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  2. This is one of 4 kits I finsihed for the Helicopter's GB. It is the Academy CH-53 kit built using the Flying Leathernecks decals. It represents the Nekkid Lady in brown and tan camo from the first Gulf War. .. Thanks for looking, Sean
  3. This is one of 4 kits I have finished for the Helicopter's GB. It is the Hasegawa Sea King kit, with Belcher Bits sponsons and sonobouy tubes, and Model Alliance Decals It represents a Sea king from 443 Sqn painted up for their 60th anniversary in 2004 Thanks for looking, Sean
  4. I managed to get this one finished, Sorry for the lack of updates. You can see the full album HERE Sean
  5. I managed to get this one finished. Sorry for the lack of updates, You can see the full album HERE Sean
  6. Do you have huey crews wearing the green flight suits with the HGU56 helmets like the earlier 2000s US Army?
  7. I managed to get this one completed, sorry for the lack of updates. you can see the full album HERE Sean
  8. I manged to finish this one, sorry for the lack of updates. The full album can be found HERE Sean
  9. This is one of 4 helicopters that I recently completed for the Helicopter's GB. It is the Italeri UH-1N built as a CAF CH-135, depicting a SAR bird. I used Belcher Bits decals Sean
  10. This is on of 4 helicopters that I recently completed for the Helicopter's GB. It is Italeri's UH-1H that I completed as a CAF CH-118, using Belcher Bits decals. It represents the Base Rescue helicopter from CFB Cold lake. Sean
  11. I've no desire to swerve the topic or hijack the thread but the discussion seems to be headed in the direction of, "Why do they continuously put out kits that are inaccurate, given the state-of-the-art computer technology, CAD capabilities and discriminating, meticulous measurements of the real item?" I have no answer but suspect that some egos are involved as well as money as well as the "rush to production" mentality. Some of these issues are real...some are fabricated in the minds of the kit-makers but they treat them as real. Humans do stupid things in the name of "NOW!" It wouldn't surprise me to find that the leaders of a small plastic model company simply make arbitrary commands to enforce their authority. This mindset is not just an Asian known-quantity but it exists elsewhere and to varying degrees. Rushing a product to the shelves for whatever reason, to me, is always a bad move if the product hasn't had its moment in the critique department. I would've loved to have a Banshee in my collection but it looks like a cartoon plane the way it was molded. Some things are reparable but that fuselage needs a resin replacement. So I've become a "careful what you wish for" type because I still want the 1/32 F-106 and T-38. And while I'm at it...a 1/32 Tweet. But if they are misshapen, I won't buy them. Any of those three, if/when released in this year or next, would likely be close to $150+ US plus shipping. If they are wrong in their basic engineering...they can sit in the warehouse for all I care. Getting the level of detail is one thing but I still think basic shape issues are a fundamental flaw that model kit makers need to really pay attention to.
  12. I managed to finish all 4 builds with some time to spare!! 1/48 Italeri UH-1N built as a Canadian Armed Fores CH-135 SAR bird Full album can be found HERE 1/48 Italeri UH-1H built as a Canadian Armed Forces SAR bird, CFB Cold Lake Base rescue Full album can be found HERE 1/48 Hasegawa Sea King Built as a Canadian Armed Forces CH-124, 2004 443 Sqn Anniversary markings Full album can be found HERE 1/48 Academy CH-53, Built as the Nekkid Lady from Desert storm Full album can be found HERE Thanks for looking, Sean
  13. Many thanks Floyd. Inspiring poses of the crew... Norbert
  14. Two shots of Su-35 for her engine humps. and overall shapes. Click to full size. ALM_7000 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr ALM_6958 by Alexey Matvienko, on Flickr
  15. KC-10 added to static Sean
  16. Hi Steve, Tracy, thanks! Wow, cool photo, John! Better than I'll ever be able to take on a moving object! The arrowhead shape of the Tomcat is such an awesome sight in the air. Hi Janissary, you're right in your description -- just random dots. Just to darken the Alclad when it mixes in. I handbrush it wet. Towards the rear it's more like poking motions with the brush to mix the black dots in and lift the primer. Towards the fairing it's more like broader and longer strokes. I may sound so sure about what i'm doing but really I can't approach the task without some trepidation. So I tried it today with the Tamiya nozzles to see if I can still do it. Sometimes I doubt myself even if I`ve done it before. Here's how it went: Painted the insides with Tamiya TS-27 Matt White Primered. Couldn't find the light gray. I used the gray this time. The dots would be more sparse on the fairing side. Wheathered the inside with some Model Master flat black. Hope that helps, Janissary! By the way, don't let the Sharpie dots dry up too much. Don't leave it on for several hours because it will be harder to mix into the paint. Paint one panel at a time and don't forget to breath in between :)
  17. They fit well. The one will fit better with a slight bend to it at the top. I didn't realize the slight curve until after taking the photos and filling the screen edges. Floyd
  18. Just checking in on your Cougar sheet Kursad. I know you've been very busy with all the new releases out there so hopefully this one hasn't fallen too far by the wayside :) Thanks, -Derek
  19. Sweet! Looking great so far. What markings are you going to use for your B-17? -Derek
  20. How well do those PE screens fit? IMO, that will be one of the major improvements of this kit. Always hated having solid, textured plastic instead of actual semi-transparent mesh.
  21. Shapes like the engine humps aren't modeled with geometric primatives, they use spline functions to generate "polylines".
  22. I'm closing up my model. One thing I noticed was that the fit of the engine compartment did not fit as well as I would have liked. It was about .010 to small. I determined that the addition would be added to the front. So I glued the parts to a piece of .010 sheet plastic and let it dry overnight. Then I came back and cleaned it up. Now the fit is much better. I'll share those photos next time. Floyd Engine compartment glued to the styrene sheet. I primed the parts for the brass. I still need a little more work fairing them in.
  23. OK if none of you are gonna correct that photo I have to. It drives me crazy. Floyd
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  25. Wish it was a "her" instead of a "him". Certain factions over there would go ape-sh*t over a female downing one of their jets. I've got a family friend who will probably end up being my future son-in-law newly assigned to the carrier, I've asked my daughter to email him and see if (OPSEC permitting), he can provide any pics of the jet that got the kill.
  26. When A models were upgraded to Ds they got new serial numbers. I assume same happened when Ds became Es...
  27. You forgot Maxwell Smart - "Missed it by *that* much". :)
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