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Current Group Builds

All ongoing Group Builds can be found here. Please be sure to contact a moderator prior to organizing an official ARC Group Build.
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  1. Group Build Calendar and Guidelines

    The Group Build Moderating Team will be following this forum as they go through the process of setting up new GB's. This is the place to discuss your GB proposal with them and give them all the info on your BG. You'll also find a calendar for all current and future Group Builds here.
  2. F-14 Group Build

    Name: F-14 Tomcat Groupbuild

    Dates: Jan 4 2021 - Sept 22 2021

    Mods: Eraucubsfan, Phantom

    Link to planning thread Here


    The concept for this group build is to honor one of the coolest aircraft that ever punched a hole in the sky.  In the past few years there have been many new kits released of F-14s not to mention decals .  The goal of this group build is bust out those Tomcat models and build a few.

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