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  1. Hallo ! This is my latest finished model. OOB, builded in few days. Just fur fun and for learning some new techniques :-)
  2. No offence, but for example, resin seat doesnt look better than from box.
  3. Janissary: i add rivets only on wings. Fuselage, tail etc. was rivered by Chinese workers in Hobbyboss factory
  4. Thank you for all comments ! :-) Yes, i agree, seats should be better. I know, that some parts makes wolfspack, but i heard, that its not perfect. Besides, this one B-01 is prototype. I think, new released revell is better than HB, but, i get this one free...so...you know..:-) Exhaust: First airbrushed with GSI Mr.SUPER METALLIC COLOR SM01 - silver, after that i add in silver colour little black, for darker colour, and i sprayed some little shadows. And for finish, wash with oil colours (Mig abtailung)
  5. Hello, i would like show you my last finished model. Its Rafale B in 1/48 from Hobbyboss. Its out of box, because, nobody makes any aftermarkets. Have a nice day ! :-)
  6. Hello, this phantom was finished about 2 months ago, its OOB, without any problem, builded in about 5 days. Its little brotha for my big phantom B) http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index....howtopic=195843
  7. I was little "out"...but..many thanks gentlemans !
  8. Thank you for all comments, its really big motivation for next kit
  9. Thank you guys ! i really appreciate it Youngtiger1: Please, can you draw it in the photo ? Im not sure, what you mean :-)
  10. Hello, i would like show you my last finished plane Kit: revell Aftermarkets: PE-interior and exterior, quickboost seats Colours: gsi mr color © Wash: black promodeller and oil colours (mig abtailungs) im sorry, that i post so much photos, but i cant choose, which are best ;)
  11. Thank you Viper50 ! On poster, SOP are black, but in cam decal intruction, is colored by dark ghost gray :D Btw: hasegawa released this aircraft like limited edition in 1994 http://www.hlj.com/product/HSGP26 http://www.hlj.com/images/hsg/hsgp26box.gif EDIT: huh, in camdecals for 1/48 model...both sides are black http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/decals/c...cam_48008_p.jpg
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