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  2. Happy to please, the Caracal decals are too exciting to ignore - they just need the ASPI exhausts to make it possible to build the shark mouth schemes 🙂 Not likely in the short term as I don't have this kit 😕
  3. Yes, I will reprint both the Navy and USAF A-1E sheets soon - possibly around the end of the year.
  4. Late to the thread here but that is such an amazing build Andy. The Vulcan is such an iconic aircraft and probably one of the loudest I've ever heard. We used to have them visit Offutt AFB in Nebraska when I was a kid and one morning one took off and literately had the windows of the house rattling it was so loud. Loved it when they'd do flying demos during open houses at Offutt before they were retired. Regards, Don
  5. He's got a good 500 years left in him.
  6. Very nice build. Love these markings. I did a conversion of BAT21 several years ago and I know this kit can be a bit of a challenge. You did a superb job.
  7. Any chance you can make the upturned exhausts for the 1/35 Kitty Hawk's H-60's??? Tim
  8. still considering a reprint of the A-1E sheet?
  9. No argument brother, I'm still trying to find my way out of the dark on this. Was tossing out possibilities based on the site above, though still doubting myself. Liking your thoughts on the underside and on the green! Actually having a LHS in which we could go and actually see the paint would be great....
  10. That's just outstanding customer service! Thank you Sir, I can patiently wait but in the meantime I'll order a AH-64D/E kit to have on hand...oh and some caracal decals too!
  11. Yeah, the D is $99, still a good price shipped for the “A” Also recently got about a dozen gunze aqueous for $2.60 a jar shipped. Some deals at times if you look around!
  12. It’s the standard A model for anyone interested.
  13. Hey Maestro, I'm not arguing here with you about color, since we all perceive them differently but, the blue you cite seems to be closer to the blue used on birds like the Su-17/22. The blue I cited is a lot "grayer" and not as bright. The green you cited might be too "olive" as compared to the "light green" in photos but again, I can't say it is THE color used because I don't have any better references than pictures and my Mark.1 eyeball! You can also check out the Linden Hill site for AKAN paints to see a color swatch and how the paints look in the bottl
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  15. Got mine today, still some left for $80 shipped on Amazon.
  16. I have a buddy of mine, who works in the Lockheed Martin model shop. He says the current base color is FS 36170 and, as far as the RAM panels go, you should lighten them slightly for contrast. I realize this chart says F-35B but, I'd bet all three variants get the same basic color treatments. Maybe do a little painting experiment, on a test subject, and try some FS 36375 Light Ghost Gray for the RAM panels. Steve
  17. It was simply scaled up from a 48th scale kit, as a result, many of the smaller details are crude at best. The only part of the kit that is decent is the PE.
  18. I'd say yes for AK Real Colors, and be careful for Tamiya: make sure the Tamiya is thoroughly cured.
  19. See, the problem is all the current F-35 kits are designed for the old scheme with the light RAM tape. This Academy kit comes with a full set of decals for the tape. But that scheme is outdated. Nobody seems to include paint guides for a modern scheme, which has only rolled out in the last few years.
  20. Greetings... All gloss coated and ready for the decal phase. Due to the limited schemes of the Tei version, I will be using the kit's decal which is a rarity. Dai
  21. Not in a very long time….although I’ve had some regulated to the shelf of doom for 5-10 years. Goal the last few years has been to finish all of those, warts and all.
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