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  1. OK Karl, I obviously don't see too good before you make more clear, but I can see clearer now that you made it so that I can see more clearer now than before. But seriously once again......I should've looked more closely at the original reply you sent to me. I did some retouch (filing/sanding) on the rear of the cockpit roof to help align it with the area behind it so I needed to know if there was a seam line that I could mask to that wouldn't look "wrong" when all is said and done. Thanks a bunch for the clarification. And for the nose cone, I'm going to paint the INSIDE of the frame ONLY wit
  2. O.K. so if I'm looking at this right (and it's really no big deal either way I suppose---just a tiny detail anyway) it'll be interior green inside and olive green outside. Who's gonna fire me if I'm wrong? And I guess there aren't any actual seams on the roof, just a whole lot of rivets. Thanks!!! The two nose pictures I took from inside Aluminum Overcast don't show the window frame---I was a little, uh, unsure of myself out in the air like that and was kinda hiding behind the bombsight. Here's one of those pictures.
  3. Right now I have just a couple of questions. Is the frame of the nose cone flat panel painted, and if so, what color? Are there any visible seams on the sheet metal of the roof of the cockpit? That's it for now. Thanks for the help. Gary
  4. Hi Mike, Aluminum Overcast will be here in CT Aug. 19 and 20, and I'm taking three rolls of film with me when I go see it (20 minutes away!). I flew on this one a few years ago. Gary
  5. I wrote the post at the top of the page yesterday, and also posted it on the FineScale forum. I was feeling down because I just didn't feel that I could as good of a job as my ego thought I could do. It was probably my ego that prevented me from asking questions on the forum because that would show that I don't know it all. I've never thought of myself as a "know it all" and I know that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. I'm glad to be a part of this forum, and will ask questions whenever I need help. I think it's kinda funny that I've helped others on these forums, but haven't
  6. The title incorrectly shows the intent of this post. Actually, it's the lack of information that I'm writing this. A while ago I ordered four books on the B-17, and as they are still on back order I need to re-think where I'm going with my B-17 model. I don't know enough about the plane to finish a decent model, so I'm going to park it for now and work on a couple of Shermans I have in progress. Hopefully I'll get my books soon and get back to the B-17. In the meantime, thanks to everybody for looking in. Gary
  7. Mario, thank you for those sunset pictures, especially the LAST ONE! If we didn't know differently, it might be mistaken for the real thing. That's fine looking battle damage too, very nice work. Gary
  8. B-17 guy, yup, I just did. Very impressive work, and I won't even be close to a few of them. I looked at the B-52's too of course! Gary
  9. Thanks to everyone for the pix so far. Keep 'em coming! Gary
  10. I thank you all for your comments and pictures. The learning experience continues..........Gary
  11. B-17 guy and Paul B, (Paul actually) are you referring to the interior? And, since this is my thread, PLEASE no bickering. It makes me feel very guilty because I started it. And, even worse that I typed those last two sentences, and then decided (maybe poorly decided) to post them. I apologize to everyone for my lack of good judgement. Gary
  12. Hey guys (and gals of course) have you got any B-17 model pictures you could share with me (us) here? I'm lookin' to steal other peoples ideas for details I want to put on mine 'cause I can't come up with any of my own. OK, seriously, I was thinking how nice if once in a while one of us could start a thread where builders could display their work on a specific model. And.....since I'm currently working on a B-17F, I thought, selfishly I might add, that I could start one with the ol' B-17. So how about helping me out with some nice pictures of YOUR B-17's. I promise to show you mine when I've
  13. Well, applying the decals to the prop blades was a disaster as you can see. (note to self: always use the decal setting solution!) It's kinda hard to undo them now as the engines are done. I cleared them prior to applying the decals and they sat for a few days too! Ah well, live and learn. In the first picture are the engines and the exhaust pipes. Yup, I like to paint on the sprue when I can, a very old habit. Even though I hadn't broken any of the teeny tiny antennas off the fuselage, I decided to make brass ones. The smaller ones on the lower rear of the fuselage are .010 thick and held on
  14. Bill, you've already made a big decision on the wing and I personally admire that. I think you're probably a model builder with the tenacity to continue on with what you started out to accomplish. Sit back, and maybe work on some other aspect of this model and then have another look at the wing. You may just surprise yourself by having a new idea, or a way to do this job. Good luck! Gary
  15. Steve, I'm definitely into that vent thing. Squadron/Signal "B-17 In Action" has a couple of real nice overhead pictures of the oil streaks on the wings on page 46. It's also pretty clear (pun intended) that there isn't any streaking behind the vents. Thanks, and it's always a good idea to share with the rest of us to make more accurate models. I had noticed from when I used to work, that some things that I took for granted, another guy might not know. Share away, it helps us all hopefully! I had already been thinking about using my pastels to replicate the oil streaks. If you have the book, l
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