI in 1994: KI Sawyer B-52 Final Flight - YouTube KI Sawyer B-52 Series 2 - YouTube 60-0026 in these markings would be a great subject! Chris
  23. Great looking H-34 Sir. The figures really make the build pop. Nicely done. Dan
  24. I agree, they'd be awesome on a track. I think putting the 1910 Buick on a Scalextric track would be a scream! Matchbox was great. Sure, their planes were meh, but I love them to death, and their cars and tanks are not only quite nice, but definitely interesting subjects!
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