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  1. (Tamiya website showing incorrect description of decal option A. This is not VF-154 Black Knights. It is clearly VF-32 Swordsmen.)
  2. My upcoming modelling project will be a 1/48 Tamiya F-16C Block 25-32 kit. (I will be doing one of the Block 32 decal options). I have the kit in front of me and I can see that it is really high quality already. However I was wanting to ask what aftermarket options people would recommend for this kit? I have already purchased a Quinta set for the cockpit. In addition am interested in getting an resin ejection seat upgrade. Which of the options is best? Eduard, Aires HAD or Pavla? If a resin exhaust worth having too? I can see Aires again, Mk.1 Des
  3. The TARPS pod is a nice addition to the F-14A kit. It's a nice surprise to see that in with the wing modifications, front undercarriage part and deck crew. Loving the new decal options too.
  4. I am currently building the original F-14A kit #61114 and really enjoying the build: high quality engineering and really nice detail where it counts. To me, the biggest fascination of the Tomcat is the incredibly smart wings. The wing sweep of course, but when landing of low speed manoeuvring you got the leading edge slats the flaps and flaperons and the direct lift control spoiler on the wing upper surface. Tamiya clearly made a commercial judgement that they would sell more units by offering post-ante movable wings rather than having the builder make an ex-ante choice between win
  5. I was going to do the desert scheme. Thanks for your responses chaps: very helpful. Cheers!
  6. Hello everyone. Can anybody please help me with some research. I am building Wg Cdr Peter Prosser Hanks' Spitfire Vc flown in Malta. Does anyone know what type of prop was fitted to this aircraft? I am planning to treat myself to one of the Ultracast props to replace the plastic item from my Hasegawa kit. Thank you for any help. - Simon.
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