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  2. The Book Thread

    Just finished Dan Hamptons "Viper Pilot", had to order a 1/48 F-16CJ thanks to the inspirational read, and I'm not a big fan of the F-16! I just started his "The Hunter Killers" book, so far it's a good read! V/r Ron
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  4. Eduard 1/48 F6F Mk.I Hellcat - Step by step video build.

    Hello all Episode 5 of the Eduard 1/48 F6F-3 video build series is ready and you can go trough the various steps of weathering the scale model. Here you can see how I weather the decals, apply pin wash, salt weathering, chipping, oil dot filters, exhaust stains, fuel and oil stains and dust. As always, don't forget to subscribe :) Best regards M.
  5. Gen Olds dorkless C from Bolo here and a few more to come. Still have my Academy kits but i love the detail on the ZM kit.
  6. 1/48 F-111 opinions please?

    Agree the Academy kit but even the fixes didnt fix the pooched nosegear which throws the look out of the front end. Both need work a new canopy on the HB kit gives a decent looking F-111 but quite a bit of inaccuracies to the keen eye...same with Academy. pity really.
  7. 1/48 Kitty Hawk Su-35S Flanker-E WIP

    looks strange, but then I tend to mix some clear in my paintcup... and so I only have to seal after decals
  8. HB 1/48 F-14A Tomcat: Update 10/6/17: Underway

    Ah, so this is where you two disappeared to. Kev
  9. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Tamiya-60327-Vought-F4U-1D-Corsair-1-32-scale-kit-In-stock-/322809003401?hash=item4b28ea7d89:g:VtcAAOSwqfpZ0MWX He sold over 40 1/32 Tamiya Corsairs for way below market value. He sold as a pre-sale and did provide tracking. Which was very slow (probably surface). The first person to report what he received reported he was shipped a USB cable. A claim has been started although he is still selling. I didn’t fall for it. The kits were $9.99 to $29.99.
  10. Airfix F.2B Fighter

    Does this explanation help? Note, I don't use Flickr, so I just Googled for this.
  11. who has lost collections, books, models etc... in resent floods,fires,

    That's one thing that has always frightened me, is losing everything in a fire. Even before I had the amazing things I do now, particularly the USS Arizona stuff including the piece of the ship, the very idea always unsettled me.
  12. CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    Third the 1/144.... starting to see a trend!
  13. CD72021: 1/72 EC-121 Warning Star

    I love all those schemes, I just have no room for the 1/72 kit. Hence my interest in seeing these in 1/144! I've got several on the Minicraft kits!
  14. Same mistake twice!! Nice to have some color over all that gray!!
  15. Airfix F.2B Fighter

    For my life that I have tried but just can’t make the pictures to show up. If somebody can give dummy instructions on how to make it work, will be highly appreciated.
  16. As far as I can remember they are Hasegawa decals but I will check on that!
  17. F-35 news roundup

    http://www.pacaf.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1351080/us-air-forces-f-35a-lightning-ii-scheduled-for-first-operational-deployment-to/ USAF F-35A to Japan
  18. 1/48 AH-64D Hasegawa

    looks great!
  19. Fujimi 1/72 B7A1 流星 (Ryusei) "Grace" WIP

    Well, I've been away from the bench for a while due to work and travel but here's an update as to where I am at with the Ryusei: As per my previous post, I bought Vallejo Model Color "glossy black" and experimented with thinning it down using my own homemade acrylic thinner and spraying it....that did not work whatsoever. It clogged the nozzle almost immediately and splattered far worse than the Testors paint which caused the original issue above. I next tried Model Master gloss black, thinned about half way. This worked like a charm and produced a great glossy smooth surface for application of Model Master metalizer "aluminum plate." I also dipped the canopy in future which really imporved its clarity and shine. I then mixed up my take on aotake. I took an empty bottle of Tamiya x-22 clear and used this as my mixing/storage bottle for aotake. I mixed 4.5ml of Tamiya x-23 with 2.5ml of Tamiya x-25 and 3ml of Mr.Color leveling thinner. I then thinned this further about half and half in the airbrush cup and applied light coats, building up the color on top of the silver base. In the future I might add a little more blue to my aotake mix but seeing as aotake ranged just about anywhere on the spectrum between clear blue and clear green, I'm calling it good. In the meantime I finished up the kit's representation of the Homare 18 engine. Finally I detail painted the interior using a wash of burnt umber, drybrushing, and picking out some dials and buttons here and there. The decal harnesses were applied with the help of Tamiya Mark Fit Strong and a flat coat was applied over the harnesses when dry. I also added the radio and various dials from the Hasegawa 1/72 B5N Kate and the kit decals. Time to get the fuselage halves together and start airframe assembly for painting!
  20. F-35/ Have Glass paints

    Since Raptor Sheen came and went, I now see references to a few companies making "Have Glass" paint. Some looks passable. What are you folks using? On the F-35, what are you using for the contrasting color on the RAM panels or is there a specific FS number? Thanks.
  21. SpPz 2 Luchs

    Good looking Luchs
  22. Sorry...I have another question if it's o.k...how do you ensure that all of the main landing gear will make even contact with the ground? If I get the wing set in a relaxed on the ground flex angle, how will I know if all the main wheels will touch the ground? Or will I have to trim and shim those as necessary as well? Again, many thanks! Regards, Don.
  23. Wow yours is looking very good! You seem to have gotten a good seam line and join on yours and a good relaxed/on the ground wing angle. Well done! I may punt on this one and do an in flight model (but still not fully decided until I sit down to really study my options... including your shim suggestion). I have two more 1/144 747-400's in the stash (Iron Maiden's Ed Force One and a United Airlines with the wrong engines...Rolls Royce...that I will need to get aftermarket decals for). So if I do my British Airways -400 in flight I can apply what I have learned for the other two. Honestly, such an iconic aircraft like the 747 deserves a better kit. This -400 is really challenging! I understand Revell's 747-8 is a new tool and much better? If so I will be grabbing one or more of those as the 747 is my favorite airliner. Thanks for the info! I really do appreciate it. Regards, Don.
  24. F-35 news roundup

    These SAM's? https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/defense/2017-09-15/turkey-defies-nato-and-buys-russian-s-400-sams Video here with irritating computer voice but interesting nonetheless (1:54 quote was eye opening):
  25. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    I looked at the door on my 212, and I found the top picture showed the same detail as the top example shows. I didn't have a camera available, but this was a fullsize Bell 212HP. it has the same door and aft fuselage as a 205/UH-1
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  27. Landing gear hydraulic lines

    One day I visited Hobby Lobby and purchased a variety of wire. Some thin, some thicker. Some copper, some painted. I used some of the copper wire to make brake lines on the landing gear for a 1/48 B-29. I chose to not paint the wire so that it would visually stand out. First I went on-line to find photos of what the piping actually looked like. Then I bent the wire to the correct shape. Then I attached the wire to the landing gear. I attached the foil to the gear with strips of Bare Metal Foil.
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