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  1. I have the Heller/Airfix 1/72 Super Etendard kit and the canopy seems to be warped. There are several gaps around the canopy when you set it on the model. The rear is a bit proud, and the rear-bottom sits narrow against the frame. I have tried the hot water treatment to spread out and lower the rear of the canopy, but it isn't working. None of the reviews of this kit mentioning this to be a problem, but it is on my kit. Anybody run into this on the Heller/Airfix kit?
  2. Looking on-line at pics of the Revell Aerobee-Hi, I have seen olive drab and medium gray for the cart. NATO Green was also mentioned in one post I saw somewhere. Anybody know what color the cart should be painted? Thanks! On the box it looks light green:
  3. To me the turret looks too big and sits too high, and some of the reviews say this too. Could the turret be fixed by sanding off the bottom maybe 1/32" to 1/16" and raising/cutting the MG slits a like amount? Thinning the top of the turret by sanding with 1000 and 1500 then hitting it with Future might help too. Meawnhile, hopefully Minicraft can come through with the parts for the "D" nose.
  4. Thanks, Steve. I wrote Minicraft to see if I could get the nose section and the transparencies to make the "D". If Minicraft doesn't have the parts in their spares, I'll look into the Squadron canopy set for either the D or the J--does their "D" set have the nose peices? And does the "J" set fix that front turret? If I am still scratching my head after that, next I could use the kit as-is and sand/cut down the nose turret. That's too bad about the nose-turret they went with--way too big, and it makes the model look like a toy. Otherwise, the kit looks really good. It'll be a nice big build after all the 1/72 single seaters I usually do. Anybody have experience with the Squadron parts for this beast? Carter
  5. Thanks, Steve. And don't forget to wear your safety line....
  6. I just got the 1/72 Minicraft kit of the B-24 L. If possible, I would like to build a "D" but I need parts from another boxing. Does anybody have the nose sections and the transparencies so I could convert my kit and build the D? Thanks! Carter
  7. I just got the 1/72 Minicraft kit of the B-24 L. If possible, I would like to build a "D" but I need parts from another boxing. Does anybody have the nose sections and the transparencies so I could convert my kit and build the D? Thanks! Carter
  8. Does anybody know who PM Models is? Are they from Turkey? Are their molds originally from other companies? They have a lot of kits over at my local hobby shop, and the price is pretty good. Thinking of getting a few. Thanks!
  9. I wasn'tt thinking of making decals, I am asking for making choises about buying. I have found a vendor who offers ths same decals in either silk or laser. Here is a response to my question from over at Airliner Cafe: ...silk screened decals are far superior to anything else really. Basically they use superior inks, are made with a finer printing process and probably can print almost any colour conceivable. Most importantly the colours are usually opaque. What's more, Silk screen can print white and metalics - somthing that an office or home laser can't. Ever. The downside of silk screen is that they are (generally, though not always of course, depends on the subject and the economics) more expensive than laser. Typically 1000's of sheets have to be printed (and sold) to make it worth while. This is where laser has the upper hand - they can be produced relatively cheaply in small quantities. Hence, finding a specific subject in silk screen can sometimes be difficult, especially if you're after some obscure livery from a remote corner of the world (like me). I've resorted to designing and printing my own stuff, because simple economics would dictate that no silk screen decal manufacturer is remotely interested in printing NAC 737 sheets for a market where only perhaps 50 sheets would sell. If you can get the subject you are after as a silk screen decal then I would recommend that over laser, but you might find that sometimes the range of subjects in silk screen are just not available but are in laser, so in the end it's up to you.
  10. What are the differences between silk screen and. laser print decals? If you can have a choice, which should you choose?
  11. I was about to get a Revell. In other respects, the Revell sounds like a better kit, and I thought I could make the mods to the CSM easily enough, but you've given me something to think about. I didn't know the Airfix kit had been re-tooled. I noticed on the Airfix website they are re-releasing the Saturn 1B at the end of the year. Will this also have some re-tooling?
  12. The scene is 2001 when for the third or fourth time HAL tells Dave Bowman he's not letting him back in the ship, and Dave says, "HAL, I am not going to argue with you. Open the pod bay doors." and at that moment Dave looks totally ridiculous and totally screwed . . . but then he figures out how to get in anyway. That film has a lot of dry hilarity that people miss.
  13. Which is the better 1/144 Saturn V kit: Revell/Monogram or Airfix? Thanks.
  14. Which is the correct color for the Yellow wings on aircraft such as the Martin B-10B, Peashooter, Boeing F4-B, and so on? Insignia Yellow? Chrome Yellow? Cadmium Yellow? Also, Polyscale has "Blue 23 USGM3-1" and "Orange Yellow 4 USGM3-1." What are these colors for? Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the advice, gents. I'll get some EZ line and a guitar string and have at it.
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