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  1. Thanks for the information/.\ Iplan to obtain Son of Sherman
  2. Pardon three (3) posting in a row but I have the time this morning before I return to my man cave project. I've researched a lot of sites and have not found much about the Sherman wet stowage system. Can anyone suggest a good book or internet reference for the wet stowage system? I have a Asuka/Tasca M4A3E2 kit and Tank Workshop kit I'd like to build.
  3. Does any marketer plan an interior detail set for the Panda 1/16 scale PZKFW 38T kit. I have a nice 1/16 scale figure to go with the kit.
  4. I have a couple of 1/16 scale tank kits. Any possiblity of a super detailed (interior etc) Sherman tank kit being released in the near future?
  5. I'd like to obtain through purchase or trade the TAMIYA kit number 25175 M4A3E8 Sherman kit which is a Taska/ASuka rebox under Tamiya's label. Email me directly with your price and kit condition. If you want to trade kits let me know what you want. I have the newer Tamiya M4A3E8 kit I can trade if you are interested. AS you know the newer Tamiya kit is a less intense build. Email me at james.reaganjr@gmail.com
  6. I want to sell my Asuka Taska 1/35 scale #35009 Sherman VC Firefly kit and the Resicast Chrysler A57 engine for the kit for $150,00 which includes postage. The only reason I want to sell the kits is I would prefer to build the 1C firefly kit since I have more information for the build. I will consider selling either kit separately for $75.00 My email is jfreaganjr2gmail.com and I do accept Pay Pal. Jim Reagan
  7. I want to sell or trade a Dragon #6730 Dragon Tiger 1 kit. This is the Whittman edition which has the crew figures. KIt is new and untouched. It retails for close to $100.00 You can google a lot of information about the kit. I'm asking $56 plus shipping so I need your zip code. I'm starting to build 1/35 scale tanks so I am looking for aftermarket stuff bt Resicast, CMK, Tank Workshop etc so let me know what interests you. My email is jfreaganjr@gmail.com Jim Reagan
  8. I have a factory sealed Eduard BIG ED #3235 set for the Tamiya 1/32 scale F14A kit. Kit is factory sealed never opened. THe sets individually would sell for over $100. My price including priority mail shipping is $50 I accept pay pal and can also ship outside the USA for an adjusted shipping cost. If you are interested email me directly at jfreaganjr@gmail,com. Jim Reagan
  9. The kit Zoukei Mura 1/32 SW503 A1H Skyraider US Navy Version is untouched new in box as received. Price is $150.00 Email me directly at jfreaganjr@gmail.com if interested. Thought I'd offer it here before I go to E-bay. I've sold a lot on HYperscale in the past and thought I'd try here. You could probably check my reputation there. Jim Reagan
  10. Military Illustrated Modeler's March 2015 issue has an article showing conversion of the new 1/32 Revell Spitfire MK2 to a MK1 version. I'll check it out. It took a little time with an internet search to find the reference. Jim Reagan
  11. I have my models lined up to build several representing aircraft flown during the Battle of Britain (August to October 1940 period; I have the 1/32 scale Revell/Hasegawa MK I /II kit as well as the new Revell Spitfire MK II kit. I know both need a few corrections but don't know which is the easies to accuratize. Anyone want to suggest what you did or feel the best approach to modeling a reasonably accurate Spitfire MK I model? Jim Reagan
  12. Typical Wingnut quality. It's a nice model to build a pre WW1 model. The only suggestion will make is a set of wire wheels would add to the model. Their wire wheels are by necessity have spokes that are a bit thick. I'd love to see them offer a BE2c, Bleroit, Taube, DH4 (Liberty Engine) and JN4 D Jenny. Jim Reagan
  13. I'll sell it to you for $150.00 plus shipping or work out a trade value against value. Email me at jfreaganjr@gmail.com Jim Reagan
  14. I have the Zoukei Mura (ZM) Skyraider which is a Viet Nam period model. What must I do to convert it to a Korean War VErsion. Would it be better to sell the ZM kit and purchase the Trumpeter kit?
  15. Thanks for the comment. Now to find the darn Revell box. THe Isracast Nesher conversion is really a nice kit.
  16. Used initials to save space. Here we go! Hy = is on site because "yperscale" did not have space to print out B.= is Brett I was trying to get enough words in topic SP = is for Special Hobby HK = Hong Kong Models I felt most people aware of the new P39 Airacobra kits by Special Hobby and Hong Kong models would recognize the abreviation. I'm new to posting on the site. I hope the above will be of assistance to you who posted confusion. Next time I"ll be sure to spell it out. Like Brett Green's P39 review is found on Hyperscale. Lest I forget Squadron, MMD is their wholesale name.
  17. The inbox review is about 8 minutes in length and lets you see the kit comments along with his commentary. Mr Green, who has apparently become associated with Squadron MMD, did not discuss anything about the fuselage length issue. Both Hong Kong Models and Special Hobby THe kits match up with the new Mushroom Models 1/32 drawings. I feel the Special Hobby kit will be easier to correct than the Hong Kong Models kit if you wish to address the above issue. I put mine on the shelf and will get to it in the near future. Maybe someone will offer a plug for the kit. Jim Reagan
  18. Its a nice model in a big box. I was thinking about converting it to a Nesher but may hold off and use my Revell 1/32 Mirage kit when I find the box. I have an Isracast Nesher conversion kit which really can dress up the older Revell kit. Italeri offer decals for a natural Metal surface Israeli aircraft for the six day war. Perhaps we'll see some aftermarket decals for the Mirage III in later camouflage markings circa the 1970's.
  19. I have a brand new Italieri 1/32scale Mirage IIIC kit I am selling for $85.00 plus postage so I need your zip code to estimate cost. I'm looking for an ISRACAST 1/32 scale KFIR conversion kit. I also have a 1/32 scale Revell Mirage III kit as well as the Isracast "Nesher" Complete conversion set I may consider selling. Email me directly at jfreaganjr@gmail.com. I accept PayPal. JIm Reagan
  20. I was disappointed to find their P39 Airacobra 1/32 scale plans fuselage was short like that of the Special Hobby P39 and Kitty Hawk kits. I've purchased several of their plans booklets and hope they are more accurate.
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