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  1. Good Day everyone, before anything else, I hope everybody’s doing well amidst the COVID-19 pandemic...


    it’s a long shot, but is there anyone who has this decal sheet? I just need the portion for the Philippine Air Force markings


    the pilot (whose name is on the markings) is a personal friend of ours...


    willing to pay for the decals and shipping


    much thanks and keep safe to all



  2. Hi to all, long time no post :tumble:


    I’ve been doing some googling about the 509th B-29s (collecting some references to build all 15 planes)


    as we all know, Bockscar did not have its nose art until after the mission, where it wore the false triangle N of the 444th, red band on the fuselage, and no. 77 markings on the aft, contrary to what Academy and Monogram depicted in their kit decals...


    or so I thought...


    recently, I came across this site that contains dated photos of both A-bombers, but what caught my attention is this photo:





    it shows Bockscar after the mission wearing its (now signature) nose art and no. 77 on the nose, but STILL wearing the 444th’s false triangle N on the tail... and it can be assumed that the red band is still there (albeit hidden in this angle)...


    assuming that this photo is authentic, I guess it can be said that Bockscar being depicted on kit decals and online/print art aren’t so fictional after all... and that it’s ok to use those decals and you’ll still come up with a historically and reasonably accurate model of Bockscar...


    just don’t put Fat Man in the bomb bay :whistle:

  3. 14 hours ago, skyhawk174 said:

    I think the Philippine Air Force flew these too.


    indeed... when my dad was first commissioned as a pilot for the Philippine Air Force, the Islander was his first active duty airplane... he logged almost 1,500 hours on the airplane before he was transferred to the 15th Strike Wing, flying first the AT-28D and eventually becoming one of the first locally-trained pilots for the OV-10A Bronco when the ex-USAF planes first arrived in 1992...


    dad's Islander in the PAF was also the very first airplane I ever ridden on...

  4. On 2/9/2018 at 11:20 AM, Hotdog said:

    Not yet, I have not worked on them in a long time. I was developing them for the Airfix shuttle so they wouldn't fit the Revell shuttle anyway. One day I'll get back around to it, and maybe do a Revell set also, but I don't expect it anytime soon. I do have the markings, if you're interested in those.



    I'm interested in those markings as well... ;)


    would love to receive a copy if it's alright ;)

  5. plus one here, I have two each of Italeri's and AMT's U-Boats and four of the H model gunships that are in need of decals, if your plans to publish them would push through, it will be highly appreciated

  6. 5 hours ago, ReccePhreak said:

    Hi Hans,


    It's not my tip, but Joel's.

    Maybe he can help you.




    Oh yes, didn't noticed it right away, much thanks!

    Joel, requesting your help please in your tip regarding the KH OV-10 landing gear struts, much thanks

  7. 5 hours ago, Joel_W said:


      There is a trick to the KH gear issue, and that's to decrease the camber so that when the model's weight is on the gear they're spread out to square on the display surface.



    Hey Larry, if it's not too much trouble, can you provide some visuals for this? I can't seem to picture it out myself, and I really like to try your tip out on mine, thanks much!

  8. 6 hours ago, Zactoman said:

    It's still being tooled. I'm just as anxious as the rest of you and will be posting pics of the test shots when the time comes.


    We are currently working on package design and finalizing the decal artwork with AOA Decals.

    Instructions won't be completed until we get some test shots to play with to make sure the assembly sequence is best for the modeler, not the guy making the instruction illustrations.


    Still no word on price or release date. Since we're already mid-November, sadly I think I can guess that it won't be under your Christmas tree.




    Thanks much for the update sir Chris :thumbsup:


    Ah, don't worry about it, take your sweet time, so that anyone who buys the kit will have a sweet build :banana:


    P.S. got your e-mail sir, reply sent :nanner:

  9. Super job on the model! Thank you very much for finally making the most accurate scale model kit of the OV-10, ever! :cheers:


    I'm very glad to be of assistance Chris! :thumbsup:


    now all I need to do is to save up for a fleet of these :banana:

  10. much thanks for all the responses, any help will be much appreciated :cheers:



    12 hours ago, phantomdriver said:

    glad to hear Armahobby finally decided to get them done


    I have an Italeri  C-130 Combat Talon, it has the pods, which I will use for an RAF bird, as for the rest, I have no idea...



    hmmm... I didn't knew Italeri finally made those pods on their MC-130 kit... looks the part as well... though I kinda hope they molded in on it's own individual sprue to that they can issue it into their other Herk kits... oh well...


    8 hours ago, aircommando130 said:

    We have 64-0559 here at Kirtland for a loadmaster trainer. I think it still has the DIRCM pods on the fuselage. The "eyeball" has been removed and faired over but the housing is still there I think. PM me and I'll go Monday and get some pictures for you.


    PM sent, many thanks!

  11. Hi to all

    I received a reply from Attack Squadron that they are now putting the DIRCM pods on their list of future products, but would need references in order to design, make, and release them...

    so to anyone who has/have good (unclassified :rolleyes:) drawings, plans, photos, phamplets, etc of the Herk's DIRCM blisters, please post them here so I can send those to them...


    much thanks

  12. On 4/21/2017 at 5:26 AM, Zactoman said:

    We originally designed the kit with spoilers and were going to include separate ailerons. However, after studying lots of pictures, we discovered that the Bronco almost always had the ailerons level and the spoilers lowered.

    We decided to keep the spoilers (instructions indicating they be lowered)  as they were already designed and add an extra element of detail, but chose not to include separate ailerons and to mold them level.




    I wonder how quickly Master's crazy miniature machinist will have a go at these?




    Gas bags. USN/USMC with fins and USAF without:









    I can confirm it as well... for the many years I've been around the real thing, I can confirm that, yes, the ailerons are always at neutral whenever the airplane is parked... I can only remember one time when they put the ailerons aren't neutral on the ground, and that's during maintenance...

    if it's still not too late, I suggest putting cutting grooves on the inside mold of the wings (where the ailerons join) so that the modeler can cut the ailerons if he/she wants to reposition them :thumbsup:


    the gas bags look great! although I recall when our OV-10s were first delivered, the 230s have fins also, almost identical as of the 150s... but nearly all of the finned 230s today are either junked or are accidentally dropped during combat sorties... and now, the remaining 230s are of the no fins type...


    in other words, the gas bags on your kit are good to go :cheers:

  13. the orange plates are the OV-10's roll spoilers... mechanically linked to the ailerons, they pop out on the side where the pilot wants to roll the airplane... the spoilers "spoil" the airflow on the wing where the direction of the roll goes, making that wing lose lift and dip faster, thus augmenting the ailerons when rolling the airplane... this results in a much faster roll rate compared to the one being done by the ailerons alone...

    the roll spoilers, being mechanically linked to the ailerons, only pop out one side at a time...

  14. 7 minutes ago, Zactoman said:


    Glad you like what you see :thumbsup:

    Did you notice the hand-hold on the right wing?




    This is spring loaded and normally closed.





    oh yeah! I almost forgot about that one! thanks much for the reminders! and yup, another often overlooked detail by every other kit brand :cheers:

  15. the panel line renders, I'd say, are pretty much spot on! :cheers:


    and a couple of pointers too:

     - the center fuel tank panel and fuel caps are depicted (this is missing in the 1/32 KH OV-10 kit)
     - all 5 crew folding access steps are now depicted (the KH kit is missing 1 - the step right beside the sponson fairing)

     - the wingtip fairings now have the correct demarcation line (no kit until this has depicted it correctly... even the Paragon Designs replacement wing for the Testors kit doesn't have it)

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