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  2. Thanks you, Texas.
  3. Thanks Michael, Yes, careless/lazy mistakes all. I may go back and do some corrective work in time. Thanks for the compliments too. I shall concentrate on those for the moment and use my heightened morale to produce a somewhat tighter F-4...
  4. Vintage boxes I can see...but not something like that. I've bought a few old Monogram kits, just for the boxes. I have a display of them on the wall in my TV room. The kits I'll then bag up and sell or give to the kids next door.
  5. I have been having trouble getting large decals to conform. I have used micro sol and Mr. Softener to little effect. It works areas which are lightly raised, but doesn't with areas such as the demarkation between the rudder and vertical stabilizer in the picture below. I do not apply the softener underneath the decal, but apply several (maybe 4 or 5?) coats over it and press with a paint brush to get it to bend into the crease. I am able to get it into the crease but it does not stay and rises as it dries as can be seen in the pic below. The top 1/4 of the crease did conform. Does anyone have any ideas? A more aggressive decal softener? I have also read where people have used future underneath the decal. It supposedly sucks the in before it dried. I have tried this in the past with smaller decals but you need to work fast as the future ends up sticky like glue and you are not able to reposition.
  6. Here's the schematic from the UH-60 manual. It really all depends on the angle you view the opening at, but you can see the rounded over edges here. Ray
  7. I'm selling a NIB with original factory sealed bags Squadron release of the T-33A Shooting Star in 1/32. Kit comes with resin, PE and metal landing gear. Paypal preferred, but will accept MO or personal check' Shipped from Raleigh NC $80 including shipping within Cont. US. Bill L.
  8. I guess the "cut-out" on the back side of the rotor opening is more of a scoop, which makes it hard to see in pics. The support for the HIRSS looks good. Nice job so far.
  9. PM and email sent, sir.
  10. Very Nice! Which colors did you use on the AMRAAM?
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  12. Ray has a lot of them. Rod.
  13. I am missing the canopies and decals to the following kits: DML F/A-18D #4536 DML F-117A #9904 If you have any of these items please let me know. I am fine with aftermarket decals or decals from another kit too. Thanks, Lee
  14. I did a search but have come up empty. Does anyone have a decent set of images of the quilted overhead of a short body UH-1B or UH-1C interior? This is a 1/24 aftermarket resin overhead. I'm curious about accuracy of the overhead light positions, 3 piece quilt, and intercom box positions. Missing are the air vents which are just below the roof top scoops. I'm scratching my own in 1/48 and want to get it right since I'm going to cast the overhead piece once I'm done. Sorry for the small image. It's all I've got. Thanks to all
  15. Thanks Mark! I have success with my pc windows !! But linux does not show me anything !! The order is done, thank you again keep us informed for the decals of the F-35C when it will be realized,
  16. Below are some kits and books for sale or trade. I take good care of my kits and books and if the condition is less than VG to Excellent it is noted. The buyer is responsible for the postage from NY. Please feel free to ask any questions. I accept Paypal, MOs or personal checks, but checks have to clear first. My trade wants are at the very end, but I am open to items not on the list in my area of interest which is 1/48 and 1/32 WWI and WWII aircraft, and 1/35 armor preferably Allied. PLEASE RESPOND DIRECTLY TO ME AT and please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for looking. KITS Accurate Miniatures IL2M3 Stormovik, sealed $12 Airfix Supermarine Spitfire PR.XIX, sealed $12 Aurora Aston Martin DB4 1/25, box top in good condition $30 Blue Max 1/48 Sopwith Dolphin $16 Eduard 1/48 DH-2 Profipack, parts in sealed bags $18 Eduard Mirage IIIC, parts in sealed bags $20 Eduard RFC Personnel WWI $6 Fine Molds FA-9 Ki-43 II ko Oscar, lose parts, complete, TD wheels $25 Fine Molds D4Y3 Judy FA-7 radial engine $25 Great Wall 1/48 P-61A, gray parts not bagged & clear parts bagged $35 Hasegawa 1/48 Bf 109F-2, sealed $16 Hasegawa 1/48 9170 A6M3 Zero Fighter Type 22a, Hawkeye Designs cockpit, bags sealed $25 Hasegawa 1/48 Spitfire Mk. VI, parts in sealed bags $18 HC HC1441 French F8F-1B Bearcat lose parts, minor work, Eduard PE, CE F8F-2 Cockpit, TD wheels, CE corrected cowl, Falcon canopy $45 Monogram 1/48 Bf 109E 1st Issue, near mint $15 Monogram 1/48 Hurricane 1st Issue $12 Monogram 1/48 SB2C Helldiver 1st Issue $25 Monogram 1/48 Ju 87G Stuka 1st Issue $10 Monogram 1/48 P-47D Bubble Top 2nd Issue $10 Monogram PA79-98 Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX 4 Star box, box good $10 Monogram 67 Corvette 427 Convertible $12 "Revell C-130A picture plane series, H-183 1960 Canadian issue box is good with some soiling parts in sealed bag" $20 Revell H-16 Twin Rotor Helicopter H-148 1962 box poor stained parts in sealed bag $10 Roden S.E.5a Wolseley Viper, parts in sealed bags $12 Special Hobby 1/48 CAC CA-13 Boomerang + Book + AMD Decals $25 Special Hobby 1/48 Seafire Mk.II, parts in sealed bags $20 Special Hobby North AmericanSH X-15A-2 32022, some lose parts(fuselage halves off sprues) $45 Sword 1/48 Northrup N-9MA, some assembly, missing cockpit parts, AS IS FREE Tamiya Ki-46 Dinah + Squadron Canopy+AMD decals $28 Tamiya 1/35 MM219 Willys Jeep, sealed $12 Tamiya Bf 109E-4/7 Trop 61063 bags sealed $14 Tamiya 1/48 J2M2 Raiden, sealed $10 Tamiya 1/48 JBf 109E-4, parts in sealed bags $14 XS-Models Hughes H-1b Long Wing Racer, resin & PE some assembly $25 AFTERMARKET RESIN, DECALS, ETC. 1/48 Parabellum Machine Guns (2 packages sold together) $3 Airwaves 1/48 French WWI Pilot Standing $2 AMD 48-038 Augsburg Eagles $5 AMD 48-124 Spitfires Down Under $5 AMD 48-173A Ju 88 Family Collection Pt II $5 AMD 48-183 Fokker D.VII Fighter Collection $5 AMD 48-399 Royal Navy Hellcats $5 Aviprint Bf 109K-4 $5 Eagle Strike 4812 Blue Nose Birds of Bodney $5 EagleCals EC#5 Fw 190s of JG 1 $5 Eduard 48 088 Bf 109B/C PE for HC Kit $5 Hecker & Goros 1/48 WWII Soviet Pilot & Woman Pilot $5 Microscale 48-138 P-51s $4 Microscale 48-330 P-47D decals $1 Rose Parts 1/48 Parabellum MG (Heavy Jacket) $1 Techmod 1/32 P-47M Decals $5 FIGURES, MISC. Andrea The Arachnid $12 Horizon Spiderman $16 New Hope Design British Fighter Air & Ground Crew 1914-16 $2 New Hope Design British Fighter Air & Ground Crew 1917-18 $2 Time Machine 54mm Kit Carson figure $3 AVIATION BOOKS A History of 208 Squadron, SC $8 Aces and Wingman II, Aviation Usk, HC $25 Avro Lancaster Mks I-III, Major Archive, SC $3 Bell P-39 Airacobra, FAOW 36 $6 British Fighters of WWII $2 Curtiss P-40, Aero Series 3, SC $2 Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, Crowood, HC $18 D-Day: The Air Battle, HC $5 Dick Bong: Ace of Aces, George C. Kenney, HC $20 Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, HC, 5 volumes (SOLD TOGETHER ONLY) $55 Fighters of WWII Vol. 1, SC $4 Flying Leathernecks in WWII-Aero Pictorials, SC $3 How to Build Dioramas, SC $2 How to Build Plastic Aircraft Models, SC $2 Lockheed P-38 Lightning, FAOW 30, SC $4 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, SC $6 Low Level Attack: The Pacific (Pictorial), SC $8 Luftwaffe Colour Schemes and Markings 1935-45 Vols. 1-3, Aircam (SOLD AS SET ONLY) $20 Messerschmitt 109E Aerodata International No.4, SC $2 Messerschmitt Bf 109 into the Battle, Air Research, SC $2 Messerschmitt Bf 109B/E, FAOW 9, SC $4 Mitsubishi Type 1 Rikko 'Betty' Units of World War 2, SC $8 Modeling Tanks and Military Vehicles, SC $1 Officers in Flight Suits: The Story of American Air Force Fighter Pilots in the Korean War, HC $4 On Plastic Wings: The Verlinden Way V.III, SC $3 P-38 Lightning, FAOW 8, SC, 1968, SC $4 Pilot’s Notes Tempest V Sabre IIA Engine, SC $1 Pilot’s Notes Typhoon 1A & 1B Sabre II Engine, SC $1 RAF Thunderbolts, SC $4 Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway, HC $10 Strike From the Sky, HC $4 The Fabulous 57th Fighter Group in WWII $125 The Falcon (79th FG history), HC, 1946 $60 The Imperial Russian Air Service Famous Pilots and Aircraft of WWI, HC $50 The Interrogator (about Hans-Joachim Scharff), Schiffer, HC $8 The Roarin' Twenties: A History of the 312th Bombardment Group, HC $50 To War with the Yoxford Boys: The Complete Story of the 357th FG, HC $22 ARMOR BOOKS Bellona Military Vehicle Prints Series 17, SC $1 Bellona Military Vehicle Prints Series 22, SC $1 British Eighth Army North Africa 1940-43, Osprey, SC $5 Challenger Mk. VIII (A30) Army Wheels in Detail Photo Manual, SC $8 Military Models and Dioramas: The Verlinden Way V, SC $2 Panther & Its Variants, HC $10 Soviet Heavy Tanks, Osprey Vanguard 24, SC $4 The Universal Tank: British Armour in the Second World War Pt., SC $4 WWII Dioramas Osprey Modeling Manuals 7, SC $4 SHIP BOOKS HMS Upholder Warship Profile 16, SC $1 Man O' War 4 Hunt Class Escort Destroyers, SC $8 MAGAZINES Historical Aviation Album Vol. IX $3 Historical Aviation Album Vol. XIII $3 TRADE WANTS •1/32 SBD-3 Midway Decals •Airfix Hurricane Mk.I NEW MOLD •Airfix Spitfire Mk.I NEW MOLD •AMD 48-288 Mustangs Forever, yellow tail P-51B •Copper State 1/48 Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 •Eduard 1/48 Spad 13 Early •Eduard 1/48 Spit IX •Eduard 1/48 Bf 109F-4 •Hasegawa 1/32 N1K2-J George •Hobby Boss 1/35 US GMC CCKW-32 Steel Cargo Truck •Hobbyboss 1/35 White Truck •Meng 1/48 P-51D •Merit 1/48 Elco PT Late •P-38 aftermarket for 1/32 Trumpeter kit •P-51D aftermarket for 1/32 for Tamiya kit •Revell 1/32 He-219 •Rising Decals 1/48 T-Bolts over Corsica RD48-010 •Tamiya 1/35 M-51 Super Sherman •WNW Sopwith Triplane, Fokker DVII, Hannover, Rumpler
  17. I don't go by ratio, I go by consistency. I read once to thin to "low fat milk." Since low fat has been 1% in the US for a long time now, that's my target. It's not a bad idea to swill some 1% milk around in your mixing cup just to get a feel for that.
  18. Haaa, I bet that was talked about on Monday morning back at the home base; "Yeah, and then I look over and some jackwagon is yanking on the friggin' speedbrake! Screw that, I'm not taking another plane to an airshow..." Thanks Darren!
  19. Ching Kuo, Refresh your Browser. B2Blain, See my post above for the color and my take to date on the F-35C. Mark
  20. I know I bought the Wingman D conversion and am still waiting for the Sierra Hotel A conversion. I have given up on the F-16D but the F-14 is a Yuuge success so I think they will & by this Fall release a late A and before next spring the B ...
  21. Hello Mark,

    am from france , seriously I scroll all the page web nothing !! I don't now way I can not find the item !!  i wont order 2 sheet F-35A + 2 sheet decals F-35B, can you send me the total + shipping in france by paypal Please at this this mail : , seriously I was expecting someone to produce them to buy them !! thank's

  22. Thanks JackMan! This is his twin brother I built a couple years ago
  23. I am building a "C." I was wondering if I could use the decal sheet for most of the RAM paneling and then paint the specific ones for the "C". Would this work? Is the RAM panel FS36231? Thanks!
  24. Yes. I got one from Hannants last week, and Scott's Model Workshop (rebelalpha on eBay) has it, too.
  25. Mark: My order has been placed, and paid through PayPal. Thanks for making these decals; they have been needed for a long time.
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