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  1. hello, main upper color applied
  2. Hi, there. First camuflage colour applied to the upper surface and vertical stabilizer.
  3. Yes friends use balsa wood. Dragan West Decal of Turkey printed the 1/72 and 1/48 Tuaf decals http://www.izmirmaket.com/forum/viewforum....2898f1d595d7c60
  4. Thanks guys. Little update. Bottom surface painting. Neresi olmamış bilader Yes friends use the your printed decal.
  5. Hi, there My firs topick ARC. I built the Turkish Airforce Block 40 lantirn Viper, 182 Squadron at Diyarbakir. Tamiya block 50 kit converted the block 40. Strachbuilt parabrake hausing and ECM gear. Lantır pod and veapons Hasegawa weapon set no: X48-8. Warhud and body strech panel eduart set. I hope like it.
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