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  1. finished.. hope you like it...
  2. Beside the politics, I am trying to build it with some custom printed decals...
  3. one of my friend working at moscow bring it to Turkiye for me... I also ordered one more... but decals are not ready, waiting for two set of decals with a new kit for summer holidays
  4. I feel lucky to have one 🙂
  5. try to use HIPS filament.. it requires a little more heat at nozzle and bed also controlled enviroment but the metarial is %100 compatible with kit plastics, regular glues and model paints, also sands easily to perfect smooth surface...
  6. and an 1/72 Hurkus advanced trainer , I did draw the decals for that kit... so, the owner of the company had some serious health problems and did not hear anything since then...
  7. sure, yes.. revell germany and eduard have reboxed f-104 , hobbytime has reboxed f-4e and I am sure there are other hasegawa kits reboxed by others...
  8. I think it is a kind of marketing strategy.. I will not be surprised if we se a "back to work" announcement next year...
  9. ex norwegians were in original greys... possibly ral 7001 or close to fs36320...
  10. Eggplant grey is not a special "russian" paint.. it is a simple RAL 7015 colored paint from well known industrial/automotive paint manufacturer Akzo-Nobel 🙂
  11. TAN did not promise anything, the did not collect pre orders nor money from any other sources… they just planned to build some and announce them, maybe they still can, maybe won't be able to…
  12. https://www.hobbytime.com.tr/urun/hobbytime-056-1-48-f-4e-phantom-ii-ucak-maketi ready to ship 🙂
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