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  2. Like title says, I'm looking to purchase the old Monogram Huey Chopper kit #5202. This the USAF rescue version with the roof mounted hoist. Link here for the kit I'm after. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/monogram-5202-huey-chopper--154982
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  4. Would love to see Richard Drury's (author of My Secret War) 'TC 257' Midnight Cowboy/Sopwith Camel done correctly. Another sheet manufacturer offered this up but the tail codes were way oversized. His plane is depicted in the cover painting for the book "The United States Air Force Search and Rescue in Southeast Asia". https://www.amazon.com/United-States-Search-Rescue-Southeast/dp/1782664289 I have both books if you need references of his plane. Another link to a better pic of the above book cover. https://boxartden.com/gallery/index.php/Boxart-Collection/Artists/Mike-Machat/Douglas-A-1H-Skyraider-960
  5. i use colgate non-gel toothpaste
  6. CD48189 will be a 1/48 sheet for USAF A-1 Skyraiders in Vietnam : mostly single-seat A-1Js but I may be persuaded to include an A-1E or two that were not covered in CD48046 (which will be reprinted in a few months).
  7. Hi, Yes, that's what I am leaning towards, Academy. I plan to model it with canopy & bomb bay doors close so Academy seems fine for me.
  8. Wow Gianni, your work is truly astonishing....I mean really jaw-droppingly good!
  9. Always, and gritting my teeth in envy of your sense of details! That is your true strength!
  10. Andy, Are you typing it all in or doing a cut and paste from somewhere else (word Doc/website/etc)? There maybe an illegal character in the text if pasting from somewhere else. Try and paste into notepad first, check out the text for any strange characters (remove/replace them) and then copy and paste from notepad into your post.
  11. Awesome build followed by awesome photography. Nice! Konbini
  12. Try for a 1/48 Spartan Executive 7W. Rick L.
  13. I know, The next one will be the Junkers W.33/34/43/46 series and I did give a suggestion of the Douglas Dolphin flying boat. He actually really liked that idea.
  14. Happy to hear of the Curtiss Robin. We need more of the Classics like this. Rixk L.
  15. Good day to you all, It took a while, but finished (a while ago, but haven't posted until now) - 1/48 Tamiya F-16CJ (14FS Misawa). I threw all the goodies at it I could and scratch build areas where applicable. Goodies included: Eduard BIG set Eduard aim-120cs, aim-9x, sniper pod, agm-88 Eduard wheels Meng satellite guided bombs (for the gbu-31 v3) Speed Hunter Graphics SEAD Specialists Master pitot and aoa probes Master static wicks KA models exhaust GT Resin left hand side ecm pod I may have left some out and will edit the post again if so happens. Mainly painted via Hataka paints. A quick summary of the build itself: The build started with the wheel bays, as I was waiting for some eduard bits to arrive. After test fitting some resin parts for the intakes/bay against each other and the bottom of the fuselage I decided best route is to use the kit plastic wheel bay/intakes and put in the work. The cockpit was a mix of eduard and scratch build bits as best as I can make limited by hand size and eyesight. After the intakes, gear/bay, and cockpit where detailed and painted, closed the model halves together and clamped them overnight. The intakes, although straight from the kit, decided to fight against me but had enough flex to stay fitted once the glue and plastic dried. Model was then pre shaded and sprayed with the appropriate colors of the real jet. I then weathered it to taste using mainly the Tamiya panel line accents - the model was lightly weathered. Next i put together and painted the exhausts. A long time passed between that stage and the recent corona months because of personal drama at home as well as an injury. All good, as the virus hit worldwide giving me an excuse to dust off my model. On the final leg I finished off the weapons, sniper pod, and canopy. A few weeks past as I searched for a gbu-31 v3. I initially tried to get one 3d printed but settled on the Meng kit plus some detailing made it acceptable. A few more tweaks after that I finally threw in the towel and declared it finished. Any more fiddling I'm afraid Murphy's law might kick in and I might do something I will truly regret. This was kind of foreshadowed by my flying instrument panel/hud which I had to repair. In the end it took a very long time, but the actual model went together relatively without fuss. Here are the finished pictures, enjoy! Let me know if I have missed anything, areas I haven't covered, post or picwise. Many thanks! Konbini
  16. Hmm, I have a personal connection with only 4 of the listed aircraft? I need to get out more, lol.
  17. Bo, I have theTrue Details 1/48 B-17G mask set. Ihttps://www.scalemates.com/kits/true-details-41003-fast-mask-monogram-b-17g-flying-fortress--1181078. I painted the window frames using a Molotow Chrome pen, so I didn't use the set. Send me your address and you can have it. K/r, Dutch
  18. AK Gauzy Agent, no change to the paint tones just solid protection
  19. There are kits we all want because we think they’re amazing from an engineering standpoint. You know the kind, they’re big, impressive and the box is packed so full of styrene that you can’t even figure out how to get it all back in there. Sometimes, it’s a subject we’ve always wanted, sometimes, it’s just because we can’t resist the lure of something so impressive. There are lots of kits like that. However, I’m sure most of us also have kits that we’ve wanted just because they look fun. Maybe they’re funky, or different, or classic; there can be a million reasons why a specific kit just “calls to you”. For me, one of those kinds of kits is old-school Matchbox LRDG. This Orange Range armour kit always just looked “fun” to me. Lots of “stuff” like Gerry cans, bags, boxes and the like, lots of machine guns, and a cool, almost “Mad Max” survival vibe, really sold me on it. Sure, it’s 40 years old, but so what? Thankfully, through the kindness of a friend (Thanks Alan!) I was able to finally get my hands on one, and it’s an old Matchbox, not Revell reissue! I’m really pumped to build this one, and will be starting it very shortly. Check out this classic take on the famous Long Range Desert Group of WWII fame at the link below. Get ready, because there’s always all kinds of awesome in a Matchbox armour kit! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/matchbox-1-76-lrdg-oob/
  20. This is weird. I'll look into this.
  21. I have most of their US submarines.
  22. My father's father was Army infantry and served on the Philippines in 1944. He was walking point one day through the forest when he came onto a clearing. Not 20 feet away a Japanese soldier also walked into the clearing at the same time. After a stunned pause from both my grandfather fired first. He never told me that story-his daughter did. One of my uncles served on a minesweeper off Okinawa in 1945. This much he told me. After he died his youngest son told me his ship was struck and sunk by a G4M Betty kamikaze. He was awarded the Navy Cross for saving what shipmates he could.
  23. Royal Malaysia Air Force (RMAF), MIG-29N 1/48
  24. Royal Malaysia Air Force (RMAF), MIG-29N 1/48
  25. This! I just finished a Tamiya F-4D Skyray. It looked terrible, with decal solution stains, uneven glossiness, minor decal wrinkles etc.. I shot some MM Acryl flat...all problems were gone!! I couldn't believe how nice it looked. That is my go to flat coat by the way...great stuff. Bob
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