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  2. midnightprowler

    Take your Models to the next level .....

    No clue what those prices are in dollars.
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  4. Raymond Chung


    Got it I will schedule it in next patch
  5. Berkut


    Great stuff. 👍 While you are taking in requests for the site functions Raymond, could the scale drop down list be reworked? It has always been a really strange one for me and there is no clear cut logic to it. I see that it is grouped after 1/[First Number] but there is no chronological order within the groups. For example the first group is 1/100 (small, unusual scale), 1/12 (BIG scale) , 1/144 (tiny scale) , 1/16 (big scale again). Why not 1/12, 1/16, 1/100 and 1/144 order for example? Would also be useful to have checkmarks instead of a single choice on the Category too. For example i might be interested in seeing both the kits and accessories on the same search result.
  6. AlienFrogModeller

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    TY sir!!
  7. Raymond Chung


    Dear ARCers, I have burned my mid-night oil to rush out the update on the website. Now, for any item inside the order, after the item is released to packing center, the additional status will display: - In Transit from China to HK - that means the packet is on the route from China to HK for transit to Post Office or consolidate packing - Waiting Tracking# - means the packet is on the outgoing queue with weighted data and waiting the post office return for shipping label to affix on - Waiting to Post Office - means the label is affixed and waiting the next working day to physical load the packet. At this stage tracking# is assigned, but may not be searchable in Postal site. - Shipped - means the packet is go through the final scan when leaving our warehouse and on the way to the post office counter. However, as our experience, even we have the packet delivered to post office, it may take up to 24 hrs to show up in their system. Besides, we also show a label "The item is located in off-shore warehouse, it will take 2 more working days to post office" for those items are located in warehouse other than HK and it will take around 2 more working days to arrive to the Post Office. Hopefully, this make more clear to avoid confusion
  8. Kurt H.

    707-27 - 707 and 727 mashup

    Haha yes Thanks for all your comments so far. I have made a little more progress and should have a good update here this week
  9. ApolloMan

    Apollo Dioramas

    I completed an Apollo model, a 1/1 build of a Apollo 13 hat 😆. I have an embroidery machine at work, and I've been taking advantage of it. The real hats of the time, are of course different. This is kind of a, Apollo 13 Movie style.
  10. GreyGhost

    Don Greer

    He's done work for Squadron/Signal books also so maybe they can help with contact info. HTH... -Gregg
  11. K5054NZ

    No love for OH-58A

    Italeri have had their reissue of the ESCI JetRanger in their catalogue as an upcoming release....for three years now. One day it'll happen!!
  12. AMP/MikroMir have released far more obscure helicopter kits than this after having shared CAD imagery a few months beforehand, so I have a lot of faith!
  13. ApolloMan

    Apollo Dioramas

    Back to Apollo 11, decals on helo 66. Now to get 64 sorted and paint up all figures.
  14. The motivation to built this model came from an informal Group Build organised in my modelling club SAPMA. The idea was to build a Spitfire used by an Aussie during WWII. I've choose to build a plane flown by Flight Sargent Kenneth "Kenny" Dudley Basset when he was attached to RAAF 452 Squadron based at Redhill, England, October 1941. Kenneth was born on the 16th of July 1916 in Roma, Queensland. In September 1940, he joined the RAAF and commenced training as a pilot at Narrandra, NSW. In 1941, he left for further training in Ottawa, Canada, and was then posted to England in the same year. After Kenny arrived in England, he was posted to Heston, South London, and joined a Spitfire Squadron. He then had an immediate posting to RAAF 452 Squadron. Tours of duty consisted of sweeps over France and convoy patrols over the English Channel. 452 Squadron was then posted to the Isle of Man and there, Kenny trained other pilots. The following edited report is of typical day for Kenny: P/O Lamerton took off with Sgt Bassett (Kenny) for a defensive patrol at 25,000 feet over Mull of Galloway. While climbing and when at 20,000 feet they saw a Ju88 about 5,000 ft above and the E/A (Enemy Aircraft) was flying on a South Easterly course towards the coast. They manoeuvred to get into the sun. P/O Lamberton’s attack was from astern and above. He gave a long burst of 3-4 seconds and silenced the top rear gunner using cannon at a range of 300 yards. However P/O Lamerton’s aircraft was hit by return fire and flames and smoke from the exhaust and cowling soon appeared. He could see ahead and called up saying that he was baling out, which he did from an altitude of 12,000 feet. He was picked up six hours later. Meanwhile Sgt Basset continued to attack the Ju88, but was unable to close to a short range, and was recalled to base after he expended all his ammo, landing at 07:55. He claimed a damaged aircraft shared with P/O Lamerton. It was the last claim of the Squadron while stationed in England. P/O Lamerton was from South Australia and had joined the Squadron three months before from OTU. He was later killed with the Squadron. Kenny eventually returned to Australia to the defend Darwin in the very dangerous skies over Australia and the Pacific against a determined and resourceful enemy. Kenny married Eddie in 1942, and was posted to Tasmania mostly training pilots for the remainder of the war. He was discharged from the Air Force in 1945, and after War’s end, he returned to Roma with his family. In 1963 the family moved to Brisbane finally settling St Lucia, where he lived for the rest of his life. He passed away on the 31st May 2006. (Text above extracted from the Spitfire Association website: https://spitfireassociation.com.au/bassett-kenneth-kenny/ ) Here is Sgt Basset by his Spitfire (AD537 UD-R) in Redhill, October 1941 (image from Australian War Museum archives) I used the excellent kit from Tamiya to model his MK-Vb. Despite it being an exceptional kit I still did some improvements to the kit as follow: Cut the canopy to display it open; Open the cockpit access door on the fuselage port side; Added Eduard Photo-Etched pre-painted seat belts; Open the exhaust ends; and Added the IFF wire antennas to the sides using MIG aerial line super fine (0.01mm). Painting guide: I used basically Tamiya and Gunze acrylics overall on the kit as follow: Supermarine Interior Green: mix of Tamiya XF5:1 + XF21:3 + XF65:1; Seat: XF9 for the seat and XF1 for the leather back rest; Instruments panel: Supermarine Interior Green for the lower half and XF1 for the instruments board. I did use the kit decals for the gauges; Exhaust: XF52; Spinner and fuselage band SKY: Gunze H74 Propeller blades: XF1 and XF3 for the blade tips; Underside surfaces and undercarriage: XF83; Tyres: XF85; Upper surfaces camouflage OCEAN GREY: XF82; Upper surfaces camouflage DARK GREEN: XF81; Wings yellow band: XF3; Clear coat before applying decals: X22; Clear Flat final coat: XF86. Decals: I've used DK decals #72037 No.452 (RAAF) Sqn. and I was really impressed by the quality and easy to use. I would recommend it without hesitation. The finished photos: Here are the finished model. It was a pleasure to build this kit and finish it in an Aussie markings. Cheers!
  15. Dear Mr Matt Foley, thank you for the excellent review of the Advanced Modeling product. Taking this opportunity I would like to provide your a picture of KAB-1500Kr. Happy modeling and best regards to my friend Mike Reeves, Arizona
  16. Falconxlvi

    1/48 Fw 190D-9

    Thanks - I appreciate it.
  17. bradebaugh

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    stabs look great Bear !
  18. I have had three deals in the last three months with bluedot25 (Tom) and he has been very gracious and magnanimous. You are a true fine American, sir! Kindest regards, Dutch
  19. Mstor

    Gator Grip Acrylic Glue

    I've bought mine from M&M models. Good stuff. Next time you click on a e-mail link that gives you that message, right-click on the link and select "Copy Email Address". Open your e-mail program or web page and paste the address into a new e-mail address field. People that use web mail only may get the message you got. That link tries to open an e-mail client/program and start a new message. If you don't use an e-mail program (like Thunderbird or Outlook), then you get a message from the operating system (Windows maybe) asking if you want to set one up. I know, more info that you wanted to know. Sorry.
  20. What an epic build! Your perseverance paid off for sure! Steve
  21. Falconxlvi

    Server issues?

  22. Mstor


    This sounds good Raymond. Hopefully will make things easier to understand. Anything to make the process more transparent to the user. Will look for the changes.
  23. Finally, I had some time to do some work. I added some plasticard shims, cut at slight angles , to the rear fuselage to make up the difference in thickness I needed for the new E-767 tail to fit properly. I achieved a much better fit, not 100% or even 95%, but satisfactory. I also had to cut off the block from the tail in order to get a better fit. When things were dry enough, I super glued the tail on. It set pretty quick. I hoped I lined everything up alright. I will do some puttying tomorrow and then filing and sanding later this next week. Lastly, I glued the radome together. See photos 34-38.
  24. Title says it all.. I have lots of unguided bombs & a few drop tanks from various 1:48 kits to trade for a pair of 500-lb GBU-12's. Can also do PayPal. Thanks
  25. AlienFrogModeller

    Kinetic CF188 1/48

    Started the Vert stabs
  26. Please hit me up at swimmer25k@hotmail.com if you have one taking up space. Thank you, Chris
  27. CWILL1117

    Returning Member

    Hey HOLMES. I’m glad to see you’re still around. I’m really sorry about all that stuff I said to you. It was rude and disrespectful beyond belief, and no one should be treated like that, even more so elders who were giving me sound advice. Thank you for understanding and the warm welcome.
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