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  2. Have six of them, three kits only have two Model Graphix magazines each (issue 07 & 08) three others do not come with any kind of magazine, boxes were open to inspect their contents, bags and everything else contained are still sealed Asking 45€ each for the magazine less boxes and 55ish € each for the ones with magazines. Cheapest shipment option up to 2kg with no tracking Postamail Internazionale, delivery times do vary from 10 to 25 workings days, maybe more depending on local custom offices 13,50€ for Europe 23 for the US & co 27,50€ for Asia, Australia & co They increased prices way too much but with tracking we have Raccomandata Internazionale up to 2kg delivery times will be around to 5 up to 15 working days 28,45€ for Europe Outside Europe prices are ludicrous 40,30€ for the US and 50,90€ for Australia Then Pacco Ordinario Internazionale once again with tracking and a whole lot of twists Price goes up to 3kg as sadly the weight of those three boxes with 2 magazines is around 1,1kg plus ~0.5kg of package 29€ for Europe minus Bulgaria (32€), United Kingdom (27€), Norway (34€) 34€ for United States, Canada and Russia 47€ for Australia Lastly Poste Delivery Europe on which price starts from 35,15€ for Switzerland and Norway 36,60€ for Germany, Poland and Protugal, 37,21€ for France, Croatia and Spain, Lithuania,Estonia and UK 37,21 Tariffs are also visible on Poste Italiane website via pdf document Items are located in Italy and I do ship worldwide, payment through Paypal only Luigi
  3. What’s the correct blue color for the F9F-2 Panther? I plan on using a lacquer paint, like Mr. Color, but I welcome acrylic and lacquer recommendations. Thank you. Jeff
  4. As many have pointed out my main reason(s) for stalling my builds are the kits and their poor quality (some of them), various materials and processes like paint/thinner ratios and continuous sanding, at least during the first years/ decade of my avocation with our hobby. Now, in my third decade in scale modelling it is health issues unfortunately that don't want to "go away" and let me to at least enjoy my favourite hobby. Word of advice: Never create a stock of kits (mainly) because some parts will definitely show signs of wrapping. Even models that are half-build and kept in boxes will show such signs of wear and tear.
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  6. Oh, thanks for reminding me about that aspect. I forgot to include the part where I don't have all the items (AM, masks, decals, PE) I might need for the project (drag). Insert this at the beginning. 😉😎
  7. Hi RedStar, Do you by any chance have the following decals' sheet? Fightertown Decals FTD48051? If so, send me a pm. Many thanks, Bill
  8. So according to your timeline, you should get your kit about two months after those of us who preordered? Shameful! 😔 You will probably receive it around the time the first retail kits arrive in stores here in the US. Lesson I take from this, NO more pre-ordering or Go Fu** Me/IndieNOGo schemes for this boy.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of grabbing a set of these Aires exhaust cans for the 32nd Trumpy Super Hornet, and am wondering if they fit? I made the mistake of buying their Legacy Hornet cans that are too small, and basically useless. Before I drop another $40, can anyone tell me if they E/F set actually fits? Thanks, Fred K.
  10. I've been an aggressor/adversary fan for decades, and have never seen a bomb, TER, MER, anything other than a center line fuel tank, dummy Sidewinder, or ACMI type pod on any aggressor or adversary. Not saying that it didn't happen, but not very likely to be sure.. The only exception that I can come up with would be an ALQ-167 (I think) ECM/threat emitter pod carried under the wing of an NSAWC F-16 or F-18. See attached pic. Of course, the USAF aggressors us the same (or similar) pod on the center line of their F-16s routinely. The 65th AS aggressor F-15s were know to carry an ECM/threat emitter pod whose designation escapes me at the moment. HTH, Fred K.
  11. Finally received an email from VICKY this morning with a tracking number. The kit is still in Canton international. Should take to 20-25 days to arrive. All the comments from the crowd funders on AMK shitbook Official Fan page [mine(s) included] have of course been deleted by AMK Official Fan Club's communist censorship. I hope that the curtain will finally fall on this very bad play in a few days ...pity I will not have the promised T-shirt, I could have cleaned the scene with ... Just hope that my kit box won't be signed by Sio ! Madcop.
  12. Welcome to the forums Greg, and thank you very much for your kind post! I really appreciate it I look forward to seeing some of your work here soon Thanks Brad! Haven't seen you around much lately? Hope all is well I must admit, I am also looking forward to seeing the end of this but I have a very long way to go yet! Does make it sound like it'll be never ending but rest assured, I'll get there I haven't touched it since the last update as I've been working on another project that I'm doing as a gift. Once it's done, I will be coming back to the SD before a short Xmas break Thanks to everyone who is watching and posting on this thread. Si
  13. great work. I agree with your conclusion, I had pretty much the same experience with these two kits,.
  14. @habu2 Quick question: on what street(s) names exactly was the chicane you were at located ? It's really hard to find an accurate layout of the track at that time, especially the preceding corners to the chicane where you worked.
  15. It’s starting to take shape! Looking great!
  16. I am still working on the 1/48 scale line-up - but I will definitely have the 1/72 versions of the F-111A, Early F-18, V-22 and NASA F-104 sheets released in the last batch, along with the 1/72 scale T-6 Texan and "Starfighters" F-104.
  17. Here Central Control, ready to assemble the main engines to shuttle space... Some photos and diagrams that I use: Here a representation of the engines on my model: Some materials that I use Thanks!!
  18. Thanks for checking it out at least!
  19. I would like to trade for either a 1:32 Bf 109F or a 1-48 Bf 109F. I have the following items for possible trade: 1. Airfix 1/48 P-40B 2. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I Trop 3. Airfix 1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk IF 4. Tamils 1/48 Heinkel He 219 All kits are open box sealed bags- some have decals in baggies. You can contact me via PM or at at crossheart686@gmail.com if interested. Frank Blackwell
  20. I am amazed by the discipline, talent to translate to a model all the details of reality, good! Adrian
  21. Well, aluminized lacquer is essentially lacquer gloss coat with aluminum powder mixed in it so it will start out glossy. It's the same 'silver' used in pre-war USN Yellow Wings era aircraft. OTOH, I polished the aluminum bits on my bike when I was putting it back together and they're quite a bit shinier than the silver painted frame...
  22. I sent the email to them, waiting for response now...
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