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  2. 1998 demo F-16 from belgian airforce Model is hasegawa, daco decals, brassin seat Modification: dropping the LEF, closing the nozzle, converting the Aim-9 to smokepods didn't use the top wings and stab decals but rather tried to paint them: full build report (along with a kinetic line Baf F-16):
  3. Actually I think I may have the VF-14 portion of that sheet somewhere around. I used the VF-213 decals on a Hasegawa D many years back but never got around to using the rest of the sheet. They're yours if I can find them. Hopefully they haven't yellowed. Mark
  4. I will second that. Youngtiger has always been a valued member from different modelling community and a great guy. I would buy with confidence anytime from him
  5. I had no idea it was so small!!! Great job on it though. I'm guessing you didn't paint the white plastic? This is one of those designs I've never really warmed up to but e wry now and then one shows up and I often go away thinking it isn't as bad as I think.
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  7. AF-104/ 14-5103 was delivered to Luke AFB months ago. You can see some pics here:
  8. Take a look at the following photo from Cybermodeler : this is how wrong the Italeri kit nacelles are. The kit parts are at the top, corrected Attack Squadron nacelles are at the bottom.
  9. If you go to the F-35 Round Up thread in General Discussion sub forum, you'll see that a new paint job is coming with no RAM panel highlights. Just a single tone grey...
  10. Great!! Fantastic build!!
  11. Great looking Hind Martin H
  12. Thanks Steve Glad you're enjoying this Be interested in seeing your Mk II when you build it Martin H
  13. Thank you for the links! That will save a lot of time. I'd seen some of them, but not all. Bob
  14. What you were looking at was Wolfpack Design (Gustav Jung) company based in South Korea. Mark S -> Wolfpak Decals based in the USA (hint: there's no "C" between the A and K) and here's the link to his website, although he hasn't added them to the site yet.
  15. The Hasegawa Mil Mi-24P Hind F built in Turmenistan Air Force markings. No major issues with the Hasegawa kit. Colours used were Revell 50 blue on the underside, Model Master 2028 green and Model Master 2129 green on the upper surface. Decals are from Linden Hill. They went on without problem. Linden Hill Turkmenistan Decals Build Progress Photos Mi-24P-49 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr Mi-24P-50 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr Mi-24P-51 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr Mi-24P-52 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr
  16. I'd say go to school and leave chasing contracts for the young and old. I'm building the Revell F-18E right now and enjoying it, first kit in a long time.
  17. haven't solve the sprocket detail thing yet... but i have played with paint instead... which makes some change from last week fiddling with files... not exactly happy as the look is not quite realistic...but doesn't look all that bad either. i've take some photos... zoomed 10X...and crude flash... that look gross... but the fact is... that they look better "in real"... a bit more like on the photo without the camera flash. so i haven't acheive the finish i'd wish on the burner cans... i'll sleep on this and look at them tomorrow... Cheers Simon
  18. Could you provide the link to this please. All I could find are 48005 for T-38A Talon & 48006 for Polikarpov I-16. Hope they would also make one for F-35C.
  19. Very nice. I've got my first 2 Tonka kits in the mail right now with a bunch of extra goodies and I can't wait to start plugging away on this hot rod!
  20. Haha that's one the things that makes you not just a great modeler but a great business man Darren, you at least know when to be honest.
  21. I want them but not at that price......
  22. Hello, I just wanted to chime in. I have dealt with Youngtiger1 before and I have nothing but good things to say. My kit was significantly delayed through no fault of his - was dispatched in a timely fashion but was held hostage by USPS. Communication throughout was top notch. Sounds like he was even getting ready to send me another kit when the USPS finally delivered it. Here's my two cents - deal with absolute confidence.
  23. Thank you for the nice comments! That's the part I got stuck at. I was really dreading tackling those seams (they seem impossible to me, as seams are my kryptonite), so I bought a RealSpace Saturn IB kit on eBay. My plan was to attempt to build the first stage from that kit instead and see if I could get a better result. I then got distracted by other projects. I'm hoping to get back to this build later in the year. I think the RealSpace kit is available again if you want to give it a shot. Good luck and be sure to post pics of your build!
  24. I've often thought about going back and redoing the ECS vents. However, the Quickboost ones are so nice, and I've got so many other things to work on, that I don't think it's worth it. To be honest, those ECS vents were one of the very first sets I ever did. They are over a decade old! BTW, no offense taken about saying the Quickboost are more detailed. I agree completely.
  25. The skis look awesome. I can't wait to get a set to go with the Alaska Air Guard decals off your MH/HH-60G set to make an Arctic Pedro.
  26. CanMilAir decals has 47 sets of decals, and with Bill's new book that I received, I think I'm good there. Brad
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