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  1. Just bought this kit, do not have any reference, anyone build a flanker and can suggest a Model Master paint color for the cockpit, wheel wells????
  2. I was looking at this PE set on the web and the picture shows these prepainted belts being yellow...this can't be correct, were the belts not an off white color?...did Eduard screw up?
  3. Cockpit, wheel wells, etc interior color? Have read that it is Zince Cromate Green (Model Master makes this color) and have heard some people argue to use Model Master Interior Green. Comments thoughts would be much appreciated.
  4. P-47D interior color (wheel wells, inside the cowl, etc) a bit confused. Detail in Scale saw Chromate Green (MM makes this color Zinc Cromate Green) but I have seen so many people use the Tamiya Yellow/Green, are both correct?
  5. Just purchased this kit, after reviewing in the box what a nice kit. The only real sad story is the instructions and the colors, I have read they are so very wrong, the RLM02 interior/wheel wells. It also states in the instructions to paint the instrument panel flat black which I believe it should be RLM66. I can't beleive a kit of this quality would have such bad paint code instructions. I do not have any reference on this aircraft and neither does my local hobby store, I just can't trust the paint codes on the instruction sheet. Anyone aware if someone on the net posted a review advising all

    Tamiya 1/32 A6M5

    My wife went on a shopping trip to the states and picked me up a Tamiya 1/32 A6M5 kit#60318 released 2007. My wife does not know alot about aircraft but knew I wanted a Zero kit in this scale but I really wanted the A6M2 kit. I am not an expert on the zero and was wondering if there was a huge difference between the A6M2 and the A6M5 as I really want to build the overall IJN grey paint scheme.
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