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  2. 1/32 U.S. Army UH-72A Lakota WIP 99%

    Wow. Impressive model..very nice
  3. 747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

    That distance you are measuring is between the fuel & oxidizer inlet ports - not the structural mounting points. Those small circles in the upper outer corners of the decal are where the SCA (and ET) connect as a load bearing point.
  4. USS Excelsior NX-2000

    Mad skills!!!!!!!
  5. Roden 1/144 C-5

    That would require new molds for the fuselage halves - the largest pieces in the kit. Not a very cost effective way to go about it. If that were the plan they should have started there to maximize ROI. Having said that, nothing about this kit seems "cost effective".....,,
  6. Modelling necessities... on the cheap!

    Speaking of credit cards, I keep expired ones (and those cheap fake ones you often get in junk mail) and use them like sheet styrene for scrap building or filler strips. You can also make custom sanding sticks or pads with them, cut them to size and attach sandpaper with doublestick tape to get into corners and crevices. Another use is using them to apply and spread filler putty.
  7. Roden 1/144 C-5

    Now this makes the best sense yet. Business is not rocket science. You give consumers a good product....possibly even more than they ask for....and charge a reasonable price and you sell a million of them.... This is why Revell has been around for so many years and is one of my top 3 favorite manufacturers. They get it. Their A400M was/is an amazing product. For the first time in my life I paid $60.00(+) for a Revell model. GLAD to do so. It will provide hours of joy at a blessed hobby and produce a stunning result that I will be proud to show off to people that come to my house. I like Rodens C-5. Really. It's a great model. But $50 - $60 is what it's worth. Not $145.00.
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  9. Build Prop Job Kits a Dying Fashion?

  10. 1/48 Neptune Started

    Wauw, amazing. This is one of my favorite airplanes.
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  12. A-4 Chaff/Flare question

    Probably if there wasn't anything by the exhaust then, unless you have photographic evidence to the contrary, there wasn't anything by the tail hook either. My guess. Jari
  13. P-47D Questions

    The props were interchangeable for any B-series R-2800 Thunderbolts. Not only late D's. The constant speed governor was different for hydraulic and electric driven blades.
  14. Excellent Dave !! Preorder made -Scott
  15. USN Legacy Squadrons Group Build

    Yea the kits might have a little more importance than the camera set up. For without the kits you have nothing to shoot! lol
  16. Question about oil wash on cockpits

    Wow, thanks for all the tips, guys! I laid down a coat of Future on the cockpit this morning so that it'll be thoroughly dry when I get home tonight. I have to swing by Michaels for some Odorless Turpenoid - can't wait to experiment. Really appreciate the replies -- it all makes sense to me now.
  17. I bought one and for the life of me i cant figure out how to actually get everything connected!
  18. Mirage III CJ Heyl Ha'Avir - Eduard 1/48 - finally done!

    Good job on a less than easy kit! Capturing the gloss that the Mirage IIICJ's had is difficult in 1/48 because truly glossy paint would be overpowering. It's hard to get "gloss in scale" like that. Did you flat coat from a spray can or mix it through the airbrush?
  19. 747 Orbiter SCA Mounts Study

    Thanks, Tony, Manfred, Bill! Tracy, thanks! Hmmm....that's a huge difference from our 59.4 crest-to-crest measurement : ( Can you try marking 59.4 on the shuttle's belly? The decals must be right so where did we go wrong? 34mm seems too close for the main mounts to sit right on the Doyusha kit but I'll check the fuselage tonight.
  20. 1/48 Hasegawa A-4K Skyhawk

    Those kiwi A-4's in the SEA scheme where always eye catching. You did this one well!
  21. A-7E Corsair II

    Looks fantastic so far!
  22. Kinetic CF-18 Hornet - 1/48th scale

    Thanks for the detailed update Mike May I add a quote from a prominent Trek character...., 'the needs of the many are out weighed by the needs of the few, or the one' Thanks for being that one!
  23. Crysis, As you stated, this is the "Critique Corner" and constructive feedback is allowed. As stated from the forum header: "Post pics of your models here and get polite, constructive feedback on how you can improve your future models. Comments are only in response to pics posted by the builder of that model in this forum." However, in reading your first post, I didn't find it to be constructive or polite. You did not provide any information on how the builder could improve the model but simply insulted him. The delivery is just as important as the message. Rodney
  24. USS Excelsior NX-2000

    More work in progress to the dorsal. Determining the dorsal's lean angle using images of the studio model.... I have an earlier measurement of 31 degrees on another image, 29deg on this one. More than likely due to slightly different perspectives, so I "meaned" it out to 30 deg. Work on the Torp Launcher inserts is almost done. Much coordination between me, and Bob "Activaboy" Morgan. Studio model... 3D model images front upside down side view right side up oblique Tracy
  25. USN Legacy Squadrons Group Build

    Only 15 more days. Got the photo booth set up, the camera has new batteries in it, the tripod is just sitting there waiting to clip the camera on. Oh, and the kits and decals are sitting here, too. (almost forgot that part)
  26. F-15E upgrades

    That's what I was thinking.
  27. USN Legacy Squadrons Group Build

    Only in our minds! Oh wait I forgot we have no minds! We have plastic!!!! lol Can't get here soon enough!!
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