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  2. lavony

    F/A-18C loadout help

    Thanks Jari Only 1 HARM?…. Yossi
  3. LyIgor

    AW129D Mangusta

    This way you can make any helicopter.....
  4. hawkwrench

    Getting back into modeling Paint advice needed

    Vallejo Model Color paints are really good for brush painting. They're acrylic and wash up with water. I use them on my models and figures. Love em! Scalehobbyist.com has them for around 2.49 a bottle. Tim
  5. LyIgor

    AW129D Mangusta

    Will have a decal and stencils?
  6. Raptor71

    AW129D Mangusta

    Thank you.
  7. LyIgor

    AW129D Mangusta

    Amazing result Simone! Great chopper done!
  8. Today
  9. wow, great job, just wished that it had more colour to the malaysian colour scheme
  10. Raptor71

    AW129D Mangusta

    Hello everybody. In addition to the tail rotor, I mounted the Spike launcher "on the left wing" and two missiles (external) and the 19x70 rocket launcher (inside). On the right wing I mounted the additional fuel tank (external) and left the inner mast without loading. I have also glued the handles that facilitate the entry and exit of the pilots in the cockpit, the Footrest bracket and some antennas -Simon
  11. scotthldr

    IRIS-T missile question

    IRIS-T was to be integrated into the Hellenic AUP programme but it never materialised in the end, despite what you may read on some websites
  12. More pics from a test build. My most wanted kit for 2019. Source: https://twitter.com/bobcat_model/status/1085924071999627266 V.P.
  13. BTW I've presented it to the IPMS convention and got a third place! not bad for my first time ever!
  14. Well, scratch the GWH version. Their decals use the same halftoning as the Warbirds decals. http://www.modellbauforum-koeln.de/index.php/Thread/4782-F-15C-Oregon-ANG-75th-Annversary/?postID=120160#post120160
  15. There are photos of the decals on the Aeroscale sites review of the kit. They look real nice. Now I'm just hoping they will fit my old Hasegawa kit. I think GWH/Pit Road did a release of their F-15C with the same scheme, but those are a bit too costly.
  16. ReccePhreak

    LF 1/48 RF-4E

    Do you have any aftermarket 1/48 RF-4E decals - any country EXCEPT Iran - to trade for them? They would have to be complete & unstarted, with all necessary stencils. Larry
  17. Cameron Lynch

    TIGHAR at it again...

    Its a new fiscal year.
  18. Being it is January 17th, figured I would start the thread for my current DS build 😉 … another Hasegawa F-16 This one is going to be 83-1145 "Death Dealer". I'll be using a combination of a couple decal sheets for this one. Not sure what I'm going to do with the insignia. It is a different style than all other F-16s that I've seen. here's how my build looks now. Flaps have been cut and lowered. Used a bit of sheet styrene for just behind the cockpit for the strengthening plate. Not sure if these planes had more at the time. Armament will be 2 Sidewinders, an ALQ-119, and 4 Mk84 AIR which I have yet to purchase.
  19. Rob T

    1/48 SBD-3 Midway

    Thanks for that info. Rob
  20. Darren Roberts

    Warbirds Decals 48-035, OR ANG on Revell F-15C?

    I did the box art model for the Revell kit. The decals were nicely done in my opinion.
  21. Charlie D.

    CD144016 - 1/144 KC-10 Extender

    I've got a couple Revell Dc-10 kits, how easy would it be to convert to a KC-10? Obviously the refueling gear, anything else?
  22. Could it be a leather sewing needle? https://www.I am a spammer, please report this post..com/item/Hand-Stitched-Triangle-Sewing-Needle-Leather-Carving-Handmade-Tool-Diamond-Needle-Triangular-Needle-Leather-Needle-S0042/32766646675.html Here's some more: https://www.amazon.com/EUBags-Leather-Stitching-Needles-Projects/dp/B07D58CF16
  23. I looked it up. Its called halftoning. Unfortunately it is all too visible on the Warbirds decals.
  24. shadoweng

    LF 1/48 RF-4E

    Not sure if this company is reputable, but you might try here? That is a pretty good price even with shipping https://www.plazajapan.com/4967834072305/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4pj6_aP23wIVTvlRCh1QPwNOEAkYASABEgJp-_D_BwE Jeremy
  25. Been 10+ years since doing any building. Figure all my model master enamels are toast by now. Looking at going acrylic, any suggestions. I had poor luck with model master acryls, and they are spendy. I was paying $2.99 a bottle back then, look to be around $5.99 a bottle now. So need quality, but also need a decent price. Mostly brush painting, some Aztec airbrush painting. Suggestions?
  26. Right guys, we are running low on time. Of course we want you to keep adding photos if the build won't get done in the 6 month window. However, to be eligible for one of the GB prizes, the model must be completed on time. I would consider this GB a success. We all ready have LOTS of completed builds. And some darn nice ones too!
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