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Found 2 results

  1. Mongo's Massive Stash Sell-Off continues… This time it's: Just Jets Part II; The "Other Guys".. Condition: All items are complete and un-started unless specified otherwise. Codes: o = box and bags open (contents inventoried, any exceptions noted. oibs = box open, inner bags factory sealed msib - manufacturer sealed in original box Trades: I have only a few trades I'm interested in as follows: Airfix 1/48 Ju 87B-2 AO7115 (will trade for Airfix Ju 87B-1 AO7114) Roden C-123K #058 (will trade for Roden C-123B USCG #062) Classic Airframes Baltimore #4139 (will trade for one or two of the Classic Airframes kits listed below depending on value, or other stuff on this list; make an offer…) Please see the ROE at the bottom. Academy (1/48) Hunter FGA.9 2169 $24 oibs MiG 21MF Fishbed J 2171 $24 msib Su-27 2131 $30 re-sealed by a reputable dealer AeroMaster (1/48) MiG 17 4802 $40 msib ex-SMER, w/ lots of detail bits & decals Airfix (1/48) Sea Harrier 1-4410 $14 o MPC boxing Harrier GR.3 05102 $20 msib Hawk T.1 05111 $17 msib Red Arrows Classic Airframes(1/48) Attacker 4102 $35 msib Meteor F.4 477 $35 oibs Sea Hawk 465 $40 msib Condor (1/48) He 178 V1 48002 $25 msib Czech Model (1/48) Yak 15 4804 $25 msib DML (1/48) He 162A-2 5508 $27 oibs Eduard (1/48) MiG 21 bis 84131 $28 msib Weekend Mirage III CJ 8494 $28 oibs Weekend ESCI (1/48) Kfir C.2 4007 $10 o Mirage IIIE 4030 $10 oibs Fine Molds (1/48) J8M Shusui FB19 $25 oibs Hobbycraft (1/48) MiG 17PF HC1594 $15 oibs Hobby Boss (1/48) J-29B Tunnan 81746 $32 msib Italeri (1/48) Mirage F.1 CT/CR 2618 $20 msib Kitty Hawk (1/48) Su 22 M3/4 Fitter F 80146 $66 oibs KP (1/48) Su-22K M4 KP4001 $25 oibs Monogram (1/48) Mirage 2000 5446 $12 msib Mil-24 Hind 5819 $17 oibs Box fair OEZ (1/48) Su-7 BLK Fitter 2 $15 oibs Revell Germany (1/48 ) Tornado IDS 03987 $36 msib Tornado F.3 ADV 03925 $32 msib Special Hobby (1/72) Gloster E.28/39 48017 $30 msib Tamiya (1/48) He 162A-2 61097 $31 msib Me 262A-2a 61082 $35 msib Kit includes Kettenkraftrad MiG 15 bis 89535 $26 msib Silver plated Trumpeter (1/48) MiG 21 F-13 02858 $27 oibs MiG 23M Flogger B 02853 $45 msib Su 15 TM Flagon F 02811 $30 msib ROE: Price: The price I paid is your price. Some prices are below my cost and are adjusted to be competitive with eBay and Amazon. If you find the exact item on-line by a "real" retailer (Sprue Brothers, Squander, Hannants, etc. - eBay "stores" etc. don't count) for less (their regular discounted price) I'll beat it by 10%. Consideration given to multiple purchases. Offers entertained, insults ignored. Prices in USD. First person to respond (based on the time-stamp on your communication) accepting the posted price gets the item. Please contact me by direct e-mail: mongo01 -at- twc -dot- com I'll keep an eye out for FB messages as well. Shipping: USPS Priority at actual cost from 45102. Will combine shipping as able. CONUS preferred, but will deal OCONUS and international (caveat emptor: shipping rates can be astronomical and any destination country taxes and duties are the buyer's responsibility). Big kits/big orders mean big boxes and big shipping costs, sorry, blame USPS, not me; I'll do my best to ship at minimum cost. If you prefer, I will ship ground with appropriate insurance. I will ship as soon as possible but I have a real life and a real job and spend a lot of time out of town; it may take up to a week before shipping (I'll let you know up front). Payment: PayPal preferred. I also accept Yankee dollars, gold and silver bullion (NY spot price), USPS money orders, Euros and GBP notes at par. No Zimbabwean dollars, Iraqi dinars or Bitcoin!
  2. Hey guys, quite a while back my friend wanted me to build him a monstrous KV-2. But instead of a typical Russian green, he wanted something unusual. A what if "German captured it, and repainted to their needs" The kit was quite a pleasure to work with, and after a few weeks, the beast was done.
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